Sunday, March 25, 2007

SCCU Sporting 10 - Result

Result of the Southern Counties Sporting 10 on 23rd March
Course G10/46

29:29 Joe
29:35 Andy
30:57 Jackie
31:37 Chrystal
31:58 Rachel
33:26 Ann


KPRC Rides

Just a note for any newcomer to the site about our rides from Horton Country Park.
We meet at the main car park every sat at 10am to leave 10.15. Most days there are 3 groups. The mountain bike off road group who ride at the slowest persons pace.
The slow group who also ride at the slowest riders speed and the speedy lot who sometimes split into 2 groups as the pace hots up!
We all end up at the same tea stop for a social natter and bacon burger or flapjack, and then ride back a shorter route at a slower pace. Back by 1pm.
The mileage is about 25 sometimes more if its a sunny day or shorter if raining. We have been known to spend more time in the cafe than actual riding as the rain hammers down on the roof!
Any questions ask me Jake 01372 720061

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Home to Salisbury

Proposed route for those riding to Salisbury on Good Friday is here on the Cheam & Morden blog.


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Monday, March 19, 2007

Best Times 2007

MG Result

1:10:17 Stuart Pearce
1:10:28 Ben Pearce
1:10:51 Joe Bertorelli
1:11:33 Simon Mitchell
1:11:53 David French (WW)
1:15:37 Andy Avis
1:17:53 David Croggon
1:18:02 Jackie Townsend
1:18:56 Paul Day
1:19:21 Rachel Croggon
1:20:23 Grant Pyke
1:20:51 Ray Dare
1:21:50 Jake Dodd
1:24:09 Jen Mitchell
1:30:47 Bob French (WW)
1:31:41 Lisa Colombo
D.N.F. Mark McNamara
D.N.S. Tony Tugwell

Congratulations to Stuart on a fine ride on the low gear to take the Brass Monkey Trophy. Bit of a Pearce benefit, with Ben taking 2nd place & 1st Hcp; Jake took 2nd Hcp and Jackie Townsend (our very own JMS - not another new recruit) was first lady despite trying to give it away with a 1:15 late start!
We had a good turnout, and everyone rode a limited gear, too, which is virtually unheard of - David & I were PTTs for not having entered in advance.

The morning was not promising, although it turns out that a westerly gale is not unpleasant on that course - except in a couple of places! First off, I caught hail for the first mile or so, and then the sun came out to offset the cold wind. At least it wasn't that frosty cold that ruins the lungs, overall it wasn't a bad day for the event.
And didn't we all look the business in our new(ish) tops....

A raid on Henfold Lakes for breakfast completed the sociable morning. Thanks to Frank for timekeeping - he had the chillier job - and Pete for the signage. Ron & Doreen provided tea at the car park and Jackie produced a cake which vanished in seconds. Mmmmm.

Ann couldn't face 25 miles and rode the SCCU hilly 21 (formerly the CDCA event) - recording 1:20:19 (with about a 30 mile ride each way to get there......)


Saturday, March 17, 2007

[surreyleague] Le Tour de France in London

To All Surrey League Members

Four Communications Group have been in contact with us. Four Communications Group are the team who are working on promoting Le Tour de France in London.

They are looking for 30 Surrey League members to attend a live ITV broadcast in Hyde Park on March 30th with their bikes.

You will all be given a yellow shirt to wear, and keep, and will be joined by other cyclists to celebrate Le Tour de France starting in London and the sport
of cycling as a whole.

If you are interested in attending please let me know ASAP.



MG start sheet


37. Paul Day 9-00 08-37
38. Rachel Croggon 10-00 38
39. Grant Pyke 14-00 39
40. Mark McNamara 22-00 08-40
41. Joe Bertorelli 3-30 41
42. Ben Pearce 8-00 42
43. Ray Dare 12-00 43
44. Jake Dodd 16-00 44
45. Tony Tugwell 17-00 08-45
46. Simon Mitchell 2-00 46
47. Andy Avis 8-00 47
48. Jackie Townsend 9-00 48
49. Jen Mitchell 13-00 49
50. Stuart Pearce Scr 08-50

1st & 2nd Fastest
1st & 2nd Handicap
1st Woman


East Surrey Hardriders - Result

Course GS/491 29.9 miles
Andy Avis 1:30:45 -10:45
Jackie Townsend 1:33:48 £15 first Woman.
Joe Bertorelli 1:19:29 +2.44


Club Events 2007

The Club Events list is finally on the website:

Errors and omissions expected - if something looks incorrect, then it probably is - let me know and I'll fix it as soon as possible.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Club info on LondonCycleSport

See homepage for info on the club.


Friday, March 02, 2007

Antelope 3-up


It is: Ralph Dadswell, 11 Walnut Tree Lane, Longwick, Princes Risborough, Bucks HP27 9SJ 01844 345 663 or 07808 974 782 or
Entries close Tuesday 3rd April. Entry fee £18 per team.