Friday, June 17, 2016

Test for MJM on New Blog

Dear Steve H, I am trying to get to grips with using new Blog and maybe my problem has been that my computer has an icon which hooks me into the old one, in which case I have to delete that screen cookie or whatever you call it. Please confirm that this blog has come out on the new one not the old one.
Best regards,
Miker M

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  1. Dear Mikey M, Thanks for your feedback about your attempt to get a grip of your cookies. Unfortunately it would appear that you have come out on the old blog but not the new. On the old website you should see a row of menu options and on the far left (to the left of Phoenix Blog) will be one labelled 'Home'. Click on that and your screen will then display the new website. If this doesn't work then copy " " (without the quotation marks) and paste this into the address bar at the top of the screen and press return. You will now see the new website. If you don't you will need to seek help! (from me when I return to the UK). On the new website at the top right is a 'Login' button, so use this to login to the new website. You should then see a row of menus items, the one at the far left is labelled 'Home' and to the right of that is 'About'. To the right side of the word About is a down arrow. If you move your cursor over the arrow a list of sub menus will appear. Second from bottom is the option ' How to create an article'. This will then display the steps to take to create an entry on the blog. I hope this works for you and I look forward to seeing your articles on the new blog. If you or indeed anyone else is frustrated in publishing anything to the new website please make a comment on the 'non cycling chat' forum and someone will assist or I will at the weekend when I return from Menorca.
    All the best