Wednesday, May 05, 2010

New Club Forum

Frank is really keen on the Kingston Wheelers forum and I said I'd look at setting something up for us - despite the fact that I don't think we all talk to each other enough online to justify it. But, hey, why not. Set about proving me wrong...

So, ladies and gentlemen follow the link to our very own Club Forum. You need to sign up - and please write you login and password down somewhere safe I know people have forgotten their blog login details and there isn't much I can do about either if you forget this info too.

Click on the link ->

At the moment there isn't any vetting of sign-ups, if we start getting registrations from people with no links to the club then I'll have to change the settings.

All members are encouraged to join, as are past members - and anyone with links to the club is welcome. Total unknowns will be expelled!


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  1. I have joined and posted some things. good idea