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Monday, August 17, 2015

ECCA 12hr

ECCA 12hr - 16 August 2015 - E2/12
Provisional Result, info & pics

Adam Topham      314m - winner
David Watt       252.7
Alex Kew         234.4
Simon Trehearn   DNF
Simon Waller     DNS

From Jake:
Just like the old days helping riders yesterday. Enjoyed it. Jake

 Simon - declining anything from Brian

 David - throwing out the trash!

 Thumbs up from Simon

 Puncture for David - with help from Brian and James

 Alex and David making a pit stop - assisted by Alex's Dad, Dave, and James

 And again!

 Brian, Dave, James

 Alex after completing his first 12hr. Levered off the bike by Dad & Brian.

 Dave after completing his first 12hr - Brian & James wondering whether to just leave him!

James, Brian, Dave, Lisa, Alex, Simon, Dave Kew & Jake at the HQ after.
Thanks to Amanda for taking the picture

Sunday, August 09, 2015

Handy Andy in Trike

You put the right side out you put the left side in, you do the Okey- Kokey and you turn arouind on two wheels or three what shall it be, that's what it's all about.

Andy at Ockham Bites Wisley with encore by Grant demonstrating how to fly around corners on two wheels. Sadly no picture of Grant but here we have Andy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

A few pictures from the SCCU 100

All photos courtesy of Stephen Allport.

James still smiling, despite the weather.

David 'The Power' Watt

Mike, before the heavens opened.


Monday, July 27, 2015

SCCU 100 write-up

James Roberts SCCU 100TT
It was a busy weekend again for Phoenix members. As Frank published yesterday, we had 5 starters in the SCCU 100. The first couple of hours were quite pleasant, being cool and overcast but the next few made up for it with torrential rain taking its toll. There were a quite a few dnfs due to punctures out on the course, including our own Mike Morley who was extremely close to finishing. Dave Watt set a 100 mile pb and finished 6th with myself and James completing our first 100s. It took an hour or two to thaw out. The real heroes of the day were our volunteers and supporters. Jake, Philip and Ken were up at stupid o’ clock in order to be out marshalling on the course and then stayed on to hand up bottles and food to the riders, along with Deborah and Carol. At least the riders were able to pedal in an effort to stay warm but their attention and constant good vibes were a real encouragement. Thanks to you all.
Debs, Ken and Philip. Getting cold and wet. In July.

Simon Trehearn was racing the Outlaw Long Course triathlon on Sunday too, crossing the line in 12hrs 26 minutes in very poor conditions. Not sure, but I think that is Simon’s sixth Ironman distance finish in the last few years and I am sure, will not be his last.

The day before, in considerably better conditions, Jake set a new pb over 25 miles at the Charlotteville 25 in a time of 1:05:29, while Rachel Watkins also had a great ride in 1:10:59.  Jake’s been riding for over 30 years, so conclusive proof that some things do get better with age. Chapeau Jake. J

Here’s hoping the weather perks up somewhat in the next week.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Photo's of the Velo

As Mark said a great time was had by all and for those that braved Gordon Ramsey's in the West End an even better day judging by the fact that Jake was a DNS in the medium gear at an unearthly hour after the change to BST..

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Kingston Phoenix at the London Velodrome

A couple of months ago Andy Pearce floated the idea of a Club event at the London Velodrome.  It turned out to be very popular, and yesterday afternoon 32 of us enjoyed a well run training session on the Olympic track.

We all used the standard-issue Condor Pista track bikes, which were excellent little machines in top condition.  82" gear, fixed, and no brakes of course, which all made sense once you got going.

We rode as two groups of sixteen, the division being on the basis of those who had done very little track riding,  and those who had done none at all.  We all had a very good time and I think that everyone learned something - which, when you consider how long some members have been riding, is quite surprising.

Many thanks to Andy for all of his hard work in organising the event - a great success!