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Monday, February 08, 2016

Find a time trial course

I see that someone has created a website which has most but not all of the locations and course details of time trial courses in the country.

Monday, September 15, 2014

David Millar to ride Bec HC

Details on the CTT website

Apparently Millar plans to finish his career off with a club level event - the Bec Hill Climb.

No doubt Garry Beckett's persuasiveness has something to do with it. :)

Will be interesting to see how Millar compares with the record and Gary Dodd's time(s).


Monday, January 09, 2012

Bike Adventures

As some of you will know, I'm quite a fan of Bike Adventures and have used their services for several long rides, solo and tandem. So I was sorry to receive a letter from Kevin White, the principal, stating that he would not continue running Bike Adventures in 2012. This decision seems to have been reached at short notice, as the 2012 programme is already on the web-site.

The UK side of the business will continue to be run by Steve Wesson and Rob Tanti, both Bike Adventures ride leaders, and I have had a nice note from them informing me that they intend to offer the same service and that they have some new ideas for tours that they plan to introduce next season. For this season they will offer the Bike Adventures UK and Ireland programme - details are on the web-site.

However, there will be no European programme this year - which rather dents my Geneva-based Raids - and the very useful facility to drop off and pick up a bike at Ascot for transport to and from trips will no longer be available as Steve and Rob are based in Cumbria. Obviously, my loss may be someone else's gain, but I'm rather focussing on my loss, at the moment ...

So, that's the news. My thanks to Kevin and colleagues for past services, and best wishes to Steve and Rob for the next chapter.


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Track World Cup at the London Velodrome

Tony has notified me that BC are offering early access to tickets for the Track World Cup at London to their members from 15th November, so if you are a BC member and want to be present at this event it seems a good idea to log in and avail yourself of this offer.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Sigma Sports New Shop

We went to the opening of their new shop 10 doors down from the old one. What an amazing place! Just like an expensive car show room! 10 times bigger than the last place, over 3 floors. Bike parking indoors, instant repairs for minor problems. Chill out room with live cycling. Coffee machine. Fit out room, massage room. Worth visiting sat as the team will be there.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

Forum 101

Hints and tips for forum/message board users.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An opportunity to publicise our club…Sunday 12 September

The Woodcote Millennium Green Trust is holding a Ten Year celebration event on Sunday 12th September from 12.30 - 4.00pm. Note that this is the day of the club's hilly 12 which is being held in the morning.

The event will be a traditional Fete with Morris dancers, Face painting, Coconut Shy, Tug of War, Treasure hunt, BBQ run by a local butcher, Punch and Judy, Beer tent, Steel Band, Wandering Magician (now you see him now you don’t !), Coffees & Teas etc. The event organiser is hoping to attract 500 local people.

The Woodcote Millennium Green is a local area of woodland running along Woodcote Green Road which is at the rear of the Epsom General Hospital. Each quarter I volunteer a couple of hours with 20 locals in clearing up and maintaining this wood and pond. A few weeks ago you may have seen me wading in the pond pulling out pondweed. Believe me that pond smells!

At the recent KPRC publicity sub-committee meeting I mentioned that I could have a word with the organiser to see if they would be interested in our club participating with our own stand/display. The purpose being to let the local community know that we exist, to show a friendly face and to encourage any like minded to join our rides. We all thought this would be a good idea and now I have spoken to the fete organiser and he agreed that it would be good to have a local cycling club at the event. The Chairman of the Trust is Chris Frost, a county councillor who represents Epsom & Ewell, is also very pleased to have us in attendance. Finally, our own committee members have been contacted and everyone is in favour of giving it a go.

I have obtained agreement that we would be provided with space for a gazebo to give us a base and display our photos. Our attendance would not be solely for our own publicity purposes so I proposed that we would create another attraction, a "guess the weight of the bike" competition for which we will charge 50p a go with half the takings going to the winner and the balance going to the trust. This fundraising works well for both the trust and our club in that we will not be charged for attending the fete.

I would like a range of bikes at the event to show people that we are not an elitist lightweight racing club. Until a week before the event I will not know how large our allocated space will be but I have already given them a mention that a bike park area would be appreciated.

We are open to other ideas to either raise money for the trust or to promote our club so please feel free to mention them to me and I will take them to the next committee meeting next Friday.

We would need at least 6 to 10 members (in club tops – or wearing our club hats - just £6 each from Simon) to be in attendance, with 2 or 3 at a time taking shifts of say 30 mins to man the stand. But this is not a limit and indeed the more club members who turn up in club tops will only make the event more successful. Indeed if there any like minded members I am sure we could form a tug of war team...or perhps at our delicate age an alternative morris men dance troupe....I will let Mike arrange that!

