Friday, September 09, 2011

Hilly 12 - start


No  Name                   Hcp           Start
1   Mark McNamara         11-30          09-01
2   Rick Opie              7-30             02
3   Lynda Gale             7-00             03
4   Teresa Goddard         KW               04
5   Alex Kew               0-45          09-05
6   Andy Leatherbarrow     KW               06
7   Andy Avis              5-30             07
8   Peter Mollison         KW               08
9   Ken Williams           6-15             09
10  Tom Fricker            FRC  (0-45)   09-10
11  Michael Fricker        FRC  (1-30)      11
12  Joanne Fricker         5-00  2nd Cl     12
13  Paul Fricker           FRC  (5-45)      13
14  Brian McMartin         KW               14
15  Simon Trehearn         Scr           09-15
16  Jim Ley                KW            09-16
17  Jake Dodd              2-30             17
18  Austin Bell            KW               18
19  Tom Barrett            PTT              19
20  Brian Powney           Scr           09-20
21  Dominic Trevett        KW               21
22  Ben Sawford            PTT              22
23  Ray Dare               4-00             23
24  Mike Morley            5-00             24
25  Steve Hillier          Scr           09-25
26  Damien Breen           KW               26
27  Luke Dearden           5-30             27
28  Alex Scutt             KW               28
29  Nick Hostler           4-00             29
30  Phil Ember             KW            09-30
31  Dan McCormack          KW               31

KW = Kingston Wheelers
FRC = Farnham Road Club

Phoenix Members Awards:
Hilly 12
1st & 2nd Hcp
1st & 2nd Fastest

Hill Climb
Men’s Champion
Woman’s Champion

We meet at the National Trust car park at Headley Heath on B2033 (beware height restriction).
This is a Pay & Display car park


Care should be taken riding to the start (Especially If Wet) as the road descends sharply and there are sharp bends.
Don’t let me say “I told you so”.

There are speed humps on the Zig Zag of Box Hill (low risk)
There are speed humps on the very fast descent after the Clay Lane fork, be very careful.
You Will Not Miss Them.

Hilly 12 Course

START at power pole 10 in Lodgebottom Road (unclassified) 250 yards south of B2033 near Headley.
Proceed south-westwards to T junction with B2209 (near Mickleham).
LEFT (marshal) and take next LEFT (marshal) up the Zig-Zag of Box Hill to junction with B2033.
LEFT (marshal) (care) onto B2003 past HQ but straight on (leaving B2033) at Headley Common.
Proceed through Headley to junction with Clay Lane. LEFT fork (marshal) into Clay Lane and continue to A24 Leatherhead By-Pass were left (CARE) (No marshal) to next RBT (Beaverbrook) were LEFT (No marshal) into B2033 to.
Finish at oak tree on left side of road, 43 yards before Give Way sign and 125 yards before Headley Common Road.

(The Last 825 Yards of The Hilly 12 Course)

Do not stop, but the time starts as you pass the GREEN FLAG. At the junction of Lodgebottom Road were you turned into to get to the start, at fire hydrant cover, by hydrant sign 4/30, Continue for 825 yards to finish at Hilly 12 Finish.

Frank Cubis

Breakfast after at the Wetherspoon's pub in the middle of the pedestrian area at Leatherhead (opp Sainsbury's).

As the weather forecast is not looking promising for Sunday morning it is possible that we will have to cancel the event. Wet roads and the amount of rubbish that gets swept onto the road in rainy conditions do not make for a safe event. We will monitor the weather forecast and notify by posting here and by email on Saturday evening around 6pm what the decision is. Currently the forecast seems OK for overnight Saturday, but not OK for the time of the event. If the forecast conditions come in quicker than expected we will almost certainly have to cancel. If slightly slower then we might get away with it.
Be aware that not cancelling Saturday night, doesn't mean that it can't still be cancelled when we get there Sunday morning!


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