Friday, March 17, 2006

Course details for G25/47 Holmwood club course

The HQ is the car park here on the corner of Inholmes lane, Map

The start is on the corner of Mill Road Map

You turn left and go south down the A24 take the second exit at Beare Green Roundabout Map
and continue down the A24 to Clarkes Green Roundabout (10 turn) where you turn to go North back up the A24. Map

back to Beare Green. Turn left here to go south down the A29. Map

At the next roundabout (it is some distance and about halfway) turn left onto the A281, on this map the A29 is marked Bognor Road. Map

Follow road towards Horsham. From the previous RAB go over the mini RAB then turn right at the next RAB (shown as sharp right turn to around Broadbridge Heath) - if you go straight on you head into the local tip!
at next RAB go straight across to Horsham.

You will end up at Farthings Hill Interchange. Map

You will be coming off the A264 and now going North on the A24.
There is normally a marshal to indicate the exit here.

Go straight on at the next RAB (Robin Hood) and then turn left at Great Daux Map

Follow the A24 North towards Dorking. Go straight on at Clarkes Green RAB. Map

to go on towards Beare Green RAB but this time go straight on (North) to FINISH on the A24 as it crosses the Railway bridge. Map (At the top of the hump!!!!)

That will be a measured 25 miles at the chequered Board. - just look out for Frank.

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