Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Club Polo Shirt

Here are some photos of the club shirt. If you have not already ordered please contact me asap using steve@kprc.org.uk so that I can let you know more about the options and price (between £13 and £19)

Nottinghill Carnival

Sunshine all round.
Much excitement all around.
In the Purple. Never been before but decided to take a day off from cycling and enjoy the sights and sounds of Nottinghill. It was a great day out! How about a team event for next year if anyone fancies this open event?
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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Last of season 2010 10ml TT

Most of the KPRC Pack @HQ car park after the event. Wind conditions were deceptive and in fact resulted in some reasonable times. John Beer was fastest and should keep his spot at top of mens points table! Ray was his usual brilliant self with + 8min. 25sec on VTTA satandard time, knocking spots of everyone else. Yours truly crept in and won the handicap. Must have been the Cornwall training on the CTC Birthday Rides. Maybe it was also due to my first ride in my new KPRC racing vest and I did not jump any Red lights! Also the first time I beat Toni and Grant on actual time so a worthwhile afternoon for me and exactly one minute slower than Ray. Whatch out Ray I'm gunning for you! Better get your Tri Bars back on.
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Sat 10 #3 - Result

Saturday 28th August 2010 G10/42

20 Steve Irwin 21-58 Kingston Wheelers
18 Phil Ember 21-59 Kingston Wheelers
16 Alan Sherman 23-50 Kingston Wheelers
21 Jim Ley 24-02 Kingston Wheelers
26 Stuart Stow 24-09 Hounslow & Dist Whlrs
10 David French 24-11 Weybridge Wheelers
8 John Beer 24-49 Scr 24-49 7 / 2 1st Fastest
17 Chrispin Allen 25-04 Kingston Wheelers
25 Michael Fricker 25-31 Farnham RC
19 Angus Donaldson 25-50 Kingston Wheelers
2 Leona Kidir 25-56 Kingston Wheelers
5 Steve Hillier 26-20 1-45 24-35 6 / 3
15 Hilly Hillhouse 26-39 Kingston Wheelers
12 Peter Wright 26-51 Kingston Wheelers
23 Thomas Fricker 27-11 Farnham RC
7 Ray Dare 27-38 3-15 24-23 5 / 4
11 Mike Wakely 27-56 Redmon CC
14 Matt Last 28-02 Kingston Wheelers (inc 25sec LS)
24 Joanne Fricker 28-06 Farnham RC
4 Mike Morley 28-38 5-00 23-38 4 / 7 1st Hcp
1 Grant Pyke 28-52 4-30 24-22 3 / 5
3 Tony D’Italia 28-58 4-45 24-13 2 / 6
0 Bob French 29-56 Weybridge Wheelers
6 Nick Hostler 29-04 3-00 26-04 2 / 2
13 Maryka Sennema 30-05 Kingston Wheelers
9 Rick Opie 31-29 3-00 28-29 2 / 2
22 Richard Hoskin 31-43 Redmon CC

Special Thanks to Tony T for placing and retrieving the event warning signs.

Frank Cubis

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Phoenix Polo Shirt

First view of the new tops as modeled by Tony they are very good and a lot brighter colours than in these pics

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Sat 10 #3 - start sheet

Saturday 28th August 2010

1 Grant Pyke 4-30 14-01
2 Leona Kadir Kingston Wheelers 14-02
3 Tony D’Italia 4-45 14-03
4 Mike Morley 5-00 14-04
5 Steve Hillier 1-45 14-05
6 Nick Hostler 3-00 14-06
7 Ray Dare 3-15 14-07
8 John Beer Scr 14-08
9 Rick Opie 3-00 14-09
10 David French Weybridge Wlrs 14-10
11 Mike Wakely Redmon CC 14-11
12 Peter Wright Kingston Wheelers 14-12
13 Maryka Sennema Kingston Wheelers 14-13
14 Matt Last Kingston Wheelers 14-14
15 Hillary Hillhouse Kingston Wheelers 14-15
16 Alan Sherman Kingston Wheelers 14-16
17 Chrispin Allen Kingston Wheelers 14-17
18 Phil Ember Kingston Wheelers 14-18
19 Angus Donaldson Kingston Wheelers 14-19
20 Steve Irwin Kingston Wheelers 14-20
21 Jim Ley Kingston Wheelers 14-21

Phoenix Members Awards
1st Handicap
1st Fastest

Frank Cubis

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An opportunity to publicise our club…Sunday 12 September

The Woodcote Millennium Green Trust is holding a Ten Year celebration event on Sunday 12th September from 12.30 - 4.00pm. Note that this is the day of the club's hilly 12 which is being held in the morning.

