Tuesday, August 29, 2006

ECCA 12hr - Thanks

What I forgot to mention on any of the previous posts is:

Particular thanks to Pete & Jackie for helping at least 3 of us all day.

Also to Simon & Jen, Ron & Michael, Andrew (& Neil), and Steve.

It is possible to do a 12hr (or even a 24hr) without help, but as was mentioned by someone on the TT message board: "your helpers allow you to get the best out of yourself".

One of the nicest things about the 12 hour is how sociable it is because you keep seeing the other riders and lots of helpers during the day. It is nice when there are a number of riders from your own club, because you get to see their helpers as well as your own. It was also nice having support from our friends in the Addiscombe and other varied folk who either knew me or seemed to be cheering us on because we had a women's team riding the event.


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  1. Yes thanks.
    To Pete and Jackie. To Simon Jen Andrew Hewitt Steve and the rest of the KPRC gang. To the Addiscombe (especially Linda who seemed to shout the loudest) and Robert who did brilliantly. To all the other supporters from all the other clubs, who offered drinks and sponges. To the guys who gave a mighty roar at the bottom of the hill on the second circuit, and made each of us feel like a champion. Each shout of encouragement, each frendly face on the road really does bring out the best.
    No wonder I was smilling all the way around.