Monday, July 30, 2012

Randonnée Alpine

My long ride this summer was the Randonnée Alpine, one of the classic French Raids.  This one goes from Thonon, near Geneva, to Antibes and is a pretty challenging mountain ride.  It's 712 km and 17,485 meters of ascent, which is quite a lot.  Unlike the Raid Pyrenéen, its western counterpart, it doesn't have such a strict time constraint, but this was little help for me as the support company that I had signed up with were doing it in six days.  So that was that.

On Monday, 23 July eighteen of us left the lakeside at Thonon and began climbing more or less immediately, a pattern which was followed for the next six days until, on Saturday afternoon we all arrived at Antibes.  

It's a tough ride, with varied and spectacular scenery.  The route takes you over many classic French passes, makes a detour into Italy, ending with a spectacular run down through the foothills of Provence to the sea.  Great fun.

Marmot Tours organised my ride, and were very good.  Two vans, good spares and food support, a rider on some of the passes and very good hotels and mapping.  The party was mixed, from youthful racing snakes to those old enough to know better (me).  The former found it easier.  No problems en route - and if anything had happened, everything necessary to fix it was in the van, up to a spare bike, if needs be.  The weather was sunny every day, too hot on many occasions - up to 38ºC, but that's mountain riding for you.

My carnet number was 3190, which I guess to be the number who have attempted the ride over the years, and my homologation number was 2490, which I guess to be the number of finishers.  So our 100% record was pretty good.

This year's bike was a special that Condor made for me.  Lighter than the Boardman, with a 'gran fondo' frame that is intended for long-distance comfort.  SRAM Rival gears, 11-32 and a compact, Mavic Krysium SL wheels, Grand Prix 4000s tyres and perfect for the job.  No problems, no punctures and a top speed on the trip of 48.2 mph.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Oliympic Road race

Jake and Gary are going to Denbies to watch the big screen after watching them on the box hill circuit if anyone wants to join us. The mountain bikers are going to Headley if you want to meet them. I think the road is open to cyclists till 10am if you want to cycle. We are also going to Betty Johnsons house at Hampton Court to watch Time trial on wed if any club member wants to come. Safe place in garden for bike and watch the race on telly after seeing it live right outside her front door!! The more the merrier!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Eve 10 #8 - start sheet

Wednesday July 25th 2012

No   Name              Hcp     VetStd    Start Time 
  1  Tony D'Italia     6-30    28-54     19-40-30
  2  Andy Avis         5-00    26-39     19-41
  3  Rick Opie         6-30    26-26     19-41-30
  4  Deborah Hurst     7-30    28-46     19-42
  5  Billy McNamara    Clarencourt CC    19-42-30
  6  Lynda Gale        4-45              19-43
  7  Grant Pyke        5-00    29-27     19-43-30
  8  Jake Dodd         2-15    28-51     19-44
  9  Mike Morley       4-00    28-36     19-44-30
 10  Ray Dare          4-30    32-33     19-45
 11  Bob Smith         0-45    25-59     19-45-30
 12  Philip Burgin     3-30    27-28     19-46
 13  Andy Huddart      Clarencourt CC    19-46-30
 14  Russell Williams  0-30    26-31     19-47
 15  Steve Hillier     3-30    26-55     19-47-30
 16  Alex Kew          4-00    26-04     19-48
 17  Simon Trehearn    Scr               19-48-30

1st & 2nd Hcp
1st & 2nd Fastest
Fastest Woman

It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position clearly visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use.

Frank Cubis

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Kingston to Worthing - some pictures

Finally got the time to upload some pictures. I have loads more but would need all night to upload the lot, so I just chose the Phoenix ones, hope that's alright.

