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Monday, July 02, 2007

Fab 15

Tha Fab 15 is on London Cycle Sport Web Site with a link for write up and all photos.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fabulous Phoenix Fifteen 30th June

Entries are now coming in for the 2007 edition of the Club's Open 15 on 30 June.
Once again I will try and give out a more generous prize list to the women to encourage entries from other clubs. Hopefully we will get another team to pit their strength against the Phoenix Fillies.

There will be a prize for breaking the course record and of course the Prime is back!

(All entrants are now on the Spread Sheet)

There is still plenty of time to enter. Official closing date is Tuesday 19/6/07 on CTT forms.
I will close entries on Friday's post. So I can get the entry form printed.

If members are not riding please would you help with marshalling. I need lots of happy people to ensure that the event goes off well.

A few more added.
I am pleased to see that we have Deborah Percival and our good friends Keith and Tamar who are going to have a go on both Solo and Tandem rides.
Lisa has now given me a spread sheet (top right to place the field on) I will start to fill this in.
Andy 15/6/07

First of the Hounslow have signed up to defend their team award. Although they will not be able to put up a team of three. It has been suggested that I give a prize for Womens Teams of two. So anymore ladies from the Addiscombe?

A 18/6/07

There is now a team of two Ladies from the Hounslow and the Phoenix...Hooray.
Now if we could get a third Team of Ladies to enter (Addiscombe?)

21/6/07. A few more entries are coming in & phone calls of others promised. Shut off is definitely Saturday Post so I can get the start sheets out on Monday. The spreadsheet (Top right) is now in seeded order based on line 1 (10 mile time).

23/6/07. A few more entries have come in over the weekend. If anyone else wants to enter then they will have to give me their entry by hand. before tommorow (Sunday) evening.
I must congratulate RT316 who have been trying to get as many of their club to enter.

I still need marshals to help guide the riders around the course. So if you are free and want to help, please let me know.

24/6/07. Entries are now all in. Start sheet is posted up (see Spread Sheet to the right). If you spot any errors or if I have missed anyone out. Please let me know ASAP.
As ever I am still in need of Marshals.