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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Brighton Mitre 25 - result

Andy 1:6:52
Jackie 1:11:46
Ann 1:12:55
Jake 1:14:05

Event Winner Richard Prebble 53:20

Pictures by Paul J Wright here:
Index 15
Index 16
Index 17
Index 18

I think there are no changes to Year Bests or the Trophy allocation as a result of those rides.

So congratulations to Ann on clinching the Ladies Championship Trophy.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bec Hill Climb

Hero Gary Dodd and Bill Bell, joint winners of the hill climb in 1.49.07

And heroine Ann Bath, who rode all 4 hill climbs again this year

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Bec CC Hill Climb

Gary Dodd no longer rides for the Kingston Phoenix (having had a much better offer from Sigma Sport, of course), but being married to Jake he can't get away from us, so we were all there cheering him in the Bec Hill Climb on Titsey Hill, on the Surrey/Kent border.
He was number 20 in a field of 89-odd riders and, in his first Time Trial as a genuine "Vet" he shot up the hill in a storming 1:49.1 - not quite as fast as his 1:44.4 record, but a race-winning ride neverless. Then we had to wait for over an hour until the final man - last year's winner Jody Crawforth - to see if it would be the best time today.
Well, actually it was a lousy day for it: the rain started for the last 20 or so riders in the morning Catford Hill Climb on York's Hill, and got heavier and heavier. It wasn't an especially cold day, but the wind chill on damp bodies was pretty high, leaving the spectators shivering by the end. Once again this year, both Hill Climbs had the field and spectators to give the day the feeling of the classic events that these were 25 years ago - when the results of the two events would have been the top story in the following week's "comic" - and all this despite the rain.
The contenders came and went, and the PA system kept us up with the results. Only a handful of riders bettered the 2 minute mark, and Gary's name was repeatedly mentioned as the early leader. Then came number 85 - Bill Bell, winner of the morning's Catford climb. His time came over the PA system - another 1:49, but not the seconds yet. Jody Crawforth finished and the crowd surged up the hill after him.
Enjoying the closed road this year - by far the safest arrangement for the event and the general public, especially as the route around is trivial in a car - the crowd gathered around the result board. Crawforth's time 1:52. So at worst Gary was second....
The timekeepers conferred. A buzz went round the crowd - both riders had clocked 1:49.1!
The timekeepers looked at their watches again, and attempted to split the riders on hundredths but, no, they had both been clocked at 1:49.07 and could not be split.
So Bill Bell (Gemini BC) and Gary Dodd (Sigma Sport RT) are the joint winners of the 51st Bec Hill Climb.

Not bad considering that Gary's aim for the event was a top 10 place and 1st veteran.

P.S. Ann also rode and did 3:56.2 with 3:58.7 in the Catford HC in the morning - and of course, she rode the two Brighton Mitre Hill Climbs on Saturday, but I've no idea what she did in them - other than win a snazzy bottle cage!

(Jen, did you get a decent pic of Gary and/or Ann on the climb - that we can add to the post? Either email it to me, if you did, or put it in another post and I will put it together)


Sunday, October 15, 2006

Hillingdon 25

A good day for me in this event after the aborted previous two events. My time 1.7.38 taking 1st on standard. Scratch winner -Danny Axford with 52.39. Chris Thain ex Phoenix rider did 1.10.33 with a puncture.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

VTTA 25 - Oct 1st - Result

Grant 1:9:31 - year best
Lisa 1:17:30
Jake 1:13:14
Ann 1:14:24

The mysterious Mr Brown is Didcot Phoenix!

So, no change to the Ladies Championship today, but I understand that Ann and Jackie are entering the Brighton Mitre 25. So Jackie needs to do a 1:9:20 to overhaul Ann and take the trophy. I think she is well capable of a time like that, but the crunch is can she manage it this late in the season.
The trophy is in Ann's favour at the moment, as she has done the rides and is there to be knocked off top spot - but someone needs to improve to do that. Jake still needs to do better than a 1:11:19 but isn't terribly excited about doing any more races this year. I've had enough (not that I'm going to take the trophy off anyone!!!) this morning my rear Ergo lever refused to change gear on my race bike, so I had to hastily swap pedals and wheels onto the lo-pro for this morning's event - something you can do without at 7 in the morning.

Anyone else ridden this weekend??


