Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cancelled MG event

Good morning all - well I must say I was most disappointed when I got back late Saturday afternoon from a cold but snow less Cowes in IOW having stayed with Natalie after a 60 mile outrider ride with Paul Smith around the Portsmouth area on Friday. There was no sign of any snow until I hit the M25 Saturday afternoon. This morning I awoke to find the outside temperature in my back garden minus 5 deg C and an inch or so of snow! So Frank you need not feel guilty about cancelling the MG it was the correct decision. Never the less quite a few MTB'ers out this morning on the N. Downs
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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Medium Gear 25 - 24 Mar 2013 - cancelled

SUNDAY 24th MARCH 2013

Event Cancelled due to the weather conditions

No NAME              HCP      START
1  Brian Powney      PTT      08-16
2  Mike Morley      15-30        17
3  Mark Gladwyn     18-30        18
4  Rick Opie        24-00        19
5  Amanda Pearce    28-00     08-20
6  Alex Kew          9-00        21
7  Nick Hostler     14-00        22
8  Ray Dare         20-00        23
9  Simon Trehearn    6-00        24
10 Steve Hillier    11-30     08-25
11 Edward Gladwyn    PTT         26
12 Stuart Pearce     Scr         27

1st Handicap
1st Fastest plus Trophy

MEDIUM GEAR 72.0 for example 48 x 18. If the pedal has not accomplished a full circle at

226¼ inches or 18ft 10¼ inches or 5.746 metres

then the gear is too high

Brian handicapped the event so that I can place the field out but, riders who decide to ride unrestricted may do so but will be classed as a Private Time Trial and receive no club points for this event. (Edit: Actually anyone on the start sheet who rides unrestricted will get basic points for starting and finishing)

Event Details G25/47

PARKING: As our usual car park is being used by the Epsom CC and Crawley Wlrs for their 10, we will use the car park in Mill Lane. (Turn left into Mill Lane by the start and the car park is about 200yds down on the left. There should be plenty of room for us, but if there are any problems there is another car park down by the pond almost at the bottom of Mill Lane, also on the left).

Course Details: (also here in a previous post, with links to maps)
Start on A24 at Mill Lane, South Holmwood.
Continue south to Clarks Green rbt where TURN, (10 turn) retrace to Beare Green rbt were LEFT into A29 for aprox 8 miles (through Ockley) to bare LEFT onto A281.

The next part is easy to go wrong. There are 3 rbts, keep on A281/A264 (A281)(A24) towards A24. (Do not go into the trading estate on your left)

To Farthings Hill rbt left down slip road and join A24 North Bound, at Great Daux rbt left and keep on A24 to finish at railway bridge near Beare Green village 1 mile before start.

Breakfast: It is suggested we use Tanhurst Farm, just south of Newdigate for breakfast after the event.


Monday, March 18, 2013

SCCU Sporting 10 & 25 TT weekend

It's not very often I have appeared on the same events result sheet with a win along with such an illustrious champion as John Woodburn. Here he is collecting his prize for the fastest in age group 75 to 79 yr old with a time of 28min 32 secs beating Simon T with a time of 29.27 but to be fair to Simon he was on his training bike complete with mudguards.

MHM is seen here also getting a bottle of wine for fastest in age group 7o to 74 yr old. Pity Ray was not riding! I too was on a touring bike with mudguards and pannier & could only manage 33.03. It was cold & wet. Good to see Ron & Brian marshaling & Judy on hand. Frank was finish time keeper. This event and Sunday's 25 TT were the first of the KPRC designated events for 2013 season and Frank was again out in appalling wet weather as start time keeper. I don't know how he does it year in year out he looked very wet under his leather hat at start. The same can be said of course for all the Marshall's & helpers & time keepers without whom these events could not take place. A special congratulations & thanks must go to Robin Johnson weekend organiser, event secretary & worthy competitor mus t be difficult to both organise & ride with very good times as well. John Woodburn did a storming 1.08.40 to again take the 75 to 79yr prize & believe it or not MHM also again got the 70 to 74 prize & surprisingly not because I was the only rider in age group. My time however was appalling 1.22.24 again on touring bike & this time I was thrashed by Simon T who must have been on a special breakfast with a time of 1.05.46 & I guess on his fast bike! My real handicap was one bottle of white wine and half of red from the night B4 at the Ibbo F&C supper! (see blog below).
And so begins the 2013 season with the new H/C points system for designated open events. Thanks must go to Brain for preparing the H/C & the first event was very close the second a walk (ride) over for Simon but honours even over the weekend. Well done Simon! 
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Sunday, March 17, 2013

John Ibbotson Fish & Hits Nite Walton le Hill

Rowan Christal & Jane Ibbotson enjoying the fun. Last year Jake & other KPRC members attended! This year the numbers were down but hopefully in 2014 KPRC members can again support this event to help budding racing cyclists get support. Go to

Mad Hatter with Sam Johns friend who helped to organise the event!

MHM @ it again, why do the ladies like my hat so much! Sorry about the quality of the photo clearly the camera man had the hippy hippy shakes! Maybe it was the band the "Blue Mondays"
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Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I have been trying to update the website for 2013 for a couple of weeks, now - not least I need the 2013 calendar proof-read as my proofreader is no longer around. Here it is, if anyone would like to check it over for me: 2013 Calendar

However it seems that once again I have been shafted by talktalk (who bought out my original ISP) as I am unable to connect to the webspace in order to upload the changes - although, I suppose at least the website is still 'live' on the internet.

Anyway I have been planning to move the website somewhere else, and it looks as if this is going to make it sooner rather than later, although I am a bit busy to do it right now. I'm halfway through figuring what to do and how it is all going to work.

Once I have moved it, will still be the correct address to find it, although the link you have book-marked may not be correct anymore.

Also, things are stupid busy for me at the moment - mostly, I guess, in a good way but frantic nontheless and I am not keeping on top of half the things I should be doing right now, unfortunately.



Monday, March 04, 2013

Saturday Ride 2 March 13


And a good time was had by all. Grant remarked at Garsons Farm that he counted 29 riders split approx two 3rds on road & 1/3rd off plus and by no means least Ron, Doreen, Judy & hub. Our Saturday rides seem to be growing in popularity! Well done Jake Daveb etc for the effort put in!
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