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Monday, August 06, 2012

SCCU 100 Result


Please excuse me for congratulating those KPRC riders who did brilliant rides. Simon T won the H/C by a mile and Stuart be did a 11min actual time. According to our president I was almost the strongets man holding up the whole of the field barring number 4 who I just managed to beat. Closer analysis of the result sheet shows that despite my very poor time I actually beat Stuart by 4 secs on H/C so thats not so bad! Closer scrutiny seems to show that despite Worthing Excelsior getting 2nd,4th and 24th fastest on H/C they were not so consistent as the KPRC with 1st, 11th & 12th on H/C beating Worthing by 25mins. No prizes for that though just a little nonsense to be amused by (or not!).

My personal biggest thanks go to Jake & Linda for cheering me on it was great to get the applause as I went round and especialy to Lisa for riding anti-clock round the last finishing circuit & encouraging me not to pack. Like last year I was almost on evens for 60 miles but then blew big time to finaly average 17.7mph. Even that would not have been possible if it were not for the PSP 22 energy drink that Brian P handed me up on the last legs, it was like rocket fuel and gave me a real boost. If I ride another 100TT I must get some. My normal diet of wine and F&S the night B4 maybe does'nt help and probably I need more than 4hrs sleep!
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Edit - Actual Results:
Rob Pelham      3:54:59 - Lewes Wanderers, Fastest
Stuart Pearce   4:11:06
Simon Trehearn  4:41:03
Mike Morley     5:40:00
Brian Powney    DNF

Thomas Fricker  4:41:41 - Farnham RC
Simon won the Hcp by 16 mins with a 3:05 - bet he doesn't manage that again!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kingston to Worthing - some pictures

Finally got the time to upload some pictures. I have loads more but would need all night to upload the lot, so I just chose the Phoenix ones, hope that's alright.

Mel x

Friday, July 13, 2012

Andrew and Rosemarys wedding

Andrew and Rosemarys Wedding held in Thornthwaite church on a sunny day on 7th July. Quite a few Phoenix were present and we all enjoyed the speeches at the reception after, and the dancing in the evening at Cockermouth. A really emotional day! They set off for a cycling honeymoon. Perfect.

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Evening 10 #2 Pictures

I was hoping to take some half decent photographs of the evening 10 but the woeful lighting conditions due to the weather and my cack-handedness rather put paid to that. Anyway, these are the best of a bad bunch.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Daveb Sunday training Ride 19Feb

(OK, I got fed up with Mike's sideways picture - hence the comment below about the rocking horse fallen over - and I've fixed it! Lisa)

Photos in reverse order as Blogger still playing up and above shows Mad Hatter playing silly buggers on a rocking horse which decided to fall over at West Clandon Garden Centre.

Jake admiring the sheep while riding two bikes!

The start below at Horton a cold but brilliant sunny morning some 55mls in total on the Fixie!

Friday, February 03, 2012

Petes memorial trophy

A very pretty trophy with a lovely daffodil engraved on the front.

Pete loved spring flowers. It comes with a dark wood base rather than plastic and looks quite classy!

Thank you to everyone who donated money. I think the total was nearer £1500! Too much for a single cup, so the money is in a separate listing on accounts to be used later. Anyone think of a good use for it? Something for Souwesters maybe?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Sunday coach ride

Our regular Sunday riders were not out on Sunday; Luke catching up on sleep and additional housework duties, Dave dreaming of being on his bike and Jake collecting another trophy to add to her marvellous collection. So I texted Nick at 0900 to find out if he was up for a ride and despite not receiving a reply I ventured out in the arctic conditions. After a few minutes on the bike, my eyes watering, nose running, ears...where were my ears?...numbed! I started to quietly hope that Nick couldn't make it and I would be able to do a short ride back to my cozy home. My hopes were dashed when I arrived at Horton and met up with Nick. We did a quick roll call and decided to head east and ventured into new territory for a Sunday morning. 

Our route took us to Ewell past Luke's house (to tempt him or to catch a glimpse of him in his maid's outfit?), and then we headed through Nonsuch Park, Cheam, Sutton, Royal Marsden, past the prison, Woodmansterne, Chipstead and its valley before turning left to climb the heights of Chipstead and down past Fanny's farm. It was too early for a stop so we continued on to Merstham, the edge of Redhill airfield, Outwood, Smallfield before heading west via Crawley and Ifield with the plan of raiding the Addiscombe club cafe at the pine shop in Charlwood. 

A mile before Charlwood as we approached a motorcycle shop (Adrenaline motorcycles) we spotted a large sign to a bus cafe. Thinking that this would be quieter than the pine shop we turned in to find that it wasn't what we had in mind. There in front of us was an old coach converted into a cafe! We caught the coach and were soon  very comfortable sitting in comfy chairs in the warm coach. The menu was very much geared to motorcyclists rather than cyclists but I did try to encourage Nick to go for the Bikers Belly Buster Breakfast which comprised 3 eggs, 4 sausages, 4 bacon rashers, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes....and so it went on. Unusually Nick wasn't up for the challenge so we settled on some sandwiches and mugs of tea and hot chocolate and joined in the banter with the cook and the owner of the shop who also owns the coach and a few dozen motorcycles from the 70's and 80's. The location of the coach is within a few hundred yards of the end of the Gatwick runway, so we could enjoy a bit of plane spotting as the planes came into land flying just a few hundred feet above us. Having regained feeling in our toes we continued home via Leigh, Betchworth and up Pebble Hill. I completed 52 miles and Nick must have cleared 60 miles by the time he got home to Worcester Park.

Note that the cafe opened in December, is only open Saturdays and Sundays until later in the year....and there is probably enough seating at tables for 12 people.

Here is a link to more photos:

Monday, January 30, 2012

Polsden Lacey & VTTA Lunch

Baby (or grand daughter) sitting prevented me from riding out on Saturday 28 Jan but I introduced Millie to my clubmates and she enjoyed meeting you all especially Toni de!
Congratulations to Luke on the 5 week early arrival of Elspeth we all hope that mum and baby are doing well and that you will be back on your bike soon. You need to vent your frustration on the Surrey Hills asap

Before setting off home Millie had a go on the vegetable delivery bike and I hope it's not too soon before she is out riding with me! I would love to get a Kidies seat for her on the back of my bike but on a straw pole taken with my so called cycling mates they all said that due to my individual style of riding it is definetly not recommended! Strangely enough Barbara, Vanessa & even dad Wes seem to agree!

Turning to matters more veteran KPRC were both well represented and rewarded at the Surrey/Sussex VTTA annual lunch at Rowfant House splendidly organised by Ann Bath. The food was upto it's usual high standard (refer to Forum article on Sunday rides). Ray is seen here being presented by John Warnock guest of honour with his award for best age standard 25.

Ann is also presented with her National 24hr Ladies trophy for winning the 2011 Ladies Nat Championship organised by the Surrey/Sussex VTTA by Esther Carpenter.
Jake also received multiple awards and medals for both 10 and 25 mile best performance but unfortunately due to poor performance by photographer she was too quick for me and gone like a flash ( just like all of the events I rode against her in 2011 especially the 100). If anyone would like to see a blurred image I do have a photo as she raced away from Keith Warnock before my camera had time to focus. Anyway Jake you are our fastest Lady and we are all very proud of your achievments this year and look forward to our annual Dinner at the Burford Bridge when we can applaude you and Ann and all the other winners for a fantastic season.
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