Saturday, September 23, 2006

23rd/24th Sept Results

Ah, the H25/1 - London West's equivalent of Paris-Roubaix: without the smooth tarmac in between! Why do the councils find money for loads of yellow signs saying that x number of people have been killed in the next 300yrds of road over the last couple of years, but they won't make the roads safer by completely resurfacing them ....

Anyway I managed to improve my BBAR counting 25 time for the year by 9 minutes from 1:24:58 to 1:15:57. That takes my average over 18mph, which is ever so slightly more respectable! I'm not going to qualify for
a certificate as the average needs to be over 20mph - but it doesn't look as if Jake or Ann will qualify either as they are missing a BBAR counting event at one or other distance.

Oh, and today's winner Alex Dowsett 50:49 - National Junior Comp Record!

How did the Festival event go? If someone puts the results up as a comment, I'll add them to this post.

Thanks to Ann:

Festival 10 - Sat 23rd G10/42
24:59 Simon
25:08 Andy
26:27 Jackie - a pb?, I've lost track
27:48 Florence
27:56 Ann

Andy did a 25, & Jake & Jen both did 29's - seconds appreciated.

Jackie's ride was fastest lady on a road bike. Ann and Jackie have improved their 10 times, which moves Ann up to the top spot in the Ladies Championship and Jackie up to 3rd (displacing Florence).
John Beer rode the WLCA 10 on the H10/2 - still on his low gear - and improved another 3 seconds to 26:38.

Ray & Chrystal had a wasted morning as the Sotonia 50 was cancelled due to the rain. Sadly that scuppered Ray's final attempt at the Vets Age Record after missing it by less than a minute last week (he did 2:23:28 in the VTTA 50 last Sunday) and also Chrystal's chances of taking the Ladies Championship as she can not now ride a 50 this season.
I did 1:19:41 in the Hounslow 25 the last BBAR counting 25 of the season, and my last chance to improve the counting 25 time.

Finally two more Comp Records today: -
Men's Tandem Yates & Hutch 43.36
Mixed Tandem Chris Madge & Astrid Wheatcroft Severn RC 48.12
On the R something or other in Wales.

Windsor Half Marathon
Joe & Andy ran. Results here
They both put in very respectable runs, coming well up in a field of several thousand runners.


Monday, September 18, 2006

Forthcoming events

I'm entered in the North Hants 25 on the H25/1 on Saturday afternoon (23rd) and again in the Hounslow 25 on Sunday morning.

Colin McDermott's Roadman's 10 promoted for the Festival has attracted a bunch of our riders:

Chrystal is rumoured to be in the Sotonia 50 - anyone else?

The following weekend is the VTTA 25 on the H25/2 and the Epsom 25 on the G25/53.
I have put a late entry in for the VTTA event (the handbook said Vet's only, so I didn't think I could enter, but it is listed as entry to all in Cycling this week) and some of ours usually ride the Epsom.


17th September

Consolation Result - event and all points based on Hcp Time

Act Time Name Hcp Hcp T Points Awards
1:10:30 John Beer 11:30 59:00 7 7 1st Hcp/Trophy
1:10:15 Ken Day 10:30 59:45 6 6 2nd Hcp
1:15:02 Rachel Croggon 15:15 59:47 7 5 3rd Hcp
1:13:11 Jackie Morgan-Smith 13:00 1:00:11 6 4 4th Hcp/Fastest
1:15:12 Jake Dodd 14:00 1:01:12 5 3
1:03:33 Andy Avis 2:00 1:01:33 5 2
1:11:05 Paul Day 9:15 1:01:50 4 2
1:16:41 Florence Hallett 14:45 1:01:56 4 2
1:04:17 Joe Bertorelli Scr 1:04:17 3 2
1:18:48 David Croggon 13:30 1:05:18 2 2
1:28:49 Mark McNamara 23:00 1:05:49 2 2
1:01:18 Richard Hallett (Sydenham Wlrs)

Points in brown are for Men's points comp, points in green are for the Women's points comp and black are Hcp Pts.

Ann rode the Severn RC 50 and recorded 2:26:13 which moves her up to 2nd place in the Ladies Championship, and with a slowish 10 in relation to the others, she has a good chance of improving that. However I understand that Chrystal is entered in a 50 next week - presumably the Sotonia one - and "only" needs just under 2:40 to take the top spot from current leader Jake. Ray was supposed to be riding the Kent CA 50, but I've had no feedback and can't find a result yet.

