Thursday, August 10, 2006

Evening 10 #8 - August 9th

24:20 Andy Avis
24:27 Simon Mitchell
25:06 Peter Edwards
25:47 Paul Day
26:49 Ray Dare
26:50 Chrystal Sheldon
27:31 Jackie Morgan-Smith
27:32 Jen Mitchell
27:33 Jake Dodd
27:46 Pete Mitchell
28:23 David Croggon
29:03 Grant Pyke
29:41 Mark McNamara
29:45 Lisa Colombo
30:42 Tony Tugwell

Well, the evening was deceptive, with most, but not all, of us recording our fastest 10 of the year. Tony finally finished a 10 - perhaps it was his reward for putting the signs out for us.

Frank had his work cut out with the Kingston Wheelers finishing more like a road race than a TT - the one problem with the 30-second-spaced starts. Apologies to the Wheelers for not having their results worked out on the night - you try doing maths to base 60 when there is a crowd clamouring for the results, not easy! The full result should appear on the main website in due course - and yes I know most of the other results for this year are pending too.

Someone mentioned the Ladies' Team Record: it's 1:19:37 - 3 x 26:32, so we're not quite there yet, but it's on the cards.


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  1. I also rode the VTTA (London & Home Counties) yesterday 30.56, so yes last night was my fastest of the year