Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have been trying to update the website for 2013 for a couple of weeks, now - not least I need the 2013 calendar proof-read as my proofreader is no longer around. Here it is, if anyone would like to check it over for me: 2013 Calendar

However it seems that once again I have been shafted by talktalk (who bought out my original ISP) as I am unable to connect to the webspace in order to upload the changes - although, I suppose at least the website is still 'live' on the internet.

Anyway I have been planning to move the website somewhere else, and it looks as if this is going to make it sooner rather than later, although I am a bit busy to do it right now. I'm halfway through figuring what to do and how it is all going to work.

Once I have moved it, will still be the correct address to find it, although the link you have book-marked may not be correct anymore.

Also, things are stupid busy for me at the moment - mostly, I guess, in a good way but frantic nontheless and I am not keeping on top of half the things I should be doing right now, unfortunately.



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  1. Dear Lisa please carry on with your good work as best you can. I have checked your callender from my diary and find it to be correct. I would also be happy to see Frank & Jake confirm this also as I am not so diligent at these things.
    Please also note that Simon Trehearn & me are the only KPRC riders on the start sheet for SCCU 10 & 25 this weekend. Well done Simon & best of luck! I hope it is not too wet!