Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Other Cycling Kit

Also this thursday (1st) I am hoping to bring along some Nico-Lapage kit from the stores of the Festival. This will be plain kit and includes Knee warmers and Bibtights. The bibtights are Roubaix material and I believe the current price is £20. I will see what I can pick up on sale or return basis.


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

American Supper

Thursday December 22nd is American Supper night at the Worcester Park club room ie bring some food.

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Coffee at Wisley

CTT Handbook 2006

The new handbook will be out soon. Andy is going to Champions Night and can hopefully pick up our order for us then. Let me know who wants a copy, please.

Also, talking of Champions Night. Ann and Ray have medals to collect following their rides in this year's National Championship 100, does anyone want to go and keep them company. Let Andy know VERY soon if you are interested. Information is well hidden on the CTT website, look under "News" and then some...... Lisa

I think the easiest thing will be to keep the handbook list here, so:

TonyT, Joe, Lisa, Pete, Si & Jen, Florence, Frank C, Ron - 8 so far

Books going spare....

As you can see (Dear Reader), Pete is getting the hang of this posting-to-the-blog lark. I would like everyone to sign up (and you need an invite from me to actually get to post to this blog) so that we can all post things on here for everyone to read. TonyT sent me an advert for some books he wants to get rid of. I hoped he would manage to post it himself, but maybe later.......

In the meantime:

Tony says:
"I have 3 paperback books brought as a bundle that I was about to throw out, however, if anybody is interested let me know and you can have them:

Lance Armstrong ‘It’s not about the bike

I expect most people have read this one already, confirms everything you know about him already – Great athlete, not much of a of a person

Flying Scotsman ‘The Graeme Obree Story

Great read, if you think you have had crap season, this is for you, puts my punctures into perspective

Willy Voet ‘Breaking the Chain’ Drugs and Cycling the true story

I had this book for ages and could not be bothered with it, then I picked it up and could not put down. Fortunately Richard Virenque has retired otherwise I could not watch him ride without laughing

If you are interested in any of them or all of them let me know together with your address and I will post them to you."

I'm not going to post Tony's email address, as I'm being deluged with enough spam due to email addresses being available on the website. Anyone want to email Tony, let me know and I will send you his address. Club members and persons known to me personally only.


Winter Warmer's

Jakes Winter Warmers starting at Horton Country Park at 10am every Saturday are attracting a group of around a dozen riders on a regular basis. A coffee stop at Wisley Lake open café seems to be a good formula as the slower group takes a shorter route and the off road riders can enter via the woods and the telegraph tower

Friday, November 25, 2005

South London Roller League

Simon Mitchell continued his South London Roller League campaign with a fine effort at the South Eastern RC club room on Thursday 24th November, completing his fifth win in the six round series, gaining maximum points so far, in doing so he established a new 500m Vets record for the SERC venue with a time of 21.58 beating the previous time by Paul Tunnell Addiscombe CC of 22.67 set up in 2003.
The final night is at the Addiscombe club room on Wednesday 30th November.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Our Two 12 Hour Riders 2005

Ann Bath

Congratulations Ann Bath (Kingston Phoenix RC) for winning the Veterans' Four- Distance Best All-Rounder for women.
25= 1.09.36
50= 2.28.10

Average Plus 1.994

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Clubroom Info: December

The Clarencourt advise that their AGM will be held on December 1st 2005 - in their usual room at the back.

Also, on the evening of Thursday December 8th Tony Costick of the Hounslow will be visiting the Clubroom to speak to the Clarencourt. He will be giving a presentation about a trip he is putting together to the Pyrenees at Tour de France time next year. Cycling and camping - it went very well this year apparently.

If anyone is interested in this then they are also welcome to attend.


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Result: Ballbuster Duathlon

Ballbuster Duathlon: 12 November 2005

232nd Ann Bath Total time: 3:46:24

1st Run 8km - 1:02:20
Bike leg 24km - 1:34:54
2nd Run 8km - 1:09:10

From the result, it looks as if Ann was the only one of ours to take part.

Full result here:

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pearsons Womens Team

A number of the KPRC Women have been told that there is a mass exodus of members to join the New Pearson Womens squad. There is outrage amongst those whose names have been used. This story is not true.

Friday, November 11, 2005

2005 AGM Notification

Notice is hereby given that the
2005 Annual General Meeting
of the Kingston Phoenix Road Club will be held on
Thursday 19th January 2006
at the Worcester Park Athletic Club, Green Lane,
Worcester Park, Surrey;
commencing at 8pm.

As a number of the club are off galivanting around the planet we have agreed to once again delay the AGM. Postal notification should be sent soon, and the annual reports will follow shortly.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Provisional Calendar 2006

Open events listed in bold - as usual these need to be entered as any other open event and will qualify as a club event if five members enter and none are excluded because of a full field.

The "Club" events are as applied for and not yet confirmed, although major changes are unlikely.





(1)Sun 19 MarMedium Gear


Sat 25 MarSCCU Sporting


Sun 26 MarSCCU Sporting


Sat 29 AprKPRC Open


(2)Wed 3 MayEve 10 #1


Sun 14 MayNorwood Paragon


(3)Wed 17 MayEve 10 #2


Sat 20 MaySCCU


(4)Sun 21 MayI/C 10


(5)Wed 31 MayEve 10 #3


(6)Sun 11 JuneI/C 25


(7)Wed 14 JuneEven #4: 2 up TTT


(8)Sun 25 JuneKingston – Worthing


(9)Wed 28 JuneEve 10 #5: Club Champ


Sat 1 JulKPRC Open


Sun 2 JulSCCU


(10)Wed 12 JulEve 10 #6


Sun 16 JulBec CC


Sun 23 JulSCCU


(11)Wed 26 JulEve 10 #7


(12)Wed 9 AugEve 10 #8


Sun 13 AugAnerley BC


Sun 20 AugECCA


(13)Sun 3 SepHilly 12/HC


Sun 10 SepSCCU


(14)Sun 17 SepConsolation



Monday, November 07, 2005

Who has signed up?

Well I have signed up and ready to give it a go.
By the way who is that handsome devil on the main site? ;-D

Our New Kit

The first batch of new kit has finally arrived, after rather too long in the planning and negotiation stage. It looks pretty good - even if I do say so myself. Iain M's artwork has made the Phoenix on the back of the tops look pretty impressive. Pictures available on the main site.

Simon plans to submit the real order soon - the initial batch was just to see how it all came out. Sadly the supplier did not get everything right, as we feared, and have left their own logo in opposition to the Phoenix badge on the front of the tops - as well as moving it to the base of the centre pocket at the back. Contact Simon if you want to see any of the initial batch in the flesh, as it were.

Now is the time to make the decision if you want any of the new design for the start of the 2006 racing season.


Sunday, November 06, 2005

In The Beginning......

Here's the start then: can we use a blog for club members to report their times?
Wrong time of year to be starting, I know, but you have to start somewhere, so here goes.......