Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Quiz Night at Addiscombe

6 KPRC & 1 Sigma sport member scored a major victory over 3 other teams at the Addiscombe quiz night last Wednesday.

Although there were the obvious "in" questions, such as "Who said Nil Desperandum", their answer being Horace! Whoever Horace is.
Some very tricky General knowledge questions, ie Generals of war, we thoroughly enjoyed the evening and taxing our brains on old Tours. Whoever would have known that Robert Millar was 2nd in the Giro the year Stephen Roche won! or that the 1903 Tour had only 6 stages!

If you missed it this time, you can't afford to miss the next one...so thanks Addiscombe, and thanks for the chance for us to beat you at something!

Oh and the cakes were great too.

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