Mel x

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Phoenix BBQ 11th Aug

The annual Phoenix BBq is on sat 11th Aug 5pm at Jake and Garys. As usual everyone brings some food for BBq and buffett and some drink and maybe some chairs and any friends and family. Hope the weather good for us this year although we have a gazeebo and a summer house now! Please spread the word as not everyone reads the blog. All sat riders invited.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Kingston-Worthing Result

Sunday 15th July 2012

No  Name              Time    Hcp   HcpTime    Scr/Hcp  Award

25  Alex Scutt       1-49-48  Kingston Wheelers  PB
27  Phil Ember       1-53-05  Kingston Wheelers  PB
31  Stuart Pearce    1-53-37  Scr   1-53-37     7 / 2    1st Fastest
10  Gareth Thomas    1-57-55  Kingston Wheelers
15  Kevin Thomas     1-58-12  Kingston Wheelers  PB
 5  Dave Spragg      2-01-06  Kingston Wheelers
 8  Jason Gardiner   2-01-36  Kingston Wheelers
21  Pat Wright       2-03-55  Kingston Wheelers
12  Paul Banner      2-05-44  Kingston Wheelers  PB
26  Ben Brandon      2-05-59  Kingston Wheelers
28  Simon Trehearn   2-06-07  13-00  1-53-07    6 / 3
19  Nick Griffiths   2-06-24  Kingston Wheelers
 6  Dominic Trevett  2-07-06  Kingston Wheelers PB
18  Maddy Lee-Smith  2-07-07  East Grinstead
 9  Tim Medcalf      2-07-44  Kingston Wheelers  (Off course)
17  Jake Dodd        2-09-21  20-00  1-49-21    4 / 5
16  Martin Anscombe  2-09-32  Kingston Wheelers
11  Peter Wright     2-09-46  Kingston Wheelers
22  Javier Arias     2-16-25  Kingston Wheelers  PB (punct)
 7  Richard Leisham  2-17-58  Kingston Wheelers
20  Keith Griffin    2-18-56  Kingston Wheelers (punct)
13  Russell Hanson   2-19-01  Kingston Wheelers
24  Harry Skinner    2-20-55  Kingston Wheelers
14  Mark Gladwyn     2-21-01  33-00  1-48-01    5 / 6
 2  Lynda Gale       2-28-32  38-00  1-50-32    3 / 4
 1  Grant Pyke       2-29-41  36-00  1-53-41    4 / 2
 4  Rick Opie        2-34-19  47-00  1-47-19    3 / 7   1st Hcp
 3  Pete Evens         DNS
23  Natalie Creswick   DNS    Twickenham CC
29  Chris Campbell     DNS    Kingston Wheelers
30  David Broderick    DNS    Kingston Wheelers

Congratulations to Stuart, winning the Derek Mason Memorial Trophy
for the 4th year running.

Mark Mc        Number Steward
Judy           Marshalling at Brighton Road, Surbiton
David          Marshalling at Ditton Road
Frank Powney   Marshalling at Malden Rushett
Doreen & Ron   Timing at Box Hill & Washington
Tony & Ann     Timing at 25 at Warnham

Frank Cubis

Friday, July 13, 2012

Andrew and Rosemarys wedding

Andrew and Rosemarys Wedding held in Thornthwaite church on a sunny day on 7th July. Quite a few Phoenix were present and we all enjoyed the speeches at the reception after, and the dancing in the evening at Cockermouth. A really emotional day! They set off for a cycling honeymoon. Perfect.

Evening 10 #7 - result

WEDNESDAY 11th July 2012

No Name              Time  HcpTime  Vets   Points  Awards

1  Ray Dare          30-07  23-37   +2:26   4 / 4
2  Lynda Gale        29-38  23-08           4 / 5
3  Grant Pyke        32-30  25-45   -3:03   3 / 2
4  John Beer          DNF                   1 / 0
5  Bob Smith         26-16  23-46   +1:17   6 / 3  2nd Fastest
7  Simon Trehearn    25-07  23-07           7 / 6  1st Fastest/2nd Hcp
8  Roy Instrall      28-59  Morden CRC
9  Alex Kew          27-34  21-34   -1:30   5 / 7  1st Hcp

Stuart Pearce - puncture on the line.
Toni D'Italia
Jake Dodd
Philip Burgin
Phil Todd
Brian Powney
Simon Waller



Rumours of a downed tree and a car in the ditch - but either way an almighty queue on the A24 to get the Holmwood RAB (the Police had the road to Black Pond blocked off) and hence to the car park.