The event will be a traditional Fete with Morris dancers, Face painting, Coconut Shy, Tug of War, Treasure hunt, BBQ run by a local butcher, Punch and Judy, Beer tent, Steel Band, Wandering Magician (now you see him now you don’t !), Coffees & Teas etc. The event organiser is hoping to attract 500 local people.

The Woodcote Millennium Green is a local area of woodland running along Woodcote Green Road which is at the rear of the Epsom General Hospital. Each quarter I volunteer a couple of hours with 20 locals in clearing up and maintaining this wood and pond. A few weeks ago you may have seen me wading in the pond pulling out pondweed. Believe me that pond smells!

At the recent KPRC publicity sub-committee meeting I mentioned that I could have a word with the organiser to see if they would be interested in our club participating with our own stand/display. The purpose being to let the local community know that we exist, to show a friendly face and to encourage any like minded to join our rides. We all thought this would be a good idea and now I have spoken to the fete organiser and he agreed that it would be good to have a local cycling club at the event. The Chairman of the Trust is Chris Frost, a county councillor who represents Epsom & Ewell, is also very pleased to have us in attendance. Finally, our own committee members have been contacted and everyone is in favour of giving it a go.

I have obtained agreement that we would be provided with space for a gazebo to give us a base and display our photos. Our attendance would not be solely for our own publicity purposes so I proposed that we would create another attraction, a "guess the weight of the bike" competition for which we will charge 50p a go with half the takings going to the winner and the balance going to the trust. This fundraising works well for both the trust and our club in that we will not be charged for attending the fete.

I would like a range of bikes at the event to show people that we are not an elitist lightweight racing club. Until a week before the event I will not know how large our allocated space will be but I have already given them a mention that a bike park area would be appreciated.

We are open to other ideas to either raise money for the trust or to promote our club so please feel free to mention them to me and I will take them to the next committee meeting next Friday.

We would need at least 6 to 10 members (in club tops – or wearing our club hats - just £6 each from Simon) to be in attendance, with 2 or 3 at a time taking shifts of say 30 mins to man the stand. But this is not a limit and indeed the more club members who turn up in club tops will only make the event more successful. Indeed if there any like minded members I am sure we could form a tug of war team...or perhps at our delicate age an alternative morris men dance troupe....I will let Mike arrange that!

The publicity committee will prepare some cards or leaflets to hand out which would include a brief summary of our club’s activities with a list of the Saturday social rides and Sunday training rides. I have produced some signs re the competition and the club rides which I will print off on A3 paper and attach to plywood boards.

So, please let me know

- if you are willing to help (I have confirmations from Jake, Paul, Nick and Brian) and whether you can be there for duration or just an hour or so.

- if you have any other fun ideas?

- if you have any bunting, flags or balloons

- Brian has a yellow and white gazebo which picks out two of our club colours, but does anyone have one in all three club colours?

Finally, I will be receiving sample club polo shirts from the supplier this Friday which I will bring along to the start of the Saturday ride, so if they meet with our approval I would hope to have these available for the day. It is not too late to add to the order if you have not done so already.


ps the trust's website can be found at http://www.woodcotemillenniumgreen.org.uk/


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ibbo's Cake Quest, 2010

When: Sunday, September 26th. 8-10am

Where: Surrey hills (start in Walton-on-the-Hill)

Why: To raise money for the John Ibbotson Fund that sends young riders to race on the continent

One of the friendliest events in the South East has been given a revamp for 2010. Ibbo's Cake Quest on September 26th will this year have free downloads from www.sportivephoto.com for each rider, event timing, mechanical backup from Neutral Service and of course lots and lots of delicious cake. For more details on the four routes (60, 110, and 150kms, plus a 20km guided off-road route) and how to enter go to www.ibbocakequest.com

The ride raises funds for the John Ibbotson Fund, set up in the name of the ex-pro-rider who died of arythmagenic right ventricular dysplasia when he was just 27. Ibbo, as he was known to all who raced against him, did much of his training on the beautiful roads around Leith Hill and ate cakes in the many cafes of the area.

This year the fund sent 19-year-old Sam Allen to Britanny to race for Hennebont Cyclisme, and backs 21-year-old Alastair Carr as he rides for AC Lanester.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sunday rides

Sept 5th Godstone Garden Centre, C&M lunch Marsh Green
Also on the 5th: SCCU 25, Broadbridge Heath - nominated club event. 7am

Sept 12th No ride, Club promotion at Millenium Green, back of Epsom Hospital.
Alsoon the 12th: Hilly 12 Club Event, Headley (Box Hill). 9am

Sept 19th Mayford, C&M lunch Tongham.
Also on the 19th: Consolation 25 Club Event, Holmwood 8:30am

Sept 26th Shere lucky duck, C&M lunch The Haven.


