Thursday, September 29, 2011

Pete's Funeral - more info

It looks as if the group in front of the hearse will comprise 50 or more riders.

As such we will present a rather large moving road block, so I expect everyone to be on their best behaviour.

It is entirely possible that the group will be split up at the left turn at Malden Rushett lights, or at the motorway roundabout where we turn right.

If the lights turn red, we expect the remainder of the group to STOP for them, if we get split up at either point, the leading riders will stop and allow everyone to regroup before continuing.

For the return journey we need to split into much smaller groups and resist the temptation to join up or race back.

Thankyou to everyone who has responded to say they will be coming back to Horton with us - some of you I have replied to, others not, but all have been noted. We wanted a ballpark figure to tell Horton the number of attendees. Anyone reading this who hasn't responded is still invited - we're not rationing places!


Monday, September 26, 2011

75th Anniversary Lunch 19th Nov

Pete was in the middle of collecting names to post invites out for the Phoenix 75th Reunion on sat 19th Nov. Could you keep this date free while we sort out the names and print out invites. It will be held at Banstead Community Hall Park Lane at lunch time. Not sure of the cost yet, will keep you informed.

The cost will be £10 per head.
This is the venue that is used for the DA Barn Dance - and the same excellent caterers - who will be doing us a choice of hot meal as per the Barn Dance.

Everyone needs to bring their own glasses and drink (either alcoholic or not, your choice).


Corsica - A Mountain in the Sea

Maggie and I have taken family holidays on Corsica for many years, and have done some off-road cycling there, but we have never done much on the road - in high season it's hot and busy. However, BikeAdventures' trip from Calvi to Bastia at the end of September looked appealing, so we signed up at the beginning of the year.

We went out a few days early, and trained hard on seafood and wine, meeting the group (and our tandem) when they came in on the ferry. There were twenty-two riders, and John and Tony supporting us. John drove the van and Tony rode as sweeper each day.

The days were varied and interesting - spectacular coastal scenery, rocky cols and winding descents. Although the highest point of the island, Monte Cintu, at about 9000 feet, isn't huge in Alpine terms, much of the climbing starts at sea level, so you get quite a lot of altitude gain. We did about 25,500 feet of climbing in the week, in 300 miles, so the scale is fairly Alpine even if the climate is less challenging.

BikeAdventures' route was pretty good, but there were a couple of major issues with lengthy and disruptive road-works on two of the cols, which were grimy and tedious. We met John Beer and Ken Day on the Porto Road - they were following the ACP Raid Corse route - and I think that may be a better bet. Logistics and support were, as ever, very good.

The terrain suited the tandem and we were able to maintain a steady pace; with such a large group we had no regular riding companions but we did meet people at lunch most days and enjoyed a convivial dinner each evening. A jolly end to summer.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ibbo Cake Quest

A number of Phoenix riders supported this annual event. Seen here at the start Philip on Colnago & Mad Hatter on Scott. We were Carrot Cakes on the 110km Surrey Hills route taking in Leith Hill and part of White Hill plus much of the N. Downs via a varied route and although we missed them Jake & Rick were Fairy Cakes on the MTB ride. Over 250 riders took part. The route signing was excellent along with the support and feed stations.

Feed station 2 brought together road race ace turned MTB rider Gary, recent second place vet winner of National MTB race last weekend(2nd only to Nick Craig no less) with Jake's lesser KPRC team mates. Philip & me averaged 14.7mph and finished around 2pm. Gary on Specialised had started 20 minutes after us and we gather finished at 1.30pm! Why he was so slow we do not know? If only Philip & I could lose 2 stones we too would fly!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pete Mitchell - Funeral Arrangements

Pete Mitchell’s funeral arrangements - clarification below

Firstly Jake (& Gary), Simon (& Jen) and Lisa would like to thank everyone for all of their kind comments and messages of sympathy. You all know just how shocked we are, because you are too.

We are all agreed that we don’t ever want anyone to bite their tongue for fear of upsetting us, we would rather talk about Pete and cry than avoid mentioning him for fear of upset, so you will all just have to deal with it!

The three of us were certain of most things that he would have wanted, so:

The service will be held at Randalls Park Crematorium, Randalls Road, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 0AG at 12:30pm on Thursday 6th October 2011.