As the final Club Event, the Consolation finalised the points trophies for the year:
Andy is the winner of the new Men's Points Trophy (formerly the Club Events Points Trophy) with 108 pts, and also the Handicap Points Trophy with 64 pts. Jake takes the new Women's Points Trophy (and the committee had better get a Trophy sorted out by the Dinner!!!) with 84 pts (and co-incidentally is also the runner-up for the Hcp Tropy!)

Andy will claim the 12hr Trophy with 214.513 miles
Stuart the 100 Trophy with 4:27:40
both of these having been decided as there are no more events to be ridden to change the current standings.

Stuart is currently in pole position for the 50 Trophy with 2:4:24, a time unlikely to be bettered, but there are 2 more 50s to be run.

Joe is in pole position for the 25 Trophy with a 1:0:38 for someone to better, and still a number of 25s to go.

Current leaders in the Club Championship - Andy - and the Men's Championship - Stuart, are unlikely to be challenged. But Jake's lead in the Ladies' Championship is on very shaky ground. And Ray looks pretty safe at the top of the Vet's Championship (again!)

John Beer gets the Consolation Trophy for an excellent 1:10:30, which I assume was done on the low gear that he has been riding all year.

Andy and Joe have long since claimed the Kingston to Worthing and Brass Monkey Trophies respectively.

Ann is currently leading for the Ladies' 25 mile Trophy, but her 1:11:29 is not yet a guaranteed winning time.


Monday, September 11, 2006

SCCU 25 result

A still and cold day greeted the riders in this event.
Thanks to Tony and Jake for helping out. Please remember we need to produce helpers for next year to allow us to ride the SCCU events.
Commiserations to Ray who packed the wrong shoes.


Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated in Southern Counties CU Open Event

Points and handicaps are for the KPRC club championships.

No Name Time Hcp Hcp/Time Scr Hcp Award
13 Paul Day 1-09-31 5-30 1-04-01 6/41 4/41
19 Mark McNamara D.N.F. 1/18 0/23
24 Jackie Morgan-Smith 1-11-41 9-00 1-02-41 7/34 6/16
34 Ray Dare D.N.S. 0/41 0/33
39 Grant Pyke 1-12-17 6-30 1-05-47 5/41 3/47
47 Andy Avis 1-02-35 Scr 1-02-35 7//103 7/59 1st Hcp
54 Florence Hallett 1-12-53 10-00 1-02-53 6/74 5/45

This is the final event in the SCCU championship for 2006.
Men had to do a 25, 50 and 100.
Women do 10, 25 and 50.
The provisional result may put a KPRC member in a good position in the SCCU championship!

The awards are presented at the SCCU luncheon at the end of the season.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Hilly12/Hill Climb Result


3 Damian Poulter 36-55 Weybridge Whls 2m 02.69sec
4 Roy Instrall 42-31 Morden CRC 2m 37.25sec
5 Bob French 46-28 Weybridge Whls 3m 12.23sec
6 Lisa Colombo 51-00 15-00 36-00 3m 13.82sec 3/7 3
7 Andrew Hewett 41-55 4-00 37-55 2m 22.31sec 4/2 5
8 Florence Hallett 47-19 6-00 41-19 2m 55.16sec 5/2 4
9 Tony Tugwell DNS
10 Joe Bertorelli 39-26 PTT 2m 19.45sec
11 Jake Dodd 48-46 6-00 42-46 2m 23.11sec 4/2 6
12 David French 38-08 Weybridge Wlrs 2m 14.14sec
13 Peter Edwards 40-52 0-45 40-07 2m 26.53sec 5/2 4
14 Andy Avis 39-10 2-00 37-10 2m 12.81sec 6/3 6
15 Rachel Croggon 42-46 5-00 37-46 2m 41.79sec 5/2 5
16 Grant Pyke 43-07 7-00 36-07 3m 31.79sec 3/6 3
17 Brian Powney DNS
18 Jackie Morgan-Smith 42-03 5-00 37-03 2m 18.62sec 7/5 7
19 Gary Dodd 32-25 Sigma Sport 1m 36.18sec
20 Simon Mitchell 37-07 Scr 37-07 1m 57.70sec 7/4 7


1st Fastest: Simon Mitchell
2nd Fastest: Andy Avis
Fastest Woman: Jackie Morgan-Smith
1st Hcp: Lisa Colombo
2nd Hcp: Grant Pyke

1st: Simon Mitchell
1st : Jackie Morgan Smith

Marshals : Judy, David, Ben, Nicholas, Iain & Carolyn Margery. Frank Powney.
Pusher Off : Ron Powney Hill Climb start time keeper : Doreen Powney

Unfortunately, Jake took a tumble at the last rbt at the top of Givons Grove but carried on to finish.