Saturday, August 21, 2010


So, SCCU BAR (Women's) standings.

Sarah Archdeacon of the DeLaune CC is currently the potential winner, having ridden all three qualifying distances (10, 25, 50) already.

Sarah's times are 26:03, 1:10:56 and 2:20:20 done in the April 25, and the same 10 and 50 as Jake.

Jake's times are 25:05, tbd and 2:18:31.

At a rough calculation, that gives Sarah an average of 21.852 mph. If she doesn't ride the Sept 25, Jake needs to do 1:14:30 which will give her an average of 21.904 mph.

If she does ride the Sept 25, then Jake needs to do a time not more than 3 mins slower than Sarah's.

Let's hope the knee holds out.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Festival RC 10

Please pass on to your club / team mates that there is a change of
organiser’s address for entries to the:

Course : G10/42 (HOLMWOOD)
(replacement course available if current roadworks not cleared)

Entries on CTT forms to:
Colin McDermott, 223 Hillcross Avenue, Morden, Surrey, SM4 4BU
(note change of address, compared to handbook)
Tel 07799 505546
Email: mcdermottcolin@tiscali.co.uk
Entry Fee £7.50 Closing date 7th September

In 2010, there will once again be an optional “Road Bike Riders” prize category, as well as prizes for best “Hub Gear” riders and of course normal prizes for standard TT bikes. To qualify for the Road Bike category, its quite simple, No Tri-Bars, No Discs & No Aero Helmets (standard hard shell preferred). Choose on the day which category to ride or enter twice and ride twice on different machines!

• How fast are you without all the aero kit?
• Can you beat the Road Bike event record – 21:08
• Last open 10 in London South for 2010!

Monday, August 16, 2010

SCCU 25 Marshalling - a big thankyou

A big thankyou is in order to Alex K, and Joe & Rachel who have come forward to fulfil the club's marshalling commitments for the SCCU 25.

The rest of you are off the hook until next year... ;-)

And perhaps this is something for the AGM, how do the members want the committee to run things with regard to marshalling so that the committee members don't end up coming to blows with each other and the jobs don't always fall on the same people.

Sorry if I sounded irate - but I was tired and irritable last night - so much of what I have done for the club this year has eaten into rare and precious riding time.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, And Nobody

This is a little story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, and Nobody.

There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it.

Somebody got angry about that because it was Everybody's job.

Everybody thought that Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rick Opie

a warm welcome to Rick who turned up on Saturday

Mamils.....thousands of 'em

All is revealed in this article....


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Historic bordering on the Hysterical

Bogged down by the rain which I know Jake will enjoy I rummaged through my old club website Long Eaton Paragon CC to reminisce over some old times. Go to www.lepcc.co.uk and concentrate on the vintage year of 1962/63 when I was 21yrs and just coming into form. Never could get under the hour but won the club 25 Hdcp with 58.34 + 2.22 hdcp = actual 1hr. 00m. 56s. Note Brian the handicapping was very refined in those days! My best 50 time is not recorded but was an Open "50" on the A1 Bawtry course and was also a long 2hr.00m. oo's time. Ten time also not recorded but was a short 23min. 12hr, 100ml and BAR results recorded.

My best event was the Hillclimb and Oh how I wish I could climb hills today like Frank still does!
Talking about Hill Climbing I note from the CTT Handbook that indeed Chris Boardman, Manchester Wheelers was Nat. Champ from 1998 to 1991, four years on the trott, then followed by Stuart Dangerfield Leo CC. Who said Boardman could not climb Hills?

Any more Hysterical anecdotes or daft times to report not on kprc website?

Marshalls Required - 5th September

The Kingston Phoenix are required to provide 2 marshals for the SCCU 25 on the 5th September.

At the moment I have no idea what jobs we will be assigned, although not all "marshalling" jobs actually require you to stand at a roundabout with your arm out (though most do!!!), as there are many jobs to be done on the day of the event for which the organiser needs assistance.

If anyone is new to marshalling we can give guidance on what is expected.

If I have names in advance, I can give your details to the organiser who will send you start and result sheets - and details of where you need to be and at what time for the event - direct to your door.

If our assigned job is on a roundabout it will be more fun if there are extra volunteers, as that gives you a chance to talk to someone instead of just semaphore-ing your team-mate across the RAB.

It's no good everyone taking a step back, because I am about all marshalled-out this year and am not prepared to be the backup in case we don't have anyone come forward.

If we can't find volunteers for this then we will have to consider withdrawing from the SCCU, after more years than I can remember, which will mean that no one in the Phoenix will be able to ride the April and September 25s, nor qualify for the BAR - and by the way, Jake is the prime candidate to win the SCCU Ladies BAR this year if she manages a moderate ride in this event.

