Saturday, January 30, 2010

Phoenix Kit

Kit availability and prices soon to be blogged.
You can view the different items of kit on


I have been talking with Simon about doing an online spreadsheet for him to list the clothing that is available from stock and also a listing of who wants to order what at the next order. This is both so that members can look up what is going on, and query with Simon if what they want doesn't appear on the order list, and so that Simon has a place to record the information without losing the bits of paper that things are written on (my favourite trick, too).

So the initial links are here:
list of kit in stock
list of who wants what for next order

Neither make proper sense yet, as I needed to create the basic spreadsheet and make it available for Simon to work on, but hopefully over the next week or so, we can sort it out into something more meaningful! The "list of kit in stock" also has links to the relevant pages for the items on the Endura website, rather than the generic link above.


West Horsley Jan 30th

Very cold but dry found 16 riders en route to West Horsley several places where the roads were still damp caused a short dismount but no problems.
A discussion on fixed wheel machines arose after a study of Nick Hostler's gleaming 3-speed fixed gear bike, it seems within the Phoenix at least 12 people ride currently a single or fixed wheel machine ie: PM, Lisa, Simon, Iain, Joe B, John B, Ray D, Frank C, Steve H, Grant P, Florence, Nick H.

From Pete M

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

700 x 20-28 Inner Tubes - 5 for a Tenner!

Yes it is true, but only if I buy 50 of them!

So if you would like to buy 5 for a tenner and if I receive confirmed orders from at least 8 of you I will be happy to order them and either deliver them to you at Horton Country Park on a Saturday morning or I could bring them to the dinner dance at the end of Feb or you could collect them from me in Epsom.

There are of course other sizes available (700 x 28-38, 27 x 1-1.25, 26 x 2.3-3.0 etc) so do let me know and if there is sufficient interest I will order those as well. Oh, and they are made by Specialized - high quality, light weight, black rubber....ooooo!

Here's the cheapest source that I have found so far and this shows the details of the tubes available. Do let me know if you have found a cheaper supplier and I will be happy to buy from there.


ps For those who are new to blogging, just click on "Post a comment" below this note and leave a comment.

Having finally looked at the link you added, Steve, it might be worth considering buying the "long valve" version of the 20-28mm tubes - unless anyone doesn't want them.
The longer valve is not a problem for "flat" rims, but fits better on the newer Mavic rims like the Open Pro where the rim is slightly profiled. I'm not sure the valves are long enough for any of the aero race rims though.


Leaf Cycling Holidays

Hi Lisa,

I trust you are well.

I launched a new Cycling Holiday business in 2009 and am wondering if you could put something on your website?

are offering a 10% DISCOUNT to any KPRC members booking before the end of February.

or contact Richard Williamson on 01372 383199


Richard Williamson
Kingston Wheelers
South Western Road Club

Phoenix Members 2010

Life Den Rosendale
Life Frank Cubis
1 Tony Whitmore
2 Pete Mitchell
3 Lisa Colombo
4 Mark McNamara
5 Ray Dare
6 Eric Briffa
7 Ron Powney
8 Doreen Powney
9 Jake Dodd
10 Paul Day
11 Grant Pyke
12 Mark Gladwyn
13 Margaret Gladwyn
14 Tony Bensberg
15 Toni D'Italia
16 Joanne Fricker(2Cl)
17 Don Stockbridge
18 John Beer
19 Andy Avis
20 Bob Townley
21 Graham Holder
22 Dave Brentnall
23 Andy Pearce
24 Andrew Hewett
25 Mike Morley
26 Steve Hillier
27 Ann Bath
28 Frank Powney
29 Tony Tugwell
30 Simon Mitchell
31 Jen Mitchell
32 Joe Bertorelli
33 Rachel Watkins
34 Brian Powney
35 Trevor Kite
36 Florence Hallet
37 Charlie Griffin
38 Nick Hostler

Monday, January 25, 2010

Club Events Info 2010

Being a new blogger not sure if this will work, but ha ho give it a go.

OK Folks
Those who have an email address will receive the list of club events for 2010.
You can enter any time up to the closing date shown in the right hand column by just phoning, emailing or texting me, and to make it simpler just quoting the event number.
If you wish I will accept entry’s for the whole season at any time and if you wish to withdraw a particular event, providing I know before the closing date your entry will be deleted and your entry fee returned.
Because awards are won on a sliding scale of entry’s, if a rider on the start sheet is a non starter the entry fee is still required.
Payment. I would like to be paid in advance of the event, because as soon as the event is over I pay our treasurer the total sum of all that had entered plus any PTT.
Payment can be cash or Cheque (made payable to KPRC) when we meet.