Frank Cubis

Monday, August 28, 2006

ECCA 12hr - split times

Photos of the result board, showing the split times for the entire field - not sure how readable it is though, you might need to save to your own PC and enlarge with an image editing program.

Rider 50 100

LC 2:50:27 6:05:52
AB 2:44:32 5:47:56
JD 2:42:27 5:21:18
BP 2:23:49 5:22:35
GP 2:43:06 5:49:00
AA 2:30:11 5:08:25


Monday, August 21, 2006

ECCA 12hr - Provisional Result

215 Andy Avis
212 Jake Dodd
204 Brian Powney
195 Grant Pyke
187 Ann Bath
175 Lisa Colombo

How hard was that?
Well we had a hard day for it alright. The wind was very strong, although the rest of the weather wasn't too bad with warm sushine in between the occasional heavy showers. At the start they were handing out a second set of numbers to those riders that wanted an extra number to put on the rain-gear.......

Actually the HQ was positively buzzing at 5am, with someone making tea for the riders (and anyone else) before the start - not something I think I've ever come across before, even last year at this event. The morning was not overcast enough for there to be a delay so we were off on time. Well I - and probably everyone else - felt really good for the first 25 miles. And then we turned into the headwind! 22 miles back into quite a strong wind knocked the stuffing out of many of us.

Brian was the first to catch me, coming by before we'd even left the A14 on the northern leg, he was going well and taking full advantage of the tailwind - and holding it for a pretty strong 2:23 for 50 miles. Ann came by immediately after Brian, but then she didn't actually go away from me and I was intrigued at the way she seemed to be fidgetting all over the bike - the sort of thing I was doing 10 & 1/2 hours later when I had run out of comfy spots on the saddle. I was settled on the tri-bars and felt smooth and had no trouble going back past her again, but obviously - if she'd caught me for 2 mins - she would come by again shortly, and so she did. She certainly seemed to be trying a lot harder than I was - that's probably why she goes faster than me!!!
An hour later and Jake came steaming past, riding smoothly and strongly into the headwind. Down to Fourwentways and what a relief to turn with the wind behind again for the long hike North. (O.K, and East!). Somewhere along here Andy came past with a much too cheerful comment and I tried hard to keep the speed up with the benefit of the wind. Onto the A14 and then I'd swear I saw the A11 signed and followed the left lane off. Round the stupid helper's car stopped in the way and "hang on a minute, this isn't the A11! ********* (fill in your own expletive), now what?" It didn't look like a straightforward up-and-over junction so I hopped off the bike and legged it back down the grass and back onto the A14. Grant came past while I was doing the cross-country bit. Why? I'd been up there only 3 hours earlier. I think "away with the fairies "covers it. Ask any of the 6 of us what we were thinking about for 12 hours yesterday.

The car was checking us through at the Red Lodge turn - good stopping spot to feed - and I got the bottle that I'd declined earlier. So I was already drinking less than anticipated.....
Oh joy! another 22 miles into the teeth of a headwind. 4 hours done and 70 miles covered. Ah yes, and another 16 miles to go till I join the Six Mile Bottom circuit. The relief to turn at Fourwentways again, over the level crossing and onto the circuit with 86 miles under the belt.

