Thursday, July 24, 2014

Member Profile - John Beer

John Beer competing in the High Wycombe 10 this Easter.
John Beer is one of out most experienced riders and is regularly seen competing in time trials around the area and still features highly in the evening 10 series. According to John, it's not all about the bike, but we all know that's a lie. ;-)
What’s your bike ownership history or what do you currently ride?
 It's not about the bike. I've never had fancy kit and never will.

What made you join Kingston Phoenix?
Ken Day is a member and we go back a long way.

What has been your most memorable cycling experience?

Winning the SCCU bar in 1981.

What has been your worst cycling experience?
Losing the SECA bar when a couple of lads warming up decided to do dead turns right in front of me as I was racing down a big gift hill (but narrow) start for the required 10. I was a very sore and unhappy bunny.

 What cycling / sporting achievement are you most proud of?
46.55 straight out tandem 25 club record (Wandsworth and District) on the A3 starting at the top of the Hogs back and finishing near Robin Hood Gate (before the M25).
What are your plans for the rest of this season or next season?
 Hoping for a fastish 10 and 30 this year and riding LEJoG in 2015.

Do you have any particular cycling or sporting heroes?
Has to be "King" Alf Engers I was there the day he did the first sub 50 minute 25 in 1978 (I did a 56.16) and it really was not that good a day.

Sum yourself up in three words.
Must try harder.

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