Saturday, October 06, 2007

Ibbotson Barbeque

I would just like to thank everyone who came to the Ibbo Barbeque.

Simon had a go at riding the 'wobbly' bike, but like myself couldn't quite get to grips with it - Andy was much better, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get it on film.

Jen rode the 'Penny Farthing' - with Guy from Pearson alongside offering moral support and a hand when it came to dismounting. Even Gary had a go!

Jackie had a go at max-ing out - after lunch and on a full stomach she did a respectable 31.2 mph, but the winner was always going to be hard to beat with an incredible 42.9mph.

There is a more detailed report and some photographs by Paul Wright on London Cycle Sport.


ps- I've tried to add some pics but am not sure if they'll appear.

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  1. If you want pics put up send them to Pete or Lisa at
    From Pete