Oops the car is the wrong side of the 100 mile point, but it didn't matter on this circuit. Pass the 100 mile timekeeper for the first time - 88 miles covered and a 12 mile lap to go to get the 100 mile time. By now my rear mech was very sluggish - I assume a new gear cable had stretched. Problem: I like to try to ride to 100 miles without stopping, for the split times; but the car has the spanner to allow me to re-tighten the cable and they are just before the 100 miles point. I won't be doing another lap of this circuit, so I need to fix the gear now. The climbing, going north on the circuit is helped by the tailwind, the south-westerley diagonal is a battle with the wind, and then some respite as we turn east and finally descend to the start of the circuit. Andrew H is there with the camera, a pleasure to see a familiar face.
Approaching 6 hours for the 100, I succumb and stop by the car for the spanner. While I'm there I massage the legs with Deep Freeze gel as the pre-cramp spasms have already started in the thighs. Simon digs out some sausages for me and I take bites from the packet in his hand whilst still massaging my legs - taking care not to bite his fingers! Perhaps I should have fed myself and got him to massage the gel in!!!!
The rain had been occasional spots (for me at least) up to that point, but whilst at the car it tipped it down briefly. Now sodden, I put on Simon's club gilet over my racing vest - borrowed so that the number could be seen from under it - and on my way again.
Another stagger round that circuit and then the bit I didn't relish: back south to Fourwentways and beyond - around 5 miles - and then a right turn onto the A505 and around 10 miles to the Royston turn - all into the wind. By now the sun was out, and the day warming nicely - however there were still to be some heavy showers on the unlucky riders and helpers. Not far along the A505 Simon & Jen were in a layby with the chairs out enjoying a coffee. I stopped. "Is there anything you want?" "Yes, I want to stop."
Trouble was I was committed to making up the team for the Ladies Team Record. All we needed to do was finish 3 Ladies - in the same 12hr event. The club's been around 70 years, it's about time we set a 12hr Team Record. All I had to do was get to the finishing circuit. Once all three of us were on the finishing circuit we had the record, but for me that was still best part of 30 miles away.
I sat down, I stretched my legs, I drank some of Jen's coffee, I dumped my sleeves on them and then I got back on the bike. As I rode on, I thought of a comment made on holiday earlier in the year. Some of the group did an evening detour, with an extra 500m of climbing in about 5 miles to a ski station - with a 12 mile descent back down and then on to the hotel, afterward - 8 of us did it, most of the others frantically offloading panniers to their partners to limit the weight. I rode up there with my full holiday load. I met most of the others on their way back down while I was still clambering up. I anticipated climbing up until I met our friend PeteH on his way back down and then turning round. When I finally got there, there were two bikes left: PeteH's and Terry (Terry from the Midweek Section). My line was "I thought you'd have moved off by now". The reply - "Well, I knew if we waited here long enough you'd turn up"
Those words rang in my ears as I staggered toward Royston - it's not easy trying to freewheel into a headwind on the flat. I think I was doing about 10mph along there. Over the motorway junction, past Duxford airfield - they've built a hanger for the Concorde there, shame I was looking forward to seeing her - and on, and on. Past the layby where I expected Pete to be - although someone else's helper WAS there. I was getting more and more tired and demoralised because the car was not where I had expected them to be. Finally I stopped and dug something else to eat out of my pocket, before the final stagger up the hill and then the drop to the RAB at the Royston turn. I got on again and there was the ****** car at the top of the hump. (Note to 12/24hr helpers - you will ALWAYS get something wrong in the eyes of your rider - somewhere during the day!)
I rolled up and stopped again. The answer to the inevitable question was the same: "I want to stop, pack, give up and go home. I've had enough. I'm not enjoying this."
Another sit-down. More of Andy's coke (thanks for bringing so much, but next time I don't think you actually need to empty Tesco), some quiche, more gel rub - on my back this time, and off again. Obviously refreshed after the stop, a nice freewheel to the RAB, a slight shock that the marshals have gone - O.K., by now it was 14:15 and I'd seen the last of the field headed the other way 20 minutes or more ago - I knew it was the turn, no question, even though the turn sign had been blown in on itself and was pretty unreadable. It was more of a shock to turn and see no.1 coming the other way - turns out he'd inadvertently taken himself off to the finishing circuit somewhat too soon and done ~5 miles of course, and it was his helper waiting patiently where Pete was supposed to have been - not knowing if he'd ridden the course before I frantically made turn signals at him as he went the other way and shouted "no marshals", although I don't suppose he heard. The lack of marshal didn't bother me too much, but I was concerned that we would be missing from the check that proved we had made it to the turn.
Revitalised by the tailwind I bombed along back toward Duxford - 22mph rather than the 10mph the other way.
Onto the afternoon/Fowlmere circuit, another brief stop by the car - I'd unloaded my pockets a bit too much at the previous stop. I knew I would only be doing the one lap of this circuit, but Pete was unconvinced and trying to keep track of 4 riders. Another nice descent, coming onto very wet roads - I'm glad I missed the downpour that caused that - and sadly another left turn into the wind for the long diagonal of the circuit. Jake came by again, still steaming along. Past the gang sat at the table outside the pub, I caught a flash of the Phoenix tops there and spotted Andrew's brother Neil; past the campsite that Ann, Steve, Simon & Jen stayed at. The Shaftesbury CC were providing water & sponges on this stretch and as I battled into the wind I thought that there wasn't much need for them to run to hand bottles & sponges as the riders probably weren't going too fast here.
