Friday, August 02, 2013

Prudential Ride London 100

I'm riding the 100 miler on Sunday, as is Ken Williams.  My number is 20087, I don't know Ken's, but we're both starting about half past seven.  I'm rather vague on timings, as closed roads will certainly make it quicker, but 20,000 odd other cyclists may not ...  But, all being well, I expect to be at Kingston Bridge at about 0900 on the way out and 1330 on the way back; Newlands Corner about 1030; Leith Hill about 1115; Box Hill before 1200 and finish about 1400 on the Mall.  All this may be totally wrong, of course.

So if you're out for a ride, (or if you're trapped in your house by the road closures), be sure to give me and Ken a wave.  We're easy to spot -  a black bike and a white Ride London jersey.  Just like all the others ...

Thanks in advance to the marshals - these things won't work without you.

Looking forward to the ride - there's plenty of info on



  1. Thanks for giving out that info, Mark, and now I can update how my participation went - yep, I rode down the Mall and got me a medal, and a goody bag of little use!

    However, it's only fair to point out that I didn't follow quite the same route as Mark - having scrutinised the wealth of detail sent out, I noted that there were options. Instead of heading for Newlands Corner, it was permissible to turn left at West Horsley and proceed directly to Leatherhead and not bother with the three nasty climbs and by doing so, the ride would be only 77 miles ( two other diversions were possible but still left the mileage in the 90s and not worthy of consideration). For those not reaching this point by 12 pm, taking this route was mandatory, but I made my own decision.

    In defence of my action, my training has been extremely limited since finishing radiotherapy 6 weeks ago; my only ride of more than 60 miles, in company with John Bellamy, left me prostrate (tricky spelling that as I've thought about prostate for the past 12 months) over the weekend before the Pru Ride - however, I decided to regard that period as 'winding down'.

    In further defence (a) I rode the 77 miles in 7 hours including 5 drink and LOO stops.
    (b) My total mileage from 'drop-off' at Blackwall Lane, SE10 to picking up my car form Sutton was 99.2 miles, and no, I was not tempted to ride around the block to record 100 mile!

    Mark's mention of marshals is apt as they had a very long day plus most of the people at the drink stops were incredibly helpful.

    I look forward to reading Mark's account of the real Pru 100 ride.

    Ken W

    1. No defence necessary, Ken - your ride is an impressive combination of low cunning and solid achievement. And, yes, I'd agree that 99.2 is close enough.

      Great ride.