Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ESCA 24 hour - entrants - Updated

Entry for the 24hr has closed now and the website lists 4 entrants from the Phoenix, including one who got his entry in by the skin of his teeth.

Simon Trehearn
Simon Waller
Ann Bath
Mike Morley
Paul Day

Assuming the poor organiser doesn't find any early entrants behind the clock on the mantelpiece, it looks like a good entry of 68 riders.

Good Luck to all four of our riders and best wishes for a mild and dry night.

Edit: The list I looked at here is dated May 24th, and the front page indicates that Mike Morley's entry had also been received. Paul says he has also entered, but as yet I don't have confirmation that his entry was received in time... Hopefully it was - if he entered online, then yes he should be in.

Updated: Brian phoned the organiser, and yes, Paul is also entered.

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