Thursday, April 07, 2011

Website status - update1

Well it only took me 40 minutes on the phone this morning to get through to someone.

Apparently deleting all of a customer's files is not a "customer service" issue!

The nice man assures me that no one has gone in and deleted all my files, but aside from a disk failure or another systemy type thing which they should notify customers and tech folk alike about there are a very limited number of reasons for this.

I have had more trouble in the few months since TalkTalk took over Pipex, than in the several years prior to that - and that was despite the fact that Pipex erroneously had me down as a business customer which meant that the one occasion I did have an issue I had a massive game of phone tag as the business side was the only side of the company that could see my account, and they tried to pass me over to residential the moment I identified myself - and when I got there residential swore blind that they were not my ISP despite the fact that I was currently connected to their servers.

Time for a new ISP and a proper host for the website...


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