The publicity committee will prepare some cards or leaflets to hand out which would include a brief summary of our club’s activities with a list of the Saturday social rides and Sunday training rides. I have produced some signs re the competition and the club rides which I will print off on A3 paper and attach to plywood boards.

So, please let me know

- if you are willing to help (I have confirmations from Jake, Paul, Nick and Brian) and whether you can be there for duration or just an hour or so.

- if you have any other fun ideas?

- if you have any bunting, flags or balloons

- Brian has a yellow and white gazebo which picks out two of our club colours, but does anyone have one in all three club colours?

Finally, I will be receiving sample club polo shirts from the supplier this Friday which I will bring along to the start of the Saturday ride, so if they meet with our approval I would hope to have these available for the day. It is not too late to add to the order if you have not done so already.


ps the trust's website can be found at


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Open event time trials

Here is the "who is entering what in 2010" (found on the front page of the club website or use this link

The season is rapidly coming to an end so who is up for entering some open events? If you are entering events please add them to the list at least three weeks in advance so that other riders have time to enter the event.

This Saturday is the Charlotteville 10 mile event on the fast Bentley (near Farnham) course; Jake, John and me have entered - so we have a team!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Club Forum

Frank is really keen on the Kingston Wheelers forum and I said I'd look at setting something up for us - despite the fact that I don't think we all talk to each other enough online to justify it. But, hey, why not. Set about proving me wrong...

So, ladies and gentlemen follow the link to our very own Club Forum. You need to sign up - and please write you login and password down somewhere safe I know people have forgotten their blog login details and there isn't much I can do about either if you forget this info too.

Click on the link ->

At the moment there isn't any vetting of sign-ups, if we start getting registrations from people with no links to the club then I'll have to change the settings.

All members are encouraged to join, as are past members - and anyone with links to the club is welcome. Total unknowns will be expelled!


Monday, April 26, 2010

Update from John

I've discovered a new training method: Don't ride.

11 days off the bike, got home at 3.30 am friday morning (4 days late).
Yet still did a 1:3:40 in the Newbury 25 the next day and I honestly didn't push it once, changed down on every little drag and just tapped it into the head wind.

I was as close to the winner as I've been since my come back, quite bizarre.
Julie Shaw came passed me though as as if I wasn't moving, she certainly rolls the big gears (5 minutes off her best though. Roll on the E2 in a few weeks!

For those that care the ultra fast Andover 10 course is lost for ever from June, traffic lights.


Monday, February 22, 2010

History Album

For the Club's 21st Anniversary Pete Mitchell created and bound this wonderful book as the Club's History Album - the intent was for press cuttings and pictures of all the members to be recorded in the Album for posterity. Things didn't happen quite as planned, but there is still a wealth of interesting information in the book - and we are still trying to add to it as planned.

Each year we take it to the Club Dinner for members and visitors to enjoy. I guess our newer members will have not heard of this before (it has also worked out to be a pretty closely guarded secret, although not intentionally!) So here is fair warning and a couple of pages as a taster for you to come and have a look at the book on Saturday. Hopefully there will be somewhere well-lit that we can place it for members to look through it.

1955 Club Dinner

Friday, January 22, 2010

A new cycle route planner

I have found a new route planner on the web called cyclestreets. It is easy to use and allows you to enter a street name for start and end of the journey and then it offers three routes, fastest, quietest and balanced. For my route to work it suggests taking 1 hour 42 min's....which is a little generous. It tells me the route is very hostile... well it does go past some streets of recent gun crimes. It also shows how many traffic lights are on the route and assumes that I stop at all of them.... which is of course true officer.

The screenshots show a green route (quiet), red (fastest) and yellow for balanced. The quietest route includes footpaths and footbridges, and goes around the houses taking 2 and a half hours and an extra 2 miles. You can zoom in on the map and it also generates a street by street itinerary, which will probably add an extra to my journey if I stopped at each junction to read them.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Tour de France Info

For anyone interested in further information on the Tour de France, the official website lists the full classifications for each stage and overall, including such gems (that the ITV4 coverage missed) that Bradley Wiggins was the man wearing the Green Jersey on stage 2, yesterday. Cancellara was the man who should have worn it by right, but he was in Yellow and the next man in line was Contador who was in the Mountains Jersey leaving Brad to sport the Green!

Both the Tour de France site and offer live text commentary of the race online during the stages for anyone unable to watch the stages live.