Events are £2 per event except the Hilly 12 and Hill Climb (2 for the price of one).

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ladies 3 up team

Just got my handbook and see the Antelope RT 3 Upp is on sat 17th April.
We could have a ladies and mens team. Who will join me?
I rode the Clarencourt 4 Upp last year in their colours, we have enough women to do our own team!
50km . starts at 2pm. so no early starts
Come on girls and boys.

Saturday 23rd January

After a string of dodgy Saturdays, weatherwise, the ride from Horton attracted 11 on road and 5 off road on the route to Polesden Lacey.

Grant was a puncture victim.

Welcome to newcomer Alex. Also nice to meet tall Dave from the Wheelers who plans to ride the Kingston to Worthing again, and also to see us at the Club Dinner.

South Downs Way

Hi All


Is anyone interested in joining me on a ride over the South Downs Way? The ride is over the weekend of 26/27 June 2010. Also had a suggestion that (if wanted) could stay overnight at Winchester on the Friday for a fresh start the following morning.

First day - start at 9.00 am with elevenses/lunch at Queen Elizabeth Country Club, which is approx. 20 miles from Winchester. Then onto Arundel for an overnight stop at the youth hostel; this is about half way (50 miles). The youth hostel seems to have plenty of ammenities and is only a short distance from the town. A beer or two may be called for!

Second day - back on the Downs and onwards to Eastbourne. Truleigh Hill Youth Hostel is on the Downs for the second day, where I'm sure we could refill water bottles etc.

There are train services to Winchester, and Eastbourne to London. Not sure at the moment how many bikes these services carry. If the numbers are looking good, and I could find a willing driver who wouldn't mind driving the bikes to Winchester and back from Eastbourne by van (which I will look into), then this will ease the possible problems on the trains. The driver we are looking for is someone who would be interested in joining us for the weekend, and assist the ride etc. Do you know of anybody who might be interested? I would be willing to pay for their accommodation and meals.I rode the SDW about 10 years ago over 2 days and do remember the fantastic riding and scenery, but quite a good challenge!

If you are interested in going or would like more information, please email me at

P.S. Would like to book up accommodation as soon as possible, so let me know as soon as you can. Cost is around £25 each, slightly less if you are a member.

Happy muddy, wet, slippery riding! Come June - it'll be blazing sun (who said that?)!

Andy P

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blast from the past

Hello again all in KPRC, A blast from the past - or maybe just a very slight breeze ? I gather I qualify for a free bus pass in just over two years - how time flies. What fun ?

No, I don't want to travel over past exploits (well, not just yet). I would just like to add a few memories and thoughts on the club. I have kept up cycling - a bit of racing too - over the past 45 years in a couple of other clubs - other areas of the country where I was living at the time - so quite a few memories. The best memories should come from teenage years. Not always so in many cases but in mine I was lucky. I joined the Phoenix in (I think but a bit hazy) in 1965, purloined by Bert George in Frank Carpenter's cycle shop in Surbiton. I was picking up a new razzy 10 gear job courtesy of parents. There were a few clubs in the area (still going I believe) I probably could have fallen in with any of them, but I was lucky - Bert was there so I was conscripted into the Phoenix. The KP is one of those fairly unique clubs that offer racing - and fun - social club rides. (sometimes they turned into road races - but part of the fun). If it was not for the long standing members also keeping the wheels of administration going along with newer members it would have fallen into demise like so many other clubs. Well done to you all.
Of all these years in many miles of biking, my fondest memories belong to the KP. Just the right mix. There are only a relative few clubs that are in the same mold today - far and few between in this age where one man and his proverbial internet sponsor can form a 'club' for purely racing purposes only. What good is this for youngsters? Very few will ever make the grade either because they are not good enough or because naturally interests will wander elsewhere.