Another left turn and back onto the A505 with the tailwind. It struck me that this time it was much harder to steam along this bit. Stopped at the lights outside Duxford again. Grant caught me here, again. Over the motorway again. Past the left turn into the Fowlmere circuit - actually I didn't plan to turn down there again, whatever the marshals indicated - fortunately they indicated straight on and I nodded gratefully. 150 miles covered and I was heading for the first timekeeper on the circuit (timekeeper 0!), with about 2 hours to go.
That first timekeeper is the golden target, get to him and you are guaranteed not to be DNF whatever happens after. As it happens, on this course, you actually join the "finishing circuit" before you reach timekeeper 0, so you pass timekeepers 6 & 7 before you are officially on the circuit. Timekeeper 6 smiled at me as I passed, I imagined him amused that I was freewheeling on this slightly downhill stretch with the wind behind. On to timekeeper 0: that's it I will definitely finish now, I've made my contribution to the Team Record. I have a big smile on my face. Are the other two on the finishing circuit yet or still lapping on the Fowlmere circuit? I pass the Addiscombe crowd and shout out: "are the other 2 girls on the circuit yet?" but Linda isn't sure.
The Phoenix are in the same place as last year on the finishing circuit, near the top of the Little Chesterford leg. It is a good spot as they see us going down and then coming back out again. Last year Ann & I both finished at the timekeeper just before the car, and it's very handy for the HQ after. On the first time past I stop for more massage cream. They have seen Jake on the circuit, but not Ann yet - that would be ironic after all of this if Ann had a problem and didn't get to the finish. As I come out of the leg I cross with Ann going down: that's it, we've set the record - now we are just taking it higher until we run out time and settle on a total.
There are people handing up water and sponges around the circuit, I usually take whatever is offered - on principal - if they are standing helping I will make use of their efforts, but this year I am too knackered. I am torn between wanting it to end and - now looking at the possible distance from my mileometer - trying to cover at least 175 miles. That is beginning to sound a respectable distance.
I pass timekeeper no.6 again, freewheeling with the wind behind again, over the railway bridge and on to no.7. Rosemary has come out after work to cheer us (mostly brother, Brian) on and is stopped in the layby where no.7 timekeeper is. I shout to her that we have finally set the Team Record (this has been in the planning for 20 years, since Rosemary's day - we just couldn't manage 3 of us in the same event until now). Over the hump, that has now become a mountain, before the A11 junction, past timekeeper 0, on past the Addiscombe, where Linda shouts that all three of us (girls) are on the circuit and I reply "Club Ladies Team Record."
I'm lapping slower than last year and I'm beginning to think that I will finish on the opposite side of the circuit to the support team. I pass them again - without stopping for a change - the end must be in sight! It's suddenly occurred to me that I'm not sure how accurate the mileometer is and that I need to do more than 175 on that to be safe. There is a tailwind back past the car, and then a mile or so going North. I have less than 10 minutes to go, I plan to stop at timekeeper no.5 who is sited just to the left of the RAB where I have to turn into the wind again: but no, I have cocked it up I didn't start at 05:30, it was 05:34, there is four extra minutes for me to turn into the wind and climb toward the small RAB before the motorway. I clamber over the railway again, trying harder than I have for some hours, desperately trying to reach the next timekeeper. Time runs out 30 secs before the turn and then I sprint downhill with the wind behind to timekeeper no.6. I wonder if that amused him - if I'd tried a little harder when I passed him previously I would have reached him as I ran out time, rather than after. As I sprint I catch sight of my car, loaded with bikes as it has been all day, coming the other way.
I sit up for the final yards past the timekeeper - who I recognise from last year, but who doesn't have a number by his car - and give him the thumbs up and he nods to me. Gratefully I coast round the corner and then swing up the road to the left, Joe finished here last time we helped him in a 12, and we know there is somewhere to stop safely and load up.
I drop the bike and stagger across the road to the central refuge so that Pete can see as early as possible to turn in, I assumed that he wouldn't know that I had seen them coming the other way. He turns in and a black car goes left after him, I look at the traffic and stagger back across the road. Pete is hesitating before finishing the virtual 'U' turn into the parking spot, I assume he has got the gear wrong as he doesn't drive it that often, but it turns out that as he swung wide to make the turn to the left the black car has shot past on his inside and ALMOST caused an accident.
Pete is desperate to ride somewhere and offers to ride the bike back to the HQ, Jackie is encouraged to join him - leaving me with space in the car for ONE of the other riders - the car is so stuffed with food and wheels that they wouldn't have had room to scoop any of us up during the day if necessary.
While we unload Jackie's bike, Andy goes the other way so we shout to him, he gesticulates back - I'm not quite sure whether he hadn't quite run out time, or was just very confused by the fact that not all the timekeepers had numbers on display and not all of them necessarily looked like timekeepers if you didn't ride last year. On the other hand he has won the ticket for a lift back to the HQ, as he came along before I went looking for Grant.
We get back to the HQ and I am relieved to see that Grant and Jake are already there, sparing me the need to go looking for them.

