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Friday, July 29, 2016

My first test blog to FRANK God Bless Him

Thank you Steve H for staying behind at club room last night to help me with new website. So here we go and I will try and add a photo from Frank's funeral.

On arrival at the Crematorium

Before the departure. The outriders were amazing and for the first time MMM could legitimately go through a RED light. 

Brian gave a very good speech and made a fitting tribute to Frank who will be sadly missed by all. His organisation for the cyclists to accompany the cortege was first class. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Press HOME top left corner to reach our new website

We have a brandnew all singing all dancing website. Press Home top left corner of bar to reach it. It will still be linked to this site for the history and past stuff.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Test for MJM on New Blog

Dear Steve H, I am trying to get to grips with using new Blog and maybe my problem has been that my computer has an icon which hooks me into the old one, in which case I have to delete that screen cookie or whatever you call it. Please confirm that this blog has come out on the new one not the old one.
Best regards,
Miker M

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Paul Smith OBE

KPRC were represented at Windsor Castle on Wed. 13 April when the Queen presented Paul with his OBE. For more details and photos go to CTC MWW Blog.

Sunday, April 03, 2016

Dorking Elevenses - An alternative cafe by a fishing lake

Nick and I cycled out to Henfold Lakes a couple of weeks ago to see if there was any sign of the cafe being rebuilt. Alas it is in the same state as it was after the fire last year. There is a caravan serving drinks and bites but there is not much seating and no view of the lake. So I did some googling for other fishing lakes in the area and came across Bury Hill Fisheries, about a mile west of Dorking. Although the name to me suggests a commercial fish producer it is in fact several fishing lakes with a clubhouse and cafe. Nick and I ventured out there today and there was not a cyclist in sight. I asked if cyclists would be welcome en masse and we would. At weekends they open before 8 in the morning and close at 1245, so it is perfect for elevenses. For other days you might like to call them to check opening times: 01306-877540

Friday, April 01, 2016

HELP Disaster April Fools Joke Bike Stolen

Hi Club Mates now is the time to come to my rescue! I need to borrow a 50 to 51mm racing bike for this Sunday SCCU 25 TT. Can you believe it I went to bed at 1am on April Fools day having watched a charming film on BBC1 called  Pretty Woman and Julia Roberts really was.
On Friday morning Barbara informed me why had I left the garage door open? I imdityaly said that the BMC gone, dashed down stairs to find that the BMC & Trek MTB had been stolen. Strangely the Van Nic had been left, why? I guess it was because it had a sticker on it said it was "Bikeregister" as indeed it was courtesy of Metropolitan Police when I attended an awareness course on Sutton High St., to highlight the dangers of HGV and blind spots! The bike is etched with Ultra Violet markings giving the name and address of owner! From now on I will get all my valuable bikes on "Bikeregister"

Meanwhile here is a photo of my BMC, if anyone has the time & inclination to look out on Gumtree, eBay etc please do so. The bike was also fitted with £160 worth of Moonlite lights ready for the SCCU 25 along with Cateye computer, tri-bars etc. I hope that the insurers pay up!

The serial number of BMC is BMC Roadster ULT Frame No. HRRC1E0112

Keep a look out boys and girls on my behalf and if you read this Dave B maybe I can try your TT bike on this one occasion assuming it is not too big!?

Sunday rides

If there is a Sunday ride it will start 9am Horton park car park. I will be leading a ride 10th April to check out our cycling weekly route to Wisley. It will be longer than the sat version and include a long climb. Hope a few can join me.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Follow this link for photographs of the event on Sunday.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Medium Gear Cancelled

Well said Lisa, both events were published in the CTT Handbook for some time & both events cleared by the police. I do agree Alex that you are in no way at fault but given the intransigence of CTT, having allowed both events to be published may I suggest that we could have avoided cancellation of a medium gear event on the day by using a modified course somewhat like we have done before. We could have started at the first farm gate on A29 after Bear Green R/B, thus on the police approved course and then done a shortened event to finish either at the normal finish (railway bridge Bear Green) or go onto the normal 10 finish at North Holmwood. Handicapping could have been pro-rata according to the distance of the event covered somewhat less than 25 miles.

