Sunday, April 03, 2011

Filling in a CTT Entry Form

How to fill in a CTT Entry Form

Click to enlarge image - hopefully each section is explained!

Edit: I know the text could be clearer on the image, but I figured it's better to have this available as is rather than keep fiddling until it's perfect! I will turn it into a web page on the website soon, with the text written out as text as well as on the image.

Cheques should be made payable to the promoting club or organisation, unless it says different in the event entry in the handbook. (ie for the KPRC 10 cheques to the "Kingston Phoenix Road Club" or for the SCCU 25 to "Southern Counties Cycling Union" or "SCCU".)

Closing date for a weekend event is 6pm on the Tuesday approx 10 days prior to the event. Your cheque and form should be in the hands of the organiser by this time to be sure of being considered for the event. If an event is not full an organiser may choose to accept forms that arrive after this time, but if the event is full or it's not convenient then s/he won't. If an event is oversubscribed, unless there are special conditions, the fastest 120 riders will be accepted and then up to 15 riders who ticked yes to being a reserve - most of whom are likely to get to ride in the event and will be notified at least 24 hours before that they have a slot.


  1. Lisa, Thanks for this very helpful for us Novices of recent years!

  2. I was at a CTT conferance last week and entry forms came up. These issue were raised so please take note;
    Next of kin. Please think carefully about how you complete this. The organiser/ ambulance crew may need to talk to someone very quickly about any medical condition you may have, or even to get your NOK to the hospital where you could be laid up if the worst happens. So try to write down a person that can contactable, is liable not to panic and tell them of any medical condition you may have. This could be an envelope with details of medical, releatives, doctor etc marked for emergency use only!
    We heard of some nightmare stories faced by promotors...and a promotor in another sport is currently being sued because they didn't know this information and the injured party was a hemophiliac!

  3. Next peice of advice to help the promotor is to complete each line of best times as accuratly as possible. Strangly enough making false or incomplete entries can lead to a disciplinary. And people have fallen foul of this!!!
    Please complete all of the distances you have done, even if it is not the ditance you are entering. It helps the handicapper (you do want to be up for the handicap prize...don't you?).(see notes on website about handicapping to see how this works).
    If you have not completed a distance please write N/A on the line. This is more helpful to a promoter than you can imagine.

  4. Finally....
    And this is the biggest complaint I get from promoters. the very least...get your name and address correct and actually written on the form!