Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Open fifteen Latest Latest Latest!!!

Entries are now closed Updated 24/06/06

Start sheets are now being printed. They should be in the post Saturday and with you early next week.

Check here for your name.

A few old friends are back including last years winner Tim Stevens.
15 women now entered including Tandem! It should make for a good event. I think that the £50 for breaking the womens course record is gone. But who is going to take it?

Solos (roughly seeded on line one)

Name -------- Club

Peter Tadros - In Gear Quickvit RT
Keith Coffey - Bec CC
Stewart Jardine - 21st Century Airports CT BAA PLC
Tim Stevens - 34 Nomads Gem Hygene/ Rudy Project
Lee Turner - Sigma Sport Pro Cycle Shop
Daniel Paine - Brighton Mitre CC
Mike Murray - Brighton Excelsior
Kevin Shaw - Crawley CC- ROK / Evans Cycles.com
Mark Winton - Lewes Wanderers CC
Mark Perryman - V.C.Etoile
Clive Powell - Crawley CC- ROK / Evans Cycles.com
Steve Dennis - East Grindstead CC
Antony Brown - 21st Century Airports CT BAA PLC
Geoff Smith - Sussex Nomads
Robert Royston - Sydenham Wheelers
George Boden - Chelmer CC
Andy Cox - Lewes Wanderers CC
Spencer Coleman - Lewes Wanderers CC
Bob Stapley - Epsom CC
Gill Reynolds - Willesden CC
David French - Weybridge Wheelers
Angela Brown - 21st Century Airports CT BAA PLC
Phil Young - Hounslow & District Wheelers
Jon Frost - Redmon CC
Robert Coleman - Epsom CC
Kevin Grimshaw - GS Avanti
Ivan Johnson- Hastings & St Leonards CC
Richard Woodward - East Grindstead CC
Peter Byrne - Hastings & St Leonards CC
Joanna Wells - Hounslow & District Wheelers
Heidi Mason - Hastings & St Leonards CC
Julian Clark - GS Avanti
Joanne McRae - GS Avanti
Robert French - Weybridge Wheelers
Ann Wilson - Hounslow & District Wheelers
Claire Leonard - Brighton Excelsior
Ann Bath - Kingston Phoenix RC
Les Clarke - 34 Nomads Gem Hygene/ Rudy Project
Chrystal Sheldon - Kingston Phoenix RC
Grant Pyke - Kingston Phoenix RC
Richard Hoskin - Redmon CC
Ronald Osborne - Charlotteville CC
Lisa Colombo - Kingston Phoenix RC
Roy Adams - Catford
David Smith - South Eastern Road Club
Heather Basley - Kingston Phoenix RC
Terry Hill - Addiscombe CC
Nolan Heather - Epsom CC
Angela Nainby - East Grinstead CC
Jill Bartlett - Hounslow & District Wheelers

Congratulations to the Hounslow for getting a full Womens Team!
We now have a KPRC squad to match! I conned Heather to have a go at her first Open event!

The only other clubs with a team are Epsom, Lewes, Hastings & St Leonards CC (mixed) & East Grinstead (mixed)

We now have 3 complete Tandem entries

Andrew Smith & Dave Abbott -GS Stella

Trystan MacDonald & Mark Silver - Hounslow & District Wheelers

Lisa Colombo & Rachel Croggon - Kingston Phoenix

Andy (Trust Me)

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