Especially as the weather was so good it's such a shame that our first event of the 80th year was cocked up in this way on top of the bad weather we had for our postponed reliability ride!

Lets hope for something better on Sunday 20th March for the SCCU Sporting 21 where KPRC have 6 riders entered in a brave effort to retain the Rawson Shield, including the oldest fart in the field, yours truly MMHM. May I suggest that Sundays ride should be a support team to cheer us on at Bletchingley. Tea and cakes in the village hall HQ. Rick Opie is first rider off at 9.14am. I wish you all well and trust that my improving left knee will hold out, it's a hilly course not to be attempted on 72" fixed.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Medium Gear Cancelled

Apologies, but I have decided to postpone tomorrow's MG 25, owing to the clash with the East Surrey event, which shares part of the course. One day, I will promote this event and it will run on the publicised date, at the publicised time, on the publicised course. At ease everyone. Alex

Monday, February 15, 2016

CTC Tri-ennial Vets 100 Mile Ride

As many of you will know, every three years since 1928, the Cyclists' Touring Club has organised 100 mile rides for over-50s.  Quite a few DAs are organising rides this year and Phoenix Members may be interested in the ride that the Wayfarers are running on 15th of June.  It's based on Brockham Cricket Pavilion, entry fee £5.

To avoid problems with spammers,  Simon's email is not on the blog.  Wayfarers have it on their contact list, Steve Hillier knows it, or you could drop me an email.

There'll be no need for the cloak and dagger stuff shortly, as the CTC Online Entry will be working, but it might be shrewd to get in quick, as the event could be popular!


Sunday, January 31, 2016

More Photo's VTTA Lunch

Presenter of Prize's Roy Savery along with fantastic organiser of the results, Pete Swetman along with the ever hard working recorder Tim Carpenter.
Keith Wilkinson as Group Chairman was MC and as ever did an excellent job. He thanked Gary Holder our new Social Sec and lunch organiser, along with Jon Fairclough new Treasurer along with Dave Pollard new TT sec.
Dave & Sue Cox as retiring TT sec were thanked for all their hard work also, see photo below

VTTA Surrey/Sussex Lunch & Prizes Sunday 31 Jan 2016

Well an excellent lunch at the Normandy Centre Horsham and KPRC were both well represented by Ray, Beryl, Brian P, Steve & Ann, Jake & me! Over 10% of attendees! Well done KPRC.

From KPRC point of view the star performer was Jake Winning the Charles Robson Cup with an impressive + 31m. 30sec.

Photo's will follow of our members attending along with those of prize winners.
Fast men as ever Peter Tadros and Steve Dennis cleaned up many trophies with very impressive +++'S

The Wally Perkins Cup - Ladies BAR was not contested, so KPRC can we do an Ann Bath again with a 25, 50, 100 & 12Hr in 2016 our 80th year?
The men's equivalent BAR was won David Shepherd, who was also Nat Champ 12 hr with 284 miles.

Guest of Honour was Roy Savery who gave a positive insight into self motivation and is seen below presenting the trophies.

David Shepherd

Steve Dennis

Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Rawson Shield 2016

Ok folks, it is that time of year when we send out a call to arms for all our riders to enter a SCCU eventy, counting towards the Rawson Shield. We have won it for the last 2 years and we want to win it again in 2016, our 80th year. But winning's easy. We want to completely smash it and score 100 points, which as far as we know has never been done in this competition. The first events will be upon us soon, so get your entries in. Just to clarify a few points about entering and taking part in a time trial,

No, you do not need a TT bike.
No, you do not need a silly pointy hat.
No, you do not need a lycra skin suit.

