Monday, January 30, 2012

Polsden Lacey & VTTA Lunch

Baby (or grand daughter) sitting prevented me from riding out on Saturday 28 Jan but I introduced Millie to my clubmates and she enjoyed meeting you all especially Toni de!
Congratulations to Luke on the 5 week early arrival of Elspeth we all hope that mum and baby are doing well and that you will be back on your bike soon. You need to vent your frustration on the Surrey Hills asap

Before setting off home Millie had a go on the vegetable delivery bike and I hope it's not too soon before she is out riding with me! I would love to get a Kidies seat for her on the back of my bike but on a straw pole taken with my so called cycling mates they all said that due to my individual style of riding it is definetly not recommended! Strangely enough Barbara, Vanessa & even dad Wes seem to agree!

Turning to matters more veteran KPRC were both well represented and rewarded at the Surrey/Sussex VTTA annual lunch at Rowfant House splendidly organised by Ann Bath. The food was upto it's usual high standard (refer to Forum article on Sunday rides). Ray is seen here being presented by John Warnock guest of honour with his award for best age standard 25.

Ann is also presented with her National 24hr Ladies trophy for winning the 2011 Ladies Nat Championship organised by the Surrey/Sussex VTTA by Esther Carpenter.
Jake also received multiple awards and medals for both 10 and 25 mile best performance but unfortunately due to poor performance by photographer she was too quick for me and gone like a flash ( just like all of the events I rode against her in 2011 especially the 100). If anyone would like to see a blurred image I do have a photo as she raced away from Keith Warnock before my camera had time to focus. Anyway Jake you are our fastest Lady and we are all very proud of your achievments this year and look forward to our annual Dinner at the Burford Bridge when we can applaude you and Ann and all the other winners for a fantastic season.
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