Sunday, April 30, 2006

April 29th/30th Results

Phoenix Open 10 - G10/42 -Sat 29th:

25:08 Joe Bertorelli
27:37 Ray Dare
28:58 Joanne Fricker
30:31 Grant Pyke
30:57 Ann Bath
31:00 Grant Pyke (Trike)

Pictures of the event can be found here, thanks to Mike Anton of the East Grinstead & his girlfriend for taking them.

Hillingdon 25 - H25/2 - Sun 30th

Lisa Colombo 1:28:17

It was an O.K. morning, until it started to rain just as I was getting to the start line. Then it turned cold. Arm warmers and long trousers were not enough and with my shoes full of water my feet were frozen for most of the way round. I tried, but it didn't feel like I was racing, except occasionally, (and with the Maidenhead Thicket turn only a mile from home it was tempting to DNF). But I soldiered on and it looks like I claim 3rd Lady for finishing (the 4th one didn't start - but, hey! that's how the Phoenix win things......)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Paul's rides this year

May to October events

Apart from Club Events I haven't signed up to any other events yet, but I'm hoping to ride 6 or 7 Audax Rides this year and the CTC's Southern Challenge in September.

I'm also off to Hungary and Slovakia in June and July and the Himalayas (hopefully, depending on the current situation in Nepal) in October. That just about fills up my time for this year.

Eve 10 #1 - May 3rd - start sheet

1. Rachel Croggon 5-15 19:30:30
2. Lisa Colombo 8-30 19:31
3. Jen Mitchell 5-00 19:31:30
4. Pete Mitchell 5-50 19:32
5. Tony Tugwell 6-30 19:32:30
6. David Croggon 5-00 19:33
7. Ann Bath 6-00 19:33:30
8. Grant Pyke 6-30 19:34
9. Andy Avis 2-00 19:34:30
10. Jake Dodd 5-45 19:35
11. Florence Hallett 6-00 19:35:30
12. Simon Mitchell 0-30 19:36
13. Heather Basley 10-00 19:36:30
14. Paul Day 5-30 19:37
15. Joe Bertorelli Scr 19:37:30
16. Chrystal Sheldon 5-00 19:38

Remember: half minute intervals.

AWARDS: 1st & 2nd Handicap, 1st & 2nd Fastest, Fastest Woman


Monday, April 24, 2006

April: who's entered what

This coming Saturday is the Phoenix Open 10. We have three entrants from the Phoenix on solo & one on trike - while the others are in Majorca.
Joe, Grant and Ann are all riding along with 2nd claim member JoF. Grant has also entered on his trike.
Lisa is riding the Hillingdon 25 on Sunday morning and Stuart riding the Addiscombe 25 (not nominated as a Club Event this year as half the racers are away).

If you haven't entered the Evening 10 on 3rd May get in touch with Frank or else you will be riding a PTT with entry on the line. Remember entry in advance gets you on the start sheet, a handicap allowance and qualifies you for club awards/points etc.

Finally now is the time to write out that form for the Norwood Paragon 25 on May 14th (nominated club event).


Sunday, April 23, 2006

SCCU 25 - 23rd April 2006

Ben Pearce in his first 25: 1-4-20
Joe Bertorelli: 1-2-50

On a manky and drizzly morning.

Welcome Ben, a good first 25 for you.


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Kingston Phoenix take over Easter Tour

Wow I managed to put a picture up all by myself. We had a brilliant 6 days cycling, with only 2 half days of rain.
Andy on his first ever tour had a lovely time getting lost in the byways of Kent.
Lisa took the tandem and honked up a few hills with peg leg ( Jackie) Lots of pub lunches and cake stops had by all, lashings of ginger beer.
Canterbury was a lovely place with lots of eateries. We rode Sustrans route 1 to Sandwich which was the best day! I would recommend the Easter Tour to anyone. Thank you Simon and Jen for organising it. Jake

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ladies Divisional Road Race

Kingston Phoenix are promoting the Ladies Divs on Sat 20th May at 1.30pm.
42 Miles, HQ is Ellens Green Memorial Hall, Furzen Lane, Ellens Green

Entries to Simon Mitchell, 23 Fulford Road, West Ewell, Surrey KT19 9QZ Tel: 0208 394 2665. Cheques payable to KPRC £12.00. EOL £15.00.

Prizes apply only to South East region clubs, but entries welcome from all ladies.

Monday, April 10, 2006

The Phoenix 3up Team

Photo by Pete M

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Antelope RT 3-up TTT - result

Jake, Florence & I entered this event not least because of the 2pm start! Today was dry and bright, not cold, but the stiff wind was cold. We had agreed that Florence and Jake would ride a 2Up with me hanging on the back for the first 20 miles and then I hoped to give them something of a rest in the last 10 by taking turns at the front myself.

The first 20 minutes were awful and I went off the pair of them in a big way; even with them holding back I was on the rivet and the slightest increase in effort required meant a gap opened up. I was visualising then that "the first hour & 3/4 were the worst" but in truth it was only that first 20 minutes. I think after that we turned into the wind making it harder for the pacemaker, but giving me enough of a breather that the puffing eased a bit.

The course is a 2 lap job with no real hills, but a couple of short inclines and at least one reasonable descent. By the second lap I was in my stride a bit more and although the heartrate was pretty steady at 180 I wasn't puffing quite so much. The first bit of the lap hurt as before, but I had an idea of where I was likely to have problems the 2nd time round and hopefully the others remembered where I shouted for an easing up on the first lap. We were going so well....

And then my calf muscles started threatening to cramp. Not being too familiar with this phenomenon - last year was my first real experience of cramp - I have no idea what (if anything) can be done to ward off cramp when it threatens but hasn't yet struck. My attempts gave Jake & Florence a rest of an unintended sort and I struggled on, trying to maintain the race pace but without tempting the cramp to strike. Well, it didn't work and they definitely both heard my yelp when it did strike. At least I know what to do then, but that does involve stopping which slows you down somewhat. Still we finally finished in 1:43:58. To be confirmed that we were the slowest team, but we did beat all the DNS's!

All in all a good outing and a good workout for all three of us. My legs hurt now for some reason.... Jake is pretty strong, but Florence is amazingly strong. Hopefully a good season awaits us all.


P.S. Dennis Sacket of DGS Photography was out taking pictures of the event. They are usually online quite quick.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Club Night at Worcester Park

Photo from Ray's new camera!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Majorca details

People going: Jake, Gary, Jen, Simon, Jackie, Florence, AndyA, AndyP, Geraldine, Marek, Rachel, Dave, Andrew, Pete.
Going out British Airways GB Airlines Gatwick North Terminal Flight BA 6978 6am - be at airport 4:15 !
You can reserve seat 12 hours before if you like.
Return Palma 10.40 BA 6979 home 12.00
The tickets are E tickets only need passport as ID. No tickets issued.
Weight limit 23KG inc bikes so put heavy stuff in hand luggage.
See you at the airport !

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Bit and Bit

Jake's challenge was taken up yesterday. Six of us set off from Horton Park leaving the offroaders at about 10.10.

It was a gentle ride to Hungry Hill Lane and after 'AndyA' gave instructions to us five- Jake,Florence,Heather,, Andy P and self, we all set off at quite a brisk pace to complete the circuit familiarising ourselves with the need to coordinate as a team as the conditions required.
I thought a useful bit of training and enjoyable with thanks to Jake and Andy for organising.