The difference between these types of club is that relatively few positive memories will remain on those weaned on purely 'racing' clubs. The fun side is also as important. There may be those now who wonder why I started racing the way I did - a little unconventional at times !? - Older club members at the time tried to persuade against some of my -well, unconventional exploits. They were acting quite properly in doing so. Why did I start cycling ?(at about age 12 with a home made fixed wheel bike that lasted unti the 'razzy' bike mentioned above) Because I wanted to - nothing more, nothing less, I enjoyed riding a bike - the further the distance the better. No thoughts of interval training then ! I started racing in club 10's and 25's and thought that extra speed may then have to be an option - so I got a little faster, but I still had this 'thing' about going further and further mile wise. Just because I wanted to. The main point is that I did what I wanted to at that time - how many other clubs would have gone along with this - especially nowadays. Not many. That is why the KP will always hold my fondest memories as a club over the years of biking (despite a couple of other clubs that were good I have mostly cycled solo.

Thank you all for keeping this club going, Tony Whitmore.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A new cycle route planner

I have found a new route planner on the web called cyclestreets. It is easy to use and allows you to enter a street name for start and end of the journey and then it offers three routes, fastest, quietest and balanced. For my route to work it suggests taking 1 hour 42 min's....which is a little generous. It tells me the route is very hostile... well it does go past some streets of recent gun crimes. It also shows how many traffic lights are on the route and assumes that I stop at all of them.... which is of course true officer.

The screenshots show a green route (quiet), red (fastest) and yellow for balanced. The quietest route includes footpaths and footbridges, and goes around the houses taking 2 and a half hours and an extra 2 miles. You can zoom in on the map and it also generates a street by street itinerary, which will probably add an extra to my journey if I stopped at each junction to read them.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Bionic Man takes a rest - again!

Mike, thanks for adding your contribution to the rides list. I do hope that nobody else joined you on your event nor should they wish to in future. I set up the sheet as a rides list and you have now introduced a new off-ride list! Well at least now we can keep track of you. I can't find your event listed anywhere on the web so to be sure that it is a valid event please publish the photo's - more pictures of nurses!! ? :-O

There are now 5 of us on the rides list to date. Hopefully there will be several more going on after the handbooks are issued in the next few days. If anyone would like to edit the spreadsheet please email me at so that I can add you to the list of editors.

Here's the link:


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Calleva RC MG 25 - 23 March 1952

Further to the conversation at 11's this morning, about this event, here's a copy of the result sheet (with thanks to Ray for giving me his old results):

This event is detailed at Steve Morris' Medium Gear site (click here) as a special event where the fastest three riders all beat the hour on a 72" gear. For a detailed account of the event - which was ridden by our own Ron Powney, Ray Dare and Frank Powney - follow the link. Ron set a Club Record of 1:3:16 for a Medium Gear, beating the 1:5:23 that Ray had set the previous week in the Club Medium Gear 25.

CTT Handbook

OK Folks

I now have the handbooks. Members who ordered them can collect them at the clubroom on Thursday 21st at 21-00hrs and most Thursday’s after.

The price is £7


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Do you have any plans to ride in 2010?

I've been thinking - a phrase that you really don't want to hear from 'er indoors !

Wouldn't it be nice to know what rides we are all planning to do this year? I don't mean the evening 10's (because they are usually well attended) but open events whether they be time trials or sportives. If we had a way of viewing all of our plans on a single summary sheet we could consider travelling together, request closer start times to enable us to meet after the event, encourage another rider or two to attend to make a team and most importantly create a stronger club.

Well after a short time of looking at youtube tutorials re google docs, I have found a way of doing this by using a web based spreadsheet in the same way that Lisa has been doing for years with the results and tables.

I have started by setting out my plans in the following link and I would be very pleased if you could add your planned rides to this. In order to do this you need to email me at so that I can add you to the list of editors. You will then receive an email back from me inviting you to open the spreadsheet. In the next few weeks I hope to get this set up on the KPRC website for all to see.

I also plan to prepare a list of local sportives to encourage some of us to get some early season miles in.

Finally could you post a comment to let me know your thoughts - good or bad. It would also give us an indication of how many members read the blog.

Happy new year


Saturday, January 02, 2010

2nd Jan 2010

The crew enjoying 11s at Garson's Farm

The frozen pond at West End (outside Garson's Farm)

Thanks to Ron & Doreen for the pics.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Jake & Gary NY eve party.

Steve and Jake get the party swinging.

Thanks for a great party to bring in the New Year 2010 (what shall it be "two thousand and ten" or "twenty ten") According to the BBC language department it depends on how the common usage works out! Joe public will decide. Twenty Ten for me!! Sorry to let you down on the quiz Glenda Jackson but the I got Ennis, so my contribution was a net ZERO.
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