Everyone is invited back afterward to Horton Park Golf Club, Hook Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT19 8QG – however if you think you will be joining us can you email or phone/text Lisa as soon as possible so that we can assess numbers. (There have been, and still are, a LOT of people to notify, so we have no idea how many will be able to make it there after).
Clarification: It is only the numbers who are coming back to Horton Park Golf Club that we need to know, if you are joining the ride to the crematorium but need to return to work after (or whatever) then we do not need to know that you are coming - we will just see you at Pound Lane.

All Kingston Phoenix members attending are commanded to wear Club Colours.

All cyclists attending are asked to wear cycling jackets whether you cycle or not, and your own club colours if you belong to another club.

Non-cyclists, family and friends, please don’t feel that you have to wear black.

All of our cycling friends are invited to join Pete on one last clubrun, leaving at 11:45am from Longhursts the undertakers in Pound Lane, Epsom, Surrey KT19 8RY and which will be followed by the hearse on the trip to Leatherhead. We will all cycle back to Horton after. This will happen even if it is tipping it down with rain - as the rain never put Pete off - so come prepared!
Any cyclists travelling by car to join the ride, should be able to park at the Golf Course

We are also convinced that he would have wanted any donations to go to the Phoenix – the legacy that Cis left for the club has kept her fresh in our memories - and the three of us also feel that we would like to instigate a perpetual trophy in his memory.

I’ll update this if there is anything I have missed.


Monday, September 19, 2011

Consolation 25 - result

No  NAME              TIME      Hcp     Hcp/T   Scr/Hcp  AWARD
9   Brian Powney     1-07-19    8-00     59-19   6 / 6   2nd Hcp
5   Jake Dodd        1-11-32   11-00   1-00-32   3 / 4   4th Hcp
12  Simon Trehearn   1-12-07   13-00     59-07   7 / 7   1st Hcp
7   Simon Waller     1-14-29    9-15   1-05-14   2 / 2
6   Mike Morley      1-15-03   15-00   1-00-03   5 / 5   3rd Hcp
13  Andy Avis        1-19-42   17-30   1-02-12   4 / 3
4   Grant Pyke       1-26-05   22-00   1-04-05   3 / 2
10  Ken Williams     1-26-09   21-00   1-05-09   2 / 2
11  Philip Burgin    1-27-07    8-30   1-18-39   2 / 2   Long Course
3   Mark McNamara    1-35-07   30-00   1-05-07   2 / 2
8   Steve Hillier      DNF                       1 / 0   Short Course 
1   Ray Dare           DNS (apol) 
2   Rick Opie          DNS (apol)
14  Stuart Pearce      DNS (apol)

Simon T has won the George Crouch Trophy (most improved 25 from previous year)
Brian has won the men’s club championship Trophy
Mike has won the Ray Dare Trophy (year long hcp points Trophy)
Jake has won a lot

Therefore Andy wins the Consolation Trophy for 2011

Unfortunately there was a bit of confusion at the Robin Hood roundabout greeting riders with a road closed sign, there had been an oil spillage but fortunately it was safe to go through with caution.

Frank Cubis

Sadly as it was Philip's first time riding the course he was a good boy and followed the diversion in place with the road closure and did a tour of Sussex before rejoining the course.
Steve did the age-old trick of heading straight off down the A29 without turning at the 10 turn.
Commiserations to both.


Friday, September 16, 2011


My dad at this years Easter Tour on a lovely day out at the Steam Train Station. I am going to miss him terribly. Jake

Pete Mitchell

Pete's son-in-law, Gary, just phoned me to say that it appears that Pete died in his sleep Tuesday night.

The next committee meeting is cancelled until further notice.

Not everyone understands about there being comments to read, so I am bringing them up into the post, along with another that has been sent to me:

mike morley said...

To Lisa, Jake, Simon & Jen I am in complete shock to hear about "Pete". My heartfelt condolences to all the family.
God bless you all Mike M.

philip said...

Yes, a real shock, condolences to all. Not known him for long but a kind, gentle man The club has lost a key member

Hello Lisa

Would you please add the following to the KPRC blog.

Just logged into the website to check tomorrow's coffee stop venue and saw the terrible news about Pete. My sincere condolences to all Pete's family and friends. We have lost one of nature's gentlemen - in all senses of the word.

