Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Bike fit App

I cannot afford to buy you all a present so I thought that I would instead point you in the direction of something that you might want to purchase yourself. It's pretty cheap and it might well help you with your cycling next year.

DCRainmaker is a triathlete and cyclist who has an excellent blog where he reviews the electronic gadgets and products that we commonly use. He does a very thorough job and even details how the products have been packaged, instructions given as well as how useful they are in the field. He recently reviewed a bike fit app and he gave it a very good write-up here.

I have not yet tried it but I will be giving it a go as there is now an android version too, available here.

As we know having a good fit is essential for riding comfortably and fast and this app allows you to analyse your position for a road or TT fit. What makes it different to other apps is that it is more dynamic using the video capture of your phone or ipad to then analyse the angles of your body on the bike while you are pedalling. At a couple of quid it could well be worth a go and would at least be a start to getting a comfortable set-up.

Have a great Christmas.


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