Many of you have helped in the afternoon events that the Phoenix have promoted during the year, but those who have been out to the early events on our behalf have been limited:

Jake & Mike for the April 25;

Lisa, Pete & Andy A for the 50;

Lisa, Pete, Frank, Judy, Ron & Doreen for the 100;

Ray for the Anerley 50 (also an SCCU counting event, even though it was the VTTA that got him to marshal because it's a VTTA counting event too!).

Not to mention all of Frank's early mornings this year timekeeping...

Ideally I need the names of the volunteers by August 22nd so that I can notify the organiser, preferably comment on this post, or else email me.



Monday, August 09, 2010

Anerley 50

Jake, I spoke to Ray this evening and he told me you did a 2.19.26 - Well done brilliant! I have no idea how this compares with your best time but it's faster in MPH than your BEC 25 that we both rode when you beat me by 5 mins, so sounds good to me. So that sets me a bench mark of 2hrs. 30mins for my first fifty when I get round to it! That would be +18min on standard, don't think I could do it.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Sat 10 #2 - Result

Saturday 7th August 2010 G10/41
9 Phil Ember 23-33 Kingston Wheelers
11 George Brent 23-57 Addiscombe CC
8 Danny Clifford 26-41 Kingston Wheelers
4 Steve Hillier 28-01 Scr 28-01 7 / 6
6 Henry Gladwyn 28-37 PTT
5 Mark Gladwyn 29-01 1-30 27-31 6 / 7 1st Hcp
7 Robin Johnson 29-17 Brighton Mitre
2 Ray Dare 30-26 1-30 28-56 5 / 4
3 Mike Morley 31-26 3-15 28-11 4 / 5
1 Tony Tugwell DNS

Frank Cubis

Friday, August 06, 2010


Sat 10 #2 - start sheet

Saturday 7th August 2010

1 Tony Tugwell 7-30 14-01
2 Ray Dare 1-30 14-02
3 Mike Morley 3-15 14-03
4 Steve Hillier Scr 14-04
5 Mark Gladwyn 1-30 14-05
. Henry Gladwyn PTT
. Richard Hoskin Redmon CC
. Danny Clifford Kingston Wheelers
. Jim Ley Kingston Wheelers
. Peter Wright Kingston Wheelers
. David French Weybridge Wheelers
. Robin Johnson Brighton Mitre 14-12

AWARD 1st Handicap


Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Club Kit

Club Kit has had a boost recently with new stock. One or two members now have jackets in the new lightweight windtex fabric available by special order. Our next order is scheduled for the end of the year to ensure delivery early in the 2011 season. Hopefuly this is going on the Phx blog and not the wayfarers` this time.

Si Mitch ( Kit Master )

Sunday, August 01, 2010

Two Up - A Tandem In the Alps

For the last several seasons I've been lucky enough to enjoy a week or so's pass-storming in the Alps with one or both of my sons. Maggie had always been careful to stay clear of these 'Boys Own Tours', on a variety of grounds, but the particular being that a tandem in the Alps would be hard work. However, this year things were a bit different. The boys are now embarked on careers and leave is too precious to waste, and Maggie and I have done quite well on the tandem in Provence and Mont Ventoux. So she was prepared to reconsider.

The rules of the game were to be one pass a day, a decent hotel and a good lunch - all of which seemed fair enough. The passes were the Col des Saisies, Petit St Bernard, Iseran, Galibier and Alpe d'Huez - all ones that I know well and which are Tour de France classics. We took our Cannondale tandem, which has twin big discs and a SRAM XX based gearset that I had set up for the Alps and it all worked out very well. The tandem was fine, the weather mostly very good - a shower on Alpe d'Huez but that was all - and all of the passes were within our compass. We found Alpe d'Huez to be the hardest, probably because it was the last of the week, and the Petit St Bernard was quite a pull, too. But we had a good time and next year, who knows, maybe the Pyrenees ...


Sunday training rides

Rides start at 9am Horton Country Park car park in Epsom, Horton Lane.

We plan to meet up for 11s with Cheam and Morden as much as possible as this is more sociable. Also people can continue with C & M to lunch if they fancy a longer ride. This gives a focus for the ride and we can preplan the route. C & M regulars might also come out with us for the fast pace knowing they still get to meet their friends for 11s and on to lunch!

So the itinery is:

Aug 8th Guildford, Surrey - Wetherspoons C&M lunch Hascombe, Surrey
Aug 15th Godstone, Surrey - garden centre C&M lunch Hever, Kent
Aug 22nd Boulters Lock, Maidenhead, Berks C&M lunch Aston, Berkshire
Aug 29th Horley, Surrey - Waitrose C&M lunch Turners Hill, Sussex