Ken Williams


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Consolation 25


No NAME                START  
1  Ray Dare            08-46
2  Rick Opie           08-47
3  Mark McNamara       08-48
4  Grant Pyke          08-49
5  Jake Dodd           08-50
6  Mike Morley         08-51
7  Simon Waller        08-52
8  Steve Hillier       08-53
9  Brian Powney        08-54
10 Ken Williams        08-55
11 Philip Burgin       08-56
12 Simon Trehearn      08-57
13 Andy Avis           08-58
14 Stuart Pearce       08-59

1st, 2nd & 3rd Hcp
Winner on Hcp to hold the Consolation Trophy

Usual HQ as in the evening 10’s

We ride as a group (sort of) to the start on the A24 at Mill Lane, South Holmwood 1.7 miles from HQ, all up hill

Start Just in Mill Lane and continue south on A24 for 4.8 miles to 2nd Rbt, Clarks Green, were turn (10 turn) and retrace north to Beare Green rbt were LEFT into A29. for aprox 8 miles (through Ockley) to bear LEFT onto A281.

The next part is easy to go wrong. There are a number of rbts, keep on A281 /A264 towards the A24. (Do not go into the trading estate on your left)

To Farthing Hill rbt A24 junction. Bear left down slip road to join A24 North Bound. Keep on A24 to
Finish at railway bridge 1 mile south of start and just past the entrance to Beare Green village.

Frank Cubis

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Anyone Want A Lodger?

Past member Paul Burges has been in touch - his 22yr old stepson is looking for accomodation for a couple of months.

He is currently working near Regent's Park, but needs to move out of where he is living at the moment by the end of the month. He needs something in the meantime while he finds other, more, permanent accomodation. Paul says he is "a quiet, well mannered Lad of 22 and shows an interest in cycling".

If anyone can help, leave a comment and I'll give you Paul's email address.


Monday, September 12, 2011

Hilly 12 - result

SUNDAY 11th September 2011

Pos Name                 Time    Hcp    Hcp/Time    Points Award
1   Gary Dodd            32-27   South Downs Bikes
2   Colin McDermott      34-13   Festival RC
3   Phil Ember           34-35   Kingston Wheelers       PB
4   Damien Breem         34-38   Kingston Wheelers
5   Jim Ley              35-06   Kingston Wheelers
6   Alex Scutt           35-25   Kingston Wheelers
7   Dominic Trevett      36-29   Kingston Wheelers
8   Brian Mc Martin      36-50   Kingston Wheelers
9   Tom Fricker          37-16   Farnham RC (0-45) (36-31)
10  Austin Bell          37-32   Kingston Wheelers
11  Dan McCormack        37-40   Kingston Wheelers
12  Steve Hillier        38-49   Scr   38-49   7 / 4  PB 1st Place
13  Alex Kew             38-50   0-45  38-05   6 / 6     2nd H/2nd
14  Peter Mollison       38-57   Kingston Wheelers
15  Simon Trehearn       39-12   Scr   39-12   5 / 2
16  Andy Leatherbarrow   39-20   Kingston Wheelers
17  Brian Powney         39-41   Scr   39-41   4 / 2
18  Teresa Goddard       40-37   Kingston Wheelers
19  Nick Hostler         40-55   4-00  36-55   3 / 7  PB 1st Hcp
20  Jake Dodd            42-25   2-30  39-55   5 / 2     1st Woman
21  Ray Dare             43-26   4-00  39-26   2 / 2
22  Luke Dearden         43-39   5-30  38-09   2 / 5  PB
23  Tom Barrett          43-53   PTT
24  Mike Morley          44-05   5-00  39-05   2 / 2  PB
25  Andy Avis            44-31   5-30  39-01   2 / 2
26  Joanne Fricker       45-03   5-00  40-03   4 / 2
27  Paul Fricker         45-37   Farnham RC (5-45) (39-52)
28  Rick Opie            46-20   7-30  38-50   2 / 3
29  Lynda Gale           46-36   7-00  39-36   3 / 2
30  Mark McNamara        60-49  11-30  49-19   2 / 2