Yes, you do need a bike.
Yes, you need to be able to pedal said bike.
Yes, you need to love riding your bike (which I take as a given, otherwise why would you be reading this!?)
Yes, you need to like tea and cake (for afterwards)
Yes, every ride gains the club a Rawson point, whether you finish first or last.

Those of you who ride on a Saturday or Sunday morning and have never ridden a TT before, we want you to enter just one event. I defy you not to enjoy it or get something out of it. These first three sporting events which are perfect rides if you are looking at doing some sportives, Ironman events or just want a scenic ride, we would like to aim to get 20 riders out per event, which would massively help us achieve our 100 points before the longer events later in the season. Everybody's entry will count

You can enter by posting a cheque to the event organiser, listed here for each event, or even easier, you can enter via the CTT website at

So come people, let's do this. :D 

Any questions, then just put a message on here or e mail me.


20th March Sporting 21 Hardriders - A bit lumpy but great fun and a pretty course
Bryn Tully,
8 Hartscroft,
Linton Glade,
020 8651 1429

3rd April SCCU 25
Tony Alston,
88 Banstead Road,
020 8642 9983

23rd April SCCU Sporting 10
Robin Johnson,
7 Gorselands,
West Sussex.
RH14 9TT
01403 783368

Saturday, January 16, 2016

KPRC Reliability Ride Cancelled

It is with great regret that I have decided to cancel tomorrow’s Reliability Rides. The weather forecast is for light snow overnight, there will be limited sunshine tomorrow and I have been contacted by several riders who rode in the Surrey Hills today and encountered icy conditions.

As a result neither I nor the club feel it would be responsible to hold the event.

We will definitely run the event later in the year so I will keep you all informed.


Sunday, January 03, 2016

2016 Club Dinner

The annual  club dinner this year is sat 20th Feb at The Burford  Bridge. If you haven't heard from Brian and wish to come contact him on 0208 394 0931

Sunday, November 01, 2015

SCCU Luncheon & Prizes

Copthorn Hotel LGW was the venue presided over by Rod Starmer President ably organised byTony Alston. As last year thanks to the encouragement of Brian P and the dedication of the KPRC riders we were awarded for the second year running the Rawson Shield.

KPRC were on Table 7 and 10 attended as can be seen. Rod Starmer said hello to Jake and encouraged here to ride the SCCU 100 next year and although she was one a many KPRC helpers on that dreadful wet and cold day I hope that Jake will give it a go in 2016. Rod also asked where was Lisa and we explained she had a 99th Birthday party to attend.

While KPRC were only presented with one trophy Dave Watt finished  7th in the mens BAR. Alex Kew finished  11th and  10th in the Vets standard table. Helen Bullimore won the Ladies BAR for the 5th time, an event that Jake has also won in the past.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Redmon 2-up from a H/C perpective

Well done Simon & Dale based on Vet Standard you were the clear winners and well deserved! As for the rest there was 8 seconds between difference on Vet Standard - now that is very close from a H/C point of view. Now then Brian a challenge for 2016. It was a great event and I enjoyed it immensely! I understand that the Vet standard was based on a 15 mile TT with no correction for the 18 mile event i.e. the Vet standard was not 15 divide by 15 X 18 corrected which explains why so many were negative!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Redmon 2-up

Well done Wheezy for great photo's. As special thanks from me to James "Tim" Roberts for pacing me you were perfect and much gentler that son Tim. James I have a certificate for you (in Tim's name) but maybe we can Doctor that you deserve it (even though I paid for it! Joke). I took quite a lot of photo's including the winners as I stayed for the presentation but I will just publish a few.

First one is of Sean Yates signing a book for a lady! Second is a sneak pre-view of the result sheet. Mike Morley was accredited fastest Old Fart on an Old bike on standard time. It seems that I was expected to ride an old bike which I have but I had not got it ready. So I had to be honest (what me!) and decline the award as I rode my new BMC. You will need to magnify this photo to see result.

One more photo the even more evergreen Ray Dare