Thursday, March 30, 2006

Good Friday Meeting - Herne Hill

Herne Hill Track Good Friday meeting.

Volunteer stewards needed for Good Friday track meeting on 14th April at Herne Hill.

Free entry to event.

For more details please contact Judith Bonner
0208 5674 2507


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Training Rides

OK. The harder training rides start this Sat. We meet Horton Country Park car park at 10am to leave 10 past 10.
We ride to Cobham then on to the Hungry Hill Road Racing Circuit near Ripley.
The idea on the circuit is to ride as a group taking turns on the front like in a race and maybe get in some sprints for signs! We will learn to ride close to each other and take shelter and pull along the recovering riders. It is 23 miles to the Wisley tea hut by the A3 and 11 miles home so should be back by 1.30 unless you skip tea and baconburger!
If some fast guys turn up they can drop us at some point and do a hard ride to the stop.
Lisa, Florence and I are doing a 3-Up next Sat (April 8th - Lisa) so wont be out, but hope to put into practice what we learn.
We are going to the clubroom this Thur to talk training tactics so if anyone wants to come!

Jake The Holiday Is Over Dodd!

Monday, March 27, 2006

SCCU Sporting 25 26/03

I rode the Southern Counties Sporting 25 yesterday (G25/48) and as a preamble to the results (not too quick!) feel obliged to point out that it is a fairly slow course (patches of very rough road surface, hilly, sharp corners etc.) and the wind was only moderately less fierce than for the Medium Gear. So excuses out of the way ...
My time: 1.23.51
1st Lady: Tracy Caudle Lewes Wanderers CC 1.14.05
Winner: Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC 58.29

Despite being hard, it is a really nice, well-organised event and there are plenty of prizes (down to 3rd place for the girls). It is run as part of a two-day competition with a 10 on the Saturday (G10/46), so maybe that's an aim for next year.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

Training Rides - Question

Stuart added a comment to the Training Rides post:

"Please can you tell me what time this/these training ride(s) will start, roughly how far they are and how long the fast group will take?



Jake, Andy have you an answer for him? - Please add as a post rather than a comment, it is too easy to miss the fact that a comment has been posted. (I know when one is added as I get an email!)


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

My holiday photos

Hi everyone,

I have decided to put my cycling holiday photos on to my MSN MySpace, starting with my tour to Romania last May. The link is:

Click here to see the pictures

Not sure if this will appear as a link. If not you will have to copy this into the address bar in the web browser.



Medium Gear Result

The Medium Gear Trophy "The Brass Monkeys".

Result on the website here

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Training Rides

Starting on the 1st April we are going to get serious and do proper training rides at last!
The cold weather has made us soft and our runs have got shorter with longer and longer tea stops in warm places selling hot chocolate and mars bars cake!
So from now on the fast group do the Hungry hill circuit, doing bit and bit. Then later we might add Paul's circuit over the north downs! Maybe!
So we need all guys out there to make our group a decent size with a good turn of speed. The holiday is over!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Course details for G25/47 Holmwood club course

The HQ is the car park here on the corner of Inholmes lane, Map

The start is on the corner of Mill Road Map

You turn left and go south down the A24 take the second exit at Beare Green Roundabout Map
and continue down the A24 to Clarkes Green Roundabout (10 turn) where you turn to go North back up the A24. Map

back to Beare Green. Turn left here to go south down the A29. Map

At the next roundabout (it is some distance and about halfway) turn left onto the A281, on this map the A29 is marked Bognor Road. Map

Follow road towards Horsham. From the previous RAB go over the mini RAB then turn right at the next RAB (shown as sharp right turn to around Broadbridge Heath) - if you go straight on you head into the local tip!
at next RAB go straight across to Horsham.

You will end up at Farthings Hill Interchange. Map

You will be coming off the A264 and now going North on the A24.
There is normally a marshal to indicate the exit here.

Go straight on at the next RAB (Robin Hood) and then turn left at Great Daux Map

Follow the A24 North towards Dorking. Go straight on at Clarkes Green RAB. Map

to go on towards Beare Green RAB but this time go straight on (North) to FINISH on the A24 as it crosses the Railway bridge. Map (At the top of the hump!!!!)

