Monday, April 11, 2011

Small rucksack

I get a load of emails advertising all sorts of things, and it's always an effort to work out what to pass on here - that might be of interest to members - and what is just free advertising to commercial enterprises if I post on here.

Today I've had an email offering the following rucksacks for cyclists for the princely sum of £3 each, if anyone is interested. Click on pics to enlarge the image.

 Dark Grey

Light Grey
They look as if they are suitable for riding out to races in summer (do we do that anymore?) when you just have a rain jacket, phone & wallet to carry. The bags are rated at 9L capacity - if that means anything to you! And are on sale at £9.99 at their online shop, which is apparently closing down.

If you are interested post a comment or email me and state whether you want light grey or dark grey (and how many in the event of wanting more than one!)

Currently I'm thinking let me know by the 20th April if you would like one.


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