Saturday, July 13, 2013

Kingston to Worthing - 14 July - start sheet

SUNDAY 14th July 2013

No  NAME                    HCP                 START
1   Rick Opie               45                  06-01
2   Russell Hanson          Pearson Cycles         02
3   Grant Pyke              40                     03
4   Nick Bowman             Kingston Wheelers      04
5   Lee Jardine             35                  06-05
6   Richard Evans           Kingston Wheelers      06
7   Gavin Hughes            35                     07
8   Peter Mastenko          Kingston Wheelers      08
9   Mike Morley             30                     09
10  Javier Arias Gonzalez   Kingston Wheelers   06-10
11  Jake Dodd               23                     11
12  Angus Macpherson        Kingston Wheelers      12
13  Simon Trehearn           9                     13
14  Maddy Lee-Smith         East Grinstead CC      14
15  Brian Powney            22                  06-15
16  Richard Leishman        Kingston Wheelers      16
17  Simon Waller            20                     17
18  Nick Griffith           Kingston Wheelers      18
19  Steve Hillier           19                     19
20  Tim Metcalf             Kingston Wheelers   06-20
21  Alex Kew                13                     21
22  Stuart Pearce           Scr                    22
Any items ie clothing, bags etc can be left in my car (Mondeo Estate) at the start, but MUST be collected after crossing the finish line, I do not take the car into Worthing.

If riding with a mobile phone it might be wise to pre enter my number (see email)

START on A243 Leatherhead Road, Chessington aprox 500 yards south of B280 Malden Rushett junction, at the southern most exit of the petrol station. Proceed South towards Leatherhead, bear left using Leatherhead By-Pass still on A243, under M25 to 2nd Roundabout, straight on, but now on A24, keep on A24 until the Cockerel rbt at Dorking were LEFT along A25 to first rbt, (Betchworth) and return to A24 and LEFT.

KEEP ON A24 to the FINISH. (Except Farthings Hill, Broadbridge Heath about 27 miles) London South regulation (for safety reasons). You must use the slip road up to Farthings Hill roundabout and continue down the slip road, to rejoin the A24 again; if you fail to do this I must disqualify you.

USING all by-passes, Mickleham, Dorking, Capel, Horsham, Southwater & Ashington By-Passes. Up Washington Hill to Findon, and Offington Corner Rbt. junction with A27 ((CEMETARY on the RIGHT).

AT this point you are 500 YDS from the finish. At this roundabout BEAR LEFT A24/A27 do not go straight on to West Worthing.

Finish at Hillside Avenue, Worthing.

There are a few sets of traffic lights remaining on the course. Be very, very, careful.

The Finish HQ, continue to next rbt, (with traffic lights), were 1st exit into Hill Barn Road, (NOT THE SECOND EXIT A27) there is a car park approx ½ mile along on the right.

Or go straight on to breakfast, serving start at 9 o’clock.

Breakfast is booked as usual at MACARI’S 24-25 Marine Parade. A few yards east of Worthing pier.

Parking at the start
There is limited car parking in the garage at the start for a short time, NOT ALL DAY, otherwise you may be clamped.

Alternative parking might be at Horton Country Park, back towards Epsom, or by Oxshott station. Although I have no idea how long you can park there without any worry of any sort!

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