Friday, November 04, 2011

Mike Fricker - injured

I would have posted this on Saturday, but I didn't want to immediately overshadow the shocking news about Alan Roodenburgh.

Jo phoned me the other day to tell me that Mike had an accident on his bike recently - no one else was involved, and he thinks he slipped on an expansion joint.

Jo was relaying what Mike had told her, and I was having a little trouble visualising exactly what happened, but the gist of it is that in landing Mike hit a barrier with his hand and did some serious damage in dislocating the ring and pinky finger of his right hand.

He has had one operation at St Georges already and was waiting to see if another was necessary. He has also been signed off work for several weeks, and as he is unable to drive, they could well have trouble getting to the Anniversary Lunch on the 19th.


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  1. To Jo & Mike. So sorry to hear about your accident Mike real bad luck. What with Alan and my near miss on Sunday it was not a good weekend. I hope that the surgery is 100% succesfull and that you get fit and well and back on the bike soonest. I do hope you can both make the 75th.