I reckon all 6 of us deserve a pat on the back for finishing on a hard, windy day.

There was further good news at the result board. Jake won the prize for fastest woman. Grant came second in the event handicap. And the 3 VTTA members (Ann, Jake & Grant) won the award for the vets team on Standard. (And the Addiscombe were celebrating winning the team award in the event from API).

Next year has got to be easier......


Thursday, August 10, 2006

Evening 10 #8 - August 9th

24:20 Andy Avis
24:27 Simon Mitchell
25:06 Peter Edwards
25:47 Paul Day
26:49 Ray Dare
26:50 Chrystal Sheldon
27:31 Jackie Morgan-Smith
27:32 Jen Mitchell
27:33 Jake Dodd
27:46 Pete Mitchell
28:23 David Croggon
29:03 Grant Pyke
29:41 Mark McNamara
29:45 Lisa Colombo
30:42 Tony Tugwell

Well, the evening was deceptive, with most, but not all, of us recording our fastest 10 of the year. Tony finally finished a 10 - perhaps it was his reward for putting the signs out for us.

Frank had his work cut out with the Kingston Wheelers finishing more like a road race than a TT - the one problem with the 30-second-spaced starts. Apologies to the Wheelers for not having their results worked out on the night - you try doing maths to base 60 when there is a crowd clamouring for the results, not easy! The full result should appear on the main website in due course - and yes I know most of the other results for this year are pending too.

Someone mentioned the Ladies' Team Record: it's 1:19:37 - 3 x 26:32, so we're not quite there yet, but it's on the cards.


Sunday, August 06, 2006

Aug 6th - Latest Results

Alton 25 - 30th July (H25/8)
John Beer: 1:9:08
Jake Dodd: 1:15:19

WLCA 10 - 8th July (H10/2)
John Beer: 27:21

WLCA 25 - 6th August (H25/2)
Lisa Colombo: 1:15:44

a3crg 10 (Medium Gear) - 15 July (P881)
John Beer: 27:37

WTTA 100 - 6th Aug (U46/100)
Ann Bath: 5:16:56

Ray Dare is entered in the Anerley 10 next Saturday morning.

Lisa Colombo
Jackie Morgan-Smith
Ann Bath
Paul Day
Ray Dare
Andy Avis
Simon Mitchell
are all entered in the Anerley 50 on Sunday morning. Paul will be doing his first 50, and if I'm not mistaken it's also Jackie's first ride at the distance.

Finally, it looks like the ECCA 12hr will qualify as a Club Event as 6 members have claimed to have entered: Ann Bath, Jake Dodd, Lisa Colombo, Brian Powney, Andy Avis & Grant Pyke.

Anything I've missed....??


Monday, July 24, 2006

Results 22/23 July

Mersey Roads 24hr
Congratulations to Ann & Chrystal on completing the 24hr over the weekend. Finishing is quite an achievement and an ordeal. Their provisional times are:

Chrystal 339m
Ann 335

The full result, currently still provisional, is here

From the provisional result it seems that Ann's distance of 342m from last year has remained untouched, although Chrystal is very close in her first attempt at the distance (never having ridden a 12hr before).

