Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Clubroom Info: December

The Clarencourt advise that their AGM will be held on December 1st 2005 - in their usual room at the back.

Also, on the evening of Thursday December 8th Tony Costick of the Hounslow will be visiting the Clubroom to speak to the Clarencourt. He will be giving a presentation about a trip he is putting together to the Pyrenees at Tour de France time next year. Cycling and camping - it went very well this year apparently.

If anyone is interested in this then they are also welcome to attend.


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  1. Also this thursday (1st)I am hoping to bring along some Nico-Lapage kit from the stores of the Festival. This will be plain kit and includes Knee warmers and Bibtights. The bibtights are Rubaix material and I believe the current price is £20.
    I will see what I can pick up on sale or return basis.