Monday, March 19, 2007

MG Result

1:10:17 Stuart Pearce
1:10:28 Ben Pearce
1:10:51 Joe Bertorelli
1:11:33 Simon Mitchell
1:11:53 David French (WW)
1:15:37 Andy Avis
1:17:53 David Croggon
1:18:02 Jackie Townsend
1:18:56 Paul Day
1:19:21 Rachel Croggon
1:20:23 Grant Pyke
1:20:51 Ray Dare
1:21:50 Jake Dodd
1:24:09 Jen Mitchell
1:30:47 Bob French (WW)
1:31:41 Lisa Colombo
D.N.F. Mark McNamara
D.N.S. Tony Tugwell

Congratulations to Stuart on a fine ride on the low gear to take the Brass Monkey Trophy. Bit of a Pearce benefit, with Ben taking 2nd place & 1st Hcp; Jake took 2nd Hcp and Jackie Townsend (our very own JMS - not another new recruit) was first lady despite trying to give it away with a 1:15 late start!
We had a good turnout, and everyone rode a limited gear, too, which is virtually unheard of - David & I were PTTs for not having entered in advance.

The morning was not promising, although it turns out that a westerly gale is not unpleasant on that course - except in a couple of places! First off, I caught hail for the first mile or so, and then the sun came out to offset the cold wind. At least it wasn't that frosty cold that ruins the lungs, overall it wasn't a bad day for the event.
And didn't we all look the business in our new(ish) tops....

A raid on Henfold Lakes for breakfast completed the sociable morning. Thanks to Frank for timekeeping - he had the chillier job - and Pete for the signage. Ron & Doreen provided tea at the car park and Jackie produced a cake which vanished in seconds. Mmmmm.

Ann couldn't face 25 miles and rode the SCCU hilly 21 (formerly the CDCA event) - recording 1:20:19 (with about a 30 mile ride each way to get there......)


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