Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Isle of Wight Randonnee 2010

Maggie and I had a rather different island experience from Jake and the gang - we rode the Isle of Wight Randonnee, which has become an annual event for us. It's quite a big do - more than 2100 riders last year. Basically, you ride around the island, getting your card stamped at the feed stations. These are primary schools where the PTA has prepared quantities of home-made cakes and the like, so you need to ride quite hard to stay ahead, calorie-wise.

The weather was variable-to-bad, with high winds and rain for part of the course, and our heavy-duty Dawes tandem proved the right choice for this season. But a good, if tough, ride - 66.97 miles, rolling average 11.6 mph, 4,547 feet of ascent and 3,183 calories.


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