Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, SCCU BAR (Women's) standings.

Sarah Archdeacon of the DeLaune CC is currently the potential winner, having ridden all three qualifying distances (10, 25, 50) already.

Sarah's times are 26:03, 1:10:56 and 2:20:20 done in the April 25, and the same 10 and 50 as Jake.

Jake's times are 25:05, tbd and 2:18:31.

At a rough calculation, that gives Sarah an average of 21.852 mph. If she doesn't ride the Sept 25, Jake needs to do 1:14:30 which will give her an average of 21.904 mph.

If she does ride the Sept 25, then Jake needs to do a time not more than 3 mins slower than Sarah's.

Let's hope the knee holds out.



  1. Thanks Lisa. Knee felt good today,low gears and dads speed.

  2. Hope your Knee is improving for doing the necessary in the SCCU 25.
    In normal circumstances there should be no problem Jake in you succeeding with the SCCU BAR on your 10 & 50 Times, So wish you the best of luck.


  3. Jake! Just read the comments after returning from CTC Birthday Rides in Cornwall. Let me add my encouragement also looks like you can definitely take the SCCU BAR with your times so far. Go for it and all the KPRC crew are behind you. Best of luck but first of all enjoy your holiday in Lakes!