Sunday, March 09, 2008

Good Friday Meet - Herne Hill

Volunteers needed at Herne Hill for the SCCU Good Friday Meeting

Volunteer gate stewards needed for Good Friday.

Must be able to attend stewards meeting the week before - Saturday 15th March at the track at 12noon.

Free entry to the event.for your help at gate. You will be needed for 1- 2 hours max between 12 - 4pm.

We recommend you volunteer with a mate, as a pair then has more fun!

Please contact me if you want to volunteer by 14th March.
Send me your email and a telephone contact number.


Contact Judith Bonner 07837 718 040/ 0208 674 2507 for more details.
0208 674 2507
07837 718 040

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Anyone Up For The Track?

Some of you may have heard that at the last committee meeting, I raised the idea of organising a track day, most likely at Newport Velodrome.

From the enquiries I have made so far, it would appear that to make any track session practically and economically feasible the more people who are interested, the merrier. It also doesn't matter if there is some disparity in ability as the faster cyclists can go into a separate group whilst the less fast have a bit of a breather. From my experience of track sessions, you are not on the track all the time and usually find that you are glad of a rest.

So what it would be helpful to know in advance of organising anything is how many people are interested and whether there are any particular times of the year when you're unlikely to be free ie. you have a holiday booked. I'm due to have the metal work removed from my leg at the end of October which probably means I'd like to book the session some time in October or in the New Year (Jan or Feb). Would people be interested in doing a track session during any of these months? Obviously it's likely to be during a weekend.

John Capelin, who provides coaching sessions for the track at Newport, has indicated that there are free sessions available on either Sunday 7 October or Sunday 14 October between 9am and 12pm. It costs £30 each for the session but this includes bike hire and coaching. Would anyone be interested in attending one of these sessions, bearing in mind it would either involve an early morning wake up call or an overnight stay in Newport? If anyone is interested in this, we'd have to act quickly as he says that sessions get booked up quickly (whether this is sales banter, I don't know). So perhaps if anyone is interested in attending these October sessions (13 people minimum) please could you let me know within the next 7 days (11 July), which hopefully won't be too late to book the session.


Thursday, May 31, 2007

Titanium or Carbon Fibre?

One of the guys at work needs to replace a high end frame and has been round asking about the difference between carbon fibre and titanium as frame materials - specifically he is interested in what the ride difference is between the two materials. Any answers, either email me or comment here (if you can remember your username and password, Andy) ;-)

As most of you know, my experience is only of Reynolds 531!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Kingston Phoenix Road Club

Off Road Cycling Tips

Tip No1

When riding along a path and you come across pedestrians and you feel like being courteous and decide to pull off the path to ride on the grass:-

make sure that the grass verge is not going up hill, is so soft that your tyres and rims disappear and when you try to get back on the path there is not a drainage ditch for about 200 metres. Some drainage ditches can be difficult to spot due to the long grass.

Tip No 2

Disc brakes are not very efficient on very soft ground

Tip No 3

If as a result of your efforts you are in such oxygen debt that you must stop, try to find a spot where nobody can see you. It can be embarrassing if a little old lady comes up to you and asks "are you OK son" (or dear, not wishing to sound sexist)

I am new to this off road stuff, does anybody else have any tips they would like to share?

PS. does anybody know the minimum speed you need to be travelling at to jump an 18" drainage ditch?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

F H Pratt Cycles

Nostalgia publication - recently released by the V-CC, ‘Frederick H. Pratt & Son – Complete Cycle Engineers’. This shop at Salfords on the A23 main road which many of us will have known, was sadly closed during last year. The 55 years history was written into a book by the V-CC’s ‘Media Watch’ reporter Alvin Smith and was funded by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund.
Its an interesting story of the demanding fight by Fred and his severely disabled wife Joan who was a sister to the famous Claud Butler, together with their son Noel, to keep the shop at Salfords alive. Fred was employed by Claud Butler in his frame building workshops where he was responsible for the design of the patented Claud Butler Ultra Short Wheelbase rear bracket for tandems developed in the mid – 1930s. The USWB Tandem was owned by a number of members of this DA. Derek Robinson has recently reconditioned his fine example of this famous design tandem. Fred promoted and built frames from Salfords with the unusual design concept which he developed and called 'The Jack Knife'. The book refers to ownership of Jack Knife frames by a number of Redhill Cycle Club and Kingston Phoenix Road Club members which included owner Noel Pratt and writer Clive Oxx who is pictured in the book riding his first Time Trial looking very youthful and described as ‘one of the new likely racing lads in 1952’.
For anyone interested, a copy can be obtained via Clive by telephoning 0208 647 0766