Perhaps either or both of you would like to write an account here for us to read????

Update: Pics from the event here

SCCU 100
Jake 5-5-40
Ray 5-7-16
Andy 5-8-06
Lisa 5-44-57

I understand that Ray was close to the 100 age standard record that he was aiming to beat, but I don't know which side of it he was......


Sunday, July 16, 2006

Results - 15th/16th July


Bec 25:
1:05:32 Andy Avis
1:10:13 Pete Mitchell
1:13:33 Jake Dodd
1:14:26 Florence Hallett
1:19:34 Lisa Colombo
Pics from the morning here, thanks to Mike Anton, East Grinstead CC

National Championship 100:
Ann Bath DNF (off course)
25 - 1:18:28
50 - 2:40:41

Austrian Ironman Triathlon
2.4 mile swim • 112 mile bike • 26.2 mile run
Stuart Pearce 10:49:59
Swim - 1:15:01
Bike - 5:22:28
Run - 4:4:57
Full splits here

Ben Pearce - 12:18:20
Swim - 1:1:56
Bike - 5:54:08
Run - 5:13:16
Full splits here

That's if you can make head or tail of the "full splits".


Friday, July 07, 2006

Phoenix Clothing

Good news for everbody who have ordered Phoenix clothing and for potential new customers as some is for stock. Simon is in Brittany and will arange a club night for distribution and fashion show soon.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

SCCU 50 result

2:11:57 - Andy Avis - 1st Place (Club Event)
2:21:52 - Pete Mitchell
2:25:16 - Grant Pyke
2:28:44 - Jake Dodd - 1st Hcp (Club Event) - 2nd Lady in SCCU event
2:34:16 - Florence Hallett
2:47:20 - Lisa Colombo - team shield
D.N.F - Ann Bath - problems with her camel-bak.

SCCU Winner Tim Mardell 1:47:58

After a warm night, we had a pretty good morning with a rising wind and the day warming rapidly. I guess the wind was northerly, as the finish was quite hard work, whilst going the other way was less hard! Florence did an excellent ride in her first 50. I was 1 second slower than the same event last year! Ann had problems with the valve on her camel-bak, and had most of the contents leak away early on, rather than sustaining her all the way round.

Everyone who finished seemed reasonably pleased with their rides.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Phoenix Fifteen Phank you & provisional result

A big thank you to everyone who came and supported the event, especially those who marshaled. Congratulations to all the riders that completed the course and double congratulations to Lisa.

I got home and slept after all that running around and those late nights trying to organise the event. It seems that no matter how far you try to plan ahead you still end up rushing around on the day.

Below is the provisional result. I will go through the figures tomorrow and confirm.

1st Steve Dennis East Grinstead 33:05. I think that this is an overall course record.
2nd Keith Coffey Bec CC 33:55. (good luck with your event next week)
3rd Tim Stevens 34 Nomads 34:11 (Winner last year with a 33:28)

Bob Stapley Epsom CC+7:49

Overall TEAM
21st Century

Womens time

1st Heidi Mason. Hastings & St Leonards 38:48. (well done as Heidi set the new Womens course record and so collects the £50 bonus)
2nd Angela Brown 21st Century Airports. 39:19 (Again congratulations first for breaking the course record...but comiserations for then losing out to Heidi, but also for being part of the winning overall team and winning the £10 bonus for the Womens Prime.)
3rd Joanne McRae, GS Avanti, 39:51

Womens VET
Gill Reynolds Willsden CC +3:50

Womens Team
Hounslow & District CC (BooHiss...Well they were really keen to put a team together so congratulations. I hope that they return next year to defend their title, and that we can get a few other womens teams to have a go. Perhaps we should put up little cup?)

Mark Perryman 1.39
Does anyone know how long this bit of road is? A lot of people were trying for this even though they said that they weren't interested. I will put the full set of times on the published result.

Andrew Smith & Dave Abbot GS Stella. 34:33. (Commiserations to Mark and Trystan of the Hounslow who actually did a faster time but had a time penalty added for being late. A lot of thought went into this and the rule book studied. They were delayed on the Motorway and would have had to have a time penalty added, the time keepers decided to just round this up to an hour for clarity of the potential result. You wilhaveve to come back next year to prove a point.)

I will hold off printing the result until I get all the split times for the Prime and Halfway check.
Play Safe