With the changeable weather all afternoon - wait 5 minutes for all four seasons, rinse and repeat, and would you like some hail with that? I think it was hailstones by the side of the road between the carpark and the start, but it looked for all the world like almost melted snow! - it was no surprise that there were so many NS.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Olympic Invite

I have received this email from Molesey Boat Club:

"Hi guys,

I’m not sure if you and your club members have decided yet where to watch the Olympic Road & Time Trial Cycling on July 28th, 29th and August 1st, but you are more than welcome to do it from Molesey Boat Club in a few weeks’ time!

This rowing club is not only situated a few hundred yards from Hampton Court, so great for the Time Trials on Wednesday, August 1st, but is also off Hurst Road, the route of the Road Race itself. It will also be showing the rowing on the TVs of course, in which MBC has 8 participants!

Feel free to store your bikes in the club’s boat yard, or even potentially the ground floor gym, then watch the excitement unfold live as the bikes hurtle by, and then the races on the TVs in the club bar, where food will also be served. Everyone is welcome, non-MBC members, friends, families and colleagues.

The Club can be reached easily by cycle, foot, rail (Hampton Court station) and even ferry (from Richmond, Kingston):

Have a look at the attachment here and feel free to contact Niki and Dav, who are copied on this, should you have any questions.

Hope to see you there!


Kingston to Worthing - start sheet

SUNDAY 15th July 2012 - GS/476
Start Sheet

No  NAME                   HCP                             START
1   Grant Pyke            36-00                            06-01
2   Lynda Gale            38-00                               02
3   Pete Evens            PTT                                 03
4   Rick Opie             47-00                               04
5   Dave Spragg        Kingston Wlrs                       06-05
6   Dominic Trevett    Kingston Wlrs                          06
7   Richard Leisham    Kingston Wlrs                          07
8   Jason Gardiner     Kingston Wlrs                          08
9   Tim Medcalf        Kingston Wlrs                          09
10  Gareth Thomas      Kingston Wlrs                       06-10
11  Peter Wright       Kingston Wlrs                          11
12  Paul Banner        Kingston Wlrs                          12
13  Gary Lee           Kingston Wlrs                          13
14  Mark Gladwyn          33-00                               14
15  Kevin Thomas       Kingston Wlrs                       06-15
16  Martin Anscombe    Kingston Wlrs                          16
17  Jake Dodd             20-00                               17
18  Maddy Lee-Smith    East Grinstead CC                      18
19  Nick Griffiths     Kingston Wlrs                          19
20  Keith Griffin      Kingston Wlrs                       06-20
21  Pat Wright         Kingston Wlrs                          21
22  Javier Arias       Kingston Wlrs                          22
23  Natalie Creswick/Emma Williams (Tandem) Twickenham CC     23
24  Harry Skinner      Kingston Wlrs                          24
25  Alex Scutt         Kingston Wlrs                       06-25
26  Ben Brandon        Kingston Wlrs                          26
27  Phil Ember         Kingston Wlrs                          27
28  Simon Trehearn        13-00                               28
29  Chris Campbell     Kingston Wlrs                          29
30  David Broderick    Kingston Wlrs                       06-30
31  Stuart Pearce          Scr                                31

Awards to Phoenix Members only:
1st Fastest to hold the Derek Mason Memorial Trophy
1st Hcp Award

Any items ie clothing, bags etc can be left in my car (Mondeo Estate) at the start, but MUST be collected after crossing the finish line and before breakfast.

