Monday, September 08, 2014

Kent CA 12hr - provisional result

Kent CA 12hr
Club Event
Sunday 7th September 2014

No  NAME             Dist    HcpD    Hcp  Plus  VetStd  Scr/Hcp
37  Simon Waller     163      193    30m                 3 / 4
41  Simon Trehearn   183      183    Scr  -42m  225m     4 / 3

Not only are the distances provisional, but Frank had a very early start yesterday morning to time the 25, and the result he issued for the 12hr has at least some of the information transposed between the riders, so I am guessing that it was all of the info and assuming that Simon T was the faster of the two riders.

My information is that despite it being a good day for the 25, the start of the 12hr was delayed by 30 minutes due to mist/fog on the course and that both our riders were sick during the event (both of them????) and that they both made it to the finishing circuit to be assured of a distance credited to them, but both packed before running out their full time.

I look forward to hearing more about the event from the participants - remember both you and future long distance riders can learn from when things go horribly wrong.

Congrats to both Simons for finishing despite their problems.


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  1. It's picky me again. I too congratulate both Simon's for getting a result must have been horrible to be both so sick. Do they have the right choice of food or gel?
    As it appears that both riders did not complete the 12 hrs though all due credit got onto the finishing circuit before packing I again would ask that my 24 hr (12hr distance) be considered for the club 12hr trophy! Seems tome to be only fair!
    On the other hand I seem to recall that Simon T already did a 12hr this year but I guess I must be mistaken - was it last year?
    May I repeat again - Well done Rachel a fantastic 25 mile result yesterday I guess I now have to try and beat that!