Pos   Name            Time       Pts
1   Gary Dodd            1-31.68
2   Phil Ember           1-38.60        PB
3   Jim Ley              1-47.07
4   Damien Breem         1-51.22
5   Colin McDermott      1-55.84
6   Alex Scutt           1-57.78
7   Dominic Trevett      1-58.10
8   Brian McMartin       2-01.36
9   Dan McCormack        2-07-72
10  Austin Bell          2-09.71
11  Tom Fricker          2-10.78
12  Steve Hillier        2-12.68     7   PB
13  Peter Mollison       2-12.75
14  Simon Trehearn       2-15.22     6
15  Brian Powney         2-16.93     5
16  Alex Kew             2-19-32     4
17  Nick Hostler         2-21.41     3 PB
18  Andy Leatherbarrow   2-22.68
19  Teresa Goddard       2-30.37
20  Luke Dearden         2-32.77     2 PB
21  Jake Dodd            2-33.73     5
22  Rick Opie            2-39.90     2
23  Tom Barrett          2-41.25
24  Ray Dare             2-42.22     2
25  Mike Morley          2-44.51     2 PB
26  Paul Fricker         2-48.99
27  Andy Avis            2-54.42     2
28  Lynda Gale           3-00.41     4
29  Joanne Fricker       3-05.02     3
30  Mark McNamara        4-33.14     2

Mens Champion:    Steve Hillier
Woman’s Champion: Jake Dodd


Very Many Thanks for the following helpers who made this a safe and smooth running event.
Mike for sweeping the road at the first left turn. Steve for sweeping the road at the fork into Clay Lane.
Mike for pushing Off, Judy, Nicholas & Ben at the first left turn, Iain at the left into the zig-zag, David at the left turn back to Headley, Grant & Frank at the Clay Lane fork, Tony at the top of Givons Grove and Ron & Doreen as Hill Climb start timekeepers.

Well done to all riders for a trouble free event.

Frank Cubis

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Hilly 12 TT Boxhill - pics part 2

This is the hill climb bit just before the finish.

Hilly 12 TT Boxhill - pics part 1

I have taken some 200+ pics today of which this is a selection. If anyone fancies getting the whole lot or a high resolution one of their picture(s) just drop Andy an email:-) I have several pictures of everyone who raced today. Mel x

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hilly 12 - event status

The weather forecast looks better now for the morning,

So the current plan is for the event to go ahead as scheduled.


Saturday to Wisley

A warm welcome Gina and Barry who joined the ride to Wisley

Friday, September 09, 2011

Golden Beeches Weekend 22-23 Oct 2011

See Blog for detials.

Hilly 12 - start


No  Name                   Hcp           Start
1   Mark McNamara         11-30          09-01
2   Rick Opie              7-30             02
3   Lynda Gale             7-00             03
4   Teresa Goddard         KW               04
5   Alex Kew               0-45          09-05
6   Andy Leatherbarrow     KW               06
7   Andy Avis              5-30             07
8   Peter Mollison         KW               08
9   Ken Williams           6-15             09
10  Tom Fricker            FRC  (0-45)   09-10
11  Michael Fricker        FRC  (1-30)      11
12  Joanne Fricker         5-00  2nd Cl     12
13  Paul Fricker           FRC  (5-45)      13
14  Brian McMartin         KW               14
15  Simon Trehearn         Scr           09-15
16  Jim Ley                KW            09-16
17  Jake Dodd              2-30             17
18  Austin Bell            KW               18
19  Tom Barrett            PTT              19
20  Brian Powney           Scr           09-20
21  Dominic Trevett        KW               21
22  Ben Sawford            PTT              22
23  Ray Dare               4-00             23
24  Mike Morley            5-00             24
25  Steve Hillier          Scr           09-25
26  Damien Breen           KW               26
27  Luke Dearden           5-30             27
28  Alex Scutt             KW               28
29  Nick Hostler           4-00             29
30  Phil Ember             KW            09-30
31  Dan McCormack          KW               31

KW = Kingston Wheelers
FRC = Farnham Road Club

Phoenix Members Awards:
Hilly 12
1st & 2nd Hcp
1st & 2nd Fastest

Hill Climb
Men’s Champion
Woman’s Champion

We meet at the National Trust car park at Headley Heath on B2033 (beware height restriction).
This is a Pay & Display car park


Care should be taken riding to the start (Especially If Wet) as the road descends sharply and there are sharp bends.
Don’t let me say “I told you so”.

There are speed humps on the Zig Zag of Box Hill (low risk)
There are speed humps on the very fast descent after the Clay Lane fork, be very careful.
You Will Not Miss Them.

Hilly 12 Course

START at power pole 10 in Lodgebottom Road (unclassified) 250 yards south of B2033 near Headley.
Proceed south-westwards to T junction with B2209 (near Mickleham).
LEFT (marshal) and take next LEFT (marshal) up the Zig-Zag of Box Hill to junction with B2033.
LEFT (marshal) (care) onto B2003 past HQ but straight on (leaving B2033) at Headley Common.
Proceed through Headley to junction with Clay Lane. LEFT fork (marshal) into Clay Lane and continue to A24 Leatherhead By-Pass were left (CARE) (No marshal) to next RBT (Beaverbrook) were LEFT (No marshal) into B2033 to.
Finish at oak tree on left side of road, 43 yards before Give Way sign and 125 yards before Headley Common Road.

(The Last 825 Yards of The Hilly 12 Course)

Do not stop, but the time starts as you pass the GREEN FLAG. At the junction of Lodgebottom Road were you turned into to get to the start, at fire hydrant cover, by hydrant sign 4/30, Continue for 825 yards to finish at Hilly 12 Finish.

Frank Cubis

Breakfast after at the Wetherspoon's pub in the middle of the pedestrian area at Leatherhead (opp Sainsbury's).

As the weather forecast is not looking promising for Sunday morning it is possible that we will have to cancel the event. Wet roads and the amount of rubbish that gets swept onto the road in rainy conditions do not make for a safe event. We will monitor the weather forecast and notify by posting here and by email on Saturday evening around 6pm what the decision is. Currently the forecast seems OK for overnight Saturday, but not OK for the time of the event. If the forecast conditions come in quicker than expected we will almost certainly have to cancel. If slightly slower then we might get away with it.
Be aware that not cancelling Saturday night, doesn't mean that it can't still be cancelled when we get there Sunday morning!


Monday, September 05, 2011

SCCU 25 - 4th Sept 2011 - result

Club 25 Mile Time Trial
Incorporated into the SCCU Open Event
Sunday 4th September 2011
Result Sheet

No Name               Time       Hcp    Hcp/Time  Vets    Scr/Hcp   Award	
89 Steve Hillier     1-05-02     Scr    1-05-02   +7-41    7 / 5    PB
84 Jake Dodd         1-07-37	3-15    1-04-22   +7-18    3 / 6    Course Best
59 Ray Dare          1-08-49    4-30    1-04-19   +23-28   6 / 7    1st Hcp
24 Simon Trehearn    1-12-39    4-00    1-08-39            5 / 3
9  Mike Morley       1-12-50    7-15    1-05-35   +9-03    4 / 4    Recent Best
33 Philip Burgin       DNS       Scr
Frank Cubis

Must have been a pretty good morning in between the rain! Steve did a PB (ever), Jake did her best on the course, Mike did his best 25 for a number of years and Ray - at age 85 - did his fastest 25 since 2007, setting new Club AR & OAS Records and a VTTA Surrey/Sussex Record - he missed the National VTTA Record for his age by just over a minute and is now eyeing the N Hants 25 on the H25/8 at Bentley...


Kent 12hr Time trial

Brian changing from the fixed machine at about 70miles

Saturday, September 03, 2011

Saturday at Garsons Farm

A really good turn out at Garsons Farm 24 people including Dipesh Patel and Helene Grinsted first time riders with us a warm welcome to you both!

Friday, September 02, 2011

Andy's MTB Thursday night rides

Andy from all of your regular and not so regular riders thanks for all the time and effort you put into these rides. Last night here we are at Banstead Station and afterwards a large gathering at JDS Epsom for a "Curry Night Out" Joe could not quite manage his "Vindaloo" as the sauce was too hot! As for me I've been all morning on the "Pot" We all look forward to the Spring Andy when we can start again an Olympic Year.

Tonight I shall be on the Brighton FNRttC and ready for the last of our KPRC 25 TT for 2011 on Sunday morning. KPRC have 6 riders anyone going under the hour?
To Ann John B & Brian P all the best for your "Kent 12 hr"
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