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Monday, May 02, 2016

Cycling Weekly Ride - Saturday 7th May

Dear all members

As it is the club’s 80th year the club has invited Cycling Weekly to publish an article about the club. Would you like to be part of the event? If so please read on and respond to the form on the next email.

Chris Marshall-Bell is their news reporter and he with a photographer will be spending Saturday 7th May morning with the club. The plan is for three groups (long and short routes, trail riders) to cycle to Pinnocks Café, Ripley.

Yesterday Brian and Alex did a trial run of the long route and below is the plan for the day:
9AM - Chris Marshall-Bell and the photographer from Cycling Weekly will be asked to meet us at Horton Country Park at 9am.
9.30 - The main group photograph will take place. Please wear your club jersey. If you do not have one please let me know and I will either sell you one or find another member who can bring along a spare one.
9.30 - Group A will depart as soon as they can after the main club photograph.  Brian will be the A group leader.
10.00 - Group B will depart around 10 as normal and take the shorter direct route, with a loop if they want to.  Jake will be the B group leader.
10.00 - Group C will depart taking their off road route through to Ripley.  Andy will be the C group leader.
11.00 ish - We will all start to arrive in Ripley and meet at Pinnocks Cafe.
Others may drive to Ripley - Ron Doreen P / Frank P and Dave B.
In Ripley, there is another cafe just along from Pinnocks Cafe.  Opposite these there is a Bakers.  These will all be open Saturday morning.
Foreseeable problems:
A - Mechanical issues - Dealt with in the usual way and if someone has to leave their ride, so be it.
B - Crash and injury - Someone to take charge and summon help if required.  Do not all stand in the road, unless a rider is not to be moved.
C - Pinnocks and other Ripley cafes are full or with so many KPRC riders - we have a space problem.
If we decide to leave Ripley, this decision is likely to be made between 11 and 11.30, we will inform someone in Pinnocks.  Any other KPRC riders arriving after this time will therefore get the message.  Cycling weekly already know we have other 11's options.
Good weather = we retrace to Ockham Bites.  Bad Weather re retrace to The Black Swan.
D - Cancellation.  I can't see this happening we will still go for a ride anyway.  If Cycling Weekly cancels, we will make another date.
If you want to know more please meet with Brian at the club on Thursday to finalise issues and suggest where on the route the photographer goes to take "cycling action shots".
Kind regards
Ps I do not have email addresses for the following so please spread the word:
Alan Scarfe, Brian Munro, Don Stockbridge, Frank Powney, Mark McNamara

Monday, April 18, 2016

Ripley Ride Route

gpx file for download here
(comment on the post if there are any issues with the download, it's something I am unable to test)

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Herald of Spring Show

We have booked and paid for a stand at The Herald of Spring Show in Bourne Hall Ewell village. Sat 3rd March and Sun 4th from 9am to 5pm.

We have the usual picture board to promote our rides and lots leaflets and business cards to hand out.
 All we need now is help on the day from our lovely members!

Me, Steve and Simon will do the Saturday morning slot as it involves putting up the board, etc.
We have Andy Pearce and Dave Brentnal so far for Saturday pm and Brian Sunday morning; and Grant Sunday pm.

We need 3 members for each session just to talk to public and answer questions and hand out leaflets to interested parties!

Can you email me or post on blog or Forum if you able to help either day, first come first served.

If you are passing by come in and see us, wearing your club kit, and join in for a bit so we can nip off for a wee! The show is craft stalls, flower stalls and local organisations.