At about 27 miles:
London South regulation (for safety reasons). You must use the slip road up to Farthings Hill roundabout and continue back down the slip road, to rejoin the A24 again, if you fail to do this, London South say, I must disqualify you.

Breakfast is booked as usual at MACARI’S 24-25 Marine Parade, which is a few yards east of Worthing pier.

If riding with a Mobile phone it might be wise to pre enter my number. (see emailed start sheet)

Frank Cubis

Eve 10 #7 - start sheet

Wednesday July 11th 2012

No Name         Hcp    VetStd   Start Time 
 2  Ray Dare         6-30    32-33    19-41
 3  Lynda Gale       6-30
 4  Tony D'Italia    8-30    28-54    19-42
 5  Marcus Edwards  Clarencourt CC
 6  Jake Dodd        4-15    28-51    19-43
 7  Grant Pyke       6-45    29-27
 8  Bob Smith        2-30    27-33    19-44
 9  Philip Burgin    5-15    27-23
10  Alex Kew         6-00    26-04    19-45
11  John Beer        2-30    27-33
12  Phil Todd        5-30    26-04    19-46
13  Billy McNamara  Clarencourt CC
14  Simon Trehearn   2-00             19-47
15  Brian Powney     4-30    26-39
16  Andy Huddart    Clarencourt CC    19-48
17  Stuart Pearce    Scr
18  Simon Waller     4-30             19-49

1st & 2nd Hcp
1st & 2nd Fastest

It is recommended that a working rear light, either flashing or constant, is fitted to the machine in a position clearly visible to following road users and is active while the machine is in use.

Frank Cubis

Bec 25 - result (club event)

Bec CC 25 & Club Event
Sunday 8th July 2012

No  NAME              TIME   HcpTime   Vets    Points   Award

19  Mike Morley     1-14-31    56-31   -1-31    5 / 6
31  Stuart Pearce   1-02-25  1-02-25            7 / 4
39  Grant Pyke      1-16-01    57-19   -0-51    4 / 5
74  Brian Powney      DNS                       0 / 0
84  Simon Trehearn  1-04-30    56-00            6 / 7   1st Hcp  PB
113 Philip Burgin    DNS                        0 / 0


Sunday, July 08, 2012

Tour de France, Dieppe


Bradley Wiggins

Mark Cavendish

After our West Coast tour we went to stay with Graham and Gill Holder in their house not far from Rouen.  On Wednesday we all rode up the Voie Verte to Dieppe to watch the Tour come though.  We've done it a few times in various places; it's always a great spectacle, and it's very enjoyable to be part of a great French celebration, but you really get very little idea of what's going on - you need a television for that.

Anyway, we all had a grand ride on a very sunny day to Dieppe en fête - everything set out in the sunshine for the great day, the streets lined with expectant people.  Nothing for a while, then the craziness of the Caravan, where sponsors throw out promotional gifts from elaborately dressed up vehicles.  There were hundreds of them, and the enthusiasm for the souvenirs is huge.  I got a yellow hat, at some risk to life and limb, Maggie got some washing powder and Gill, more usefully, got a packet of biscuits.

Then there's a long pause before the Tour itself comes.  Police bikes sweep along the road, the Commissaires cars bustle self-importantly along, then there's the thwup thwup thwup of the TV helicopters  - five of them - then the breakaway, and then swoosh, the peloton whisks by and it's over.

Pleasant people in the Le Flash bar made us sandwiches, as it was now after lunch, then back off home down the Voie Vert, joshing with other cyclists and enjoying a sunny afternoon.


Sunday, July 01, 2012

The Outlaw Triathlon

I just though I would let you know that Simon Trehearn has just finished the Outlaw Iron Distance Tri in a time of 11hrs 15mins which is a pb by a whole hour. Top bombing!!

Interclub 25 - Result

SUNDAY 1st JULY 2012

No  Name            Club    Time     Vets    HcpTime  Scr/Hcp   Awards