That will be a measured 25 miles at the chequered Board. - just look out for Frank.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Message from Jackie

A message from Jackie (posted as a comment to the start sheet posted):

Just a quickie to wish everyone the best of luck in the medium gear this Sunday, particularly to Heather who I believe is taking part in a TT for the first time - good on yer, girl. GO FOR IT!

I look forward to hearing how you all get on....but please don't do too well so at least I have some chance of trying to keep up with you all when I eventually manage to get back on a bike.

Happy cycling y'all!

Jackie (with the crook peg)xxx

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Medium Gear start sheet

SUNDAY 19th MARCH 2006


1. Jake Dodd 14-00 08-31
2. Florence Hallet 17-00 08-32
3. Heather Basley (unrestricted) 08-33
4. Joe Bertorelli 08-30 08-34
5. Ray Dare 12-00 08-35
6. Grant Pyke 15-00 08-36
7. Tony Tugwell 21-00 08-37
8. Andy Avis 7-00 08-38
9. David Croggon 10-00 08-39
10. Chrystal Sheldon 14-00 08-40
11. Andy Pearce 19-00 08-41
12. Simon Mitchell Scr 08-42

1st Fastest & Medium Gear Trophy
1st & 2nd Handicap
1st Woman

MEDIUM GEAR 72.0 for example 48 X 18

If the pedal has not accomplished a full circle at 72 inch = 226¼ inches or 18ft 10¼ inches or 5.746 mts The gear is too high.

DA Photographic Comp Result

The DA Photographic competition winners are now up - with pictures - on the SWLDA website


Winter Warmer-off road

This was my first group off road ride this year. Led by Simon this was an interesting ride, conditions good for March.
The first picture is in Ashstead Common as far as I know and the second on the ascent to the aircraft beacon overlooking Blundell Lane. A lady walker kindly took the pic of the 9 of us, which by now we were close to our destination - Seymours Stoke D'Abernon. A very enjoyable ride.


Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bottle supplier

Have found a link for those good bottles - turns out to be where Sigma got their's from.


Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers Saturday March 4th
Welcome to new riders Philip, Shane, John, Steve & Frank.

At The Phoenix Dinner

Prize Winners at the Dinner

Monday, March 06, 2006

Dinner Dance and prize presentation

The dinner this year was once again very successful. Richard Hallet was a great speaker and had us in stiches over his pre race preparations ( lots of full English breakfasts andloads of booze) Andy Avis did us proud with his very good return speech. The raffle once again paid for the disco , which got every one up dancing including Jackie with leg in brace! The raffle was given out by Steve Howe from the Festival who is well known for his sense of humour after a few drinks.

The meal was exellent as usual and lots of people commented on it , however the cost is going up again next year and we have to decide wether to find a new venue or pay £25 or more a head. What do you think ? Does anyone know of another place?

Closing Dates: March Events

Just a reminder to everyone that with the season beginning we have to start thinking closing dates again.

If you want to score points and prizes in the Medium Gear, entries should be with Frank Cubis by this Thursday (9th March). If you haven't seen/filled in the form for the entire season you can phone him up (or try email!) to confirm that you wish to be on the start sheet.

First two Open events that are designated as Club events (subject to 5 entrants from the Phoenix and no one thrown out due to the event being oversubscribed) the SCCU Sporting 10 and 25 on the weekend of 25th/26th March will close at 6pm on Tuesday 14th March.

And for those that actually remember: Mother's Day seems to be Sunday 26th March this year!


Friday, March 03, 2006

Thursday at Kingston

Click on - a website for the cycle sport community of London and the SE for Sigma Presentation attended by Lisa, Pete, Simon, Jen, AndyA, AndyP, Jake, Heather & Liam.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Kingston Phoenix Road Club

Sorry, I'll try again. Link didn't appear for some reason!

Tom Fish

At the Wayfarers dinner on Wednesday Tom Fish said for me to offer his best wishes to all Kingston Phoenix members and apologised for his lack of circulation due to varius parts of his body all seeming to wear out one after the other!