Sunday, December 30, 2012

Bikes for Snowy Roads

Maggie and I are in Zermatt at the moment, enjoying a family Winter holiday.  It's a car-free town, which is nice, and quite a few people use bikes to get about, despite the snow and ice.

The pictures show a couple parked at the ski-lift this morning.  The Cannondale is pretty typical of what people use - it's an old mountain bike with mudguards and snow tyres.  The white bike has an electric motor in the front hub, which makes going up the numerous hills rather easier.  There are quite a lot of these around, too.  The black plastic tubes at the rear wheel of each bike are to hold your skis - you just stick them in.

The road outside our chalet is pretty steep - steep enough to ski down - but every morning you see plenty of bikes whizzing down to town or to the lifts.  Easier than walking, really.

Happy New Year and an enjoyable 2013 season to all.


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