Monday, September 18, 2006

17th September

Consolation Result - event and all points based on Hcp Time

Act Time Name Hcp Hcp T Points Awards
1:10:30 John Beer 11:30 59:00 7 7 1st Hcp/Trophy
1:10:15 Ken Day 10:30 59:45 6 6 2nd Hcp
1:15:02 Rachel Croggon 15:15 59:47 7 5 3rd Hcp
1:13:11 Jackie Morgan-Smith 13:00 1:00:11 6 4 4th Hcp/Fastest
1:15:12 Jake Dodd 14:00 1:01:12 5 3
1:03:33 Andy Avis 2:00 1:01:33 5 2
1:11:05 Paul Day 9:15 1:01:50 4 2
1:16:41 Florence Hallett 14:45 1:01:56 4 2
1:04:17 Joe Bertorelli Scr 1:04:17 3 2
1:18:48 David Croggon 13:30 1:05:18 2 2
1:28:49 Mark McNamara 23:00 1:05:49 2 2
1:01:18 Richard Hallett (Sydenham Wlrs)

Points in brown are for Men's points comp, points in green are for the Women's points comp and black are Hcp Pts.

Ann rode the Severn RC 50 and recorded 2:26:13 which moves her up to 2nd place in the Ladies Championship, and with a slowish 10 in relation to the others, she has a good chance of improving that. However I understand that Chrystal is entered in a 50 next week - presumably the Sotonia one - and "only" needs just under 2:40 to take the top spot from current leader Jake. Ray was supposed to be riding the Kent CA 50, but I've had no feedback and can't find a result yet.

As the final Club Event, the Consolation finalised the points trophies for the year:
Andy is the winner of the new Men's Points Trophy (formerly the Club Events Points Trophy) with 108 pts, and also the Handicap Points Trophy with 64 pts. Jake takes the new Women's Points Trophy (and the committee had better get a Trophy sorted out by the Dinner!!!) with 84 pts (and co-incidentally is also the runner-up for the Hcp Tropy!)

Andy will claim the 12hr Trophy with 214.513 miles
Stuart the 100 Trophy with 4:27:40
both of these having been decided as there are no more events to be ridden to change the current standings.

Stuart is currently in pole position for the 50 Trophy with 2:4:24, a time unlikely to be bettered, but there are 2 more 50s to be run.

Joe is in pole position for the 25 Trophy with a 1:0:38 for someone to better, and still a number of 25s to go.

Current leaders in the Club Championship - Andy - and the Men's Championship - Stuart, are unlikely to be challenged. But Jake's lead in the Ladies' Championship is on very shaky ground. And Ray looks pretty safe at the top of the Vet's Championship (again!)

John Beer gets the Consolation Trophy for an excellent 1:10:30, which I assume was done on the low gear that he has been riding all year.

Andy and Joe have long since claimed the Kingston to Worthing and Brass Monkey Trophies respectively.

Ann is currently leading for the Ladies' 25 mile Trophy, but her 1:11:29 is not yet a guaranteed winning time.


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