Saturday, May 15, 2010

1st Training ride

Next sun 23rd May will be our new training ride led by Dave Brentnal to Henfold Lakes. Start Horton as usual at 9am. 50 miles with stop. We have Jake Nick and Grant so far , any more? We hope to build on this and have a ride every 2 weeks and maybe in winter when we not racing every week on sat to meet the club and suns too. We have tried this in the past but as I always seem to be the one pushing it, when I start racing I have not got the time to do it in summer and they stop! We need leaders and Dave might be the one as he is fast keen and does not race. He also said he would like to help new members learn the ropes riding in groups and tips on training.
So please post your thoughts as we need everyones views , either here or on the forum.

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