Sunday, October 29, 2006

70th Anniversary - attendees

Andy Avis
Ann Bath
Arthur Beanland
John & Carolyn Beer
Tony & Ann Bensberg
Joe Bertorelli
Bill & Janet Bishop
Paul Burges
Lisa, Vic & Daphne Colombo
Rachel Croggon
Julie Crouch
Frank & Susan Cubis
Ray & Beryl Dare
Ken & Paul Day
Richard Delamare
Gary & Jake Dodd
Ray Drewett
Tom Fish
Mike & Joanne Fricker
Bob Green
Charlie & Jean, & Brian Griffin
Florence Hallett & Chris Biggs
Steve Gordon
Andrew Hewett
Kay Houston
Betty Johnson
Barry Johnstone
Peggy, Kenneth & Janet Jones
Mick & Jill Knight
Iain & Carolyn & Dave & Judy Margery
Mark McNamara
Pete, Simon & Jen Mitchell
Jackie Morgan-Smith
Brian & Helen Munro
Ron Osborne
Clive Oxx
Andy & Julie Pearce
Bert Powney
Brian Powney
Frank & Evelyn Powney
Gladys Powney
Mike Powney
Ron & Doreen Powney
Grant & Fran Pyke
Norman & Ruby, & Geoff Redhead
Den & Eileen Rosendale
Ron Rudd
Barrie & Barbara Sharp
Ed Sharp
Maurice Spear
Len & Jean Steel
Don & Shirley Stockbridge
Rosemary & Alan Tanner
Bill & Sue, & Ron Taylor
Chris & Cliff Thaine
Tony & Ann Tugwell
Roy & Pat Wibberley
Chris & Dalma Williams
John & Ros Wren

Sincere apologies to anyone who would have liked to come, but did not receive an invitation - there has been a scramble to find addresses for everyone and many were not found, even when they should be on record somewhere. Current numbers are 99 signed up and our limit is 100, so there is no room for second chances, I am afraid.


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