Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Women's S.E.Champs 2011

Here is Maryka Sennema in the Leaders jersey at the end of the Women's S.E.Champs 2010.She will, no doubt, be looking forward to a much tougher event this year-a hilly course based around Kirdford (check it out on www. seven junction points we will need a good number of marshals this year to sign up in advance in addition to the other helpers .We have already received firm offers from Colin McDermot and Dave Matthews who will add valuable experience to our team.If you haven't already done so please earmark the date in your diary and e-mail me ( if you can help out,even if it is just with the teas or signing on and handing out numbers-it all helps.The date this year is Saturday May 21st and the race starts at 12.30. (This blog was posted by Simon M.)

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  1. OK SiJen put me down to help if your cannot fullfill the numbers. I note that it is the same day as SSCU 10TT and also is the day after the FNRttC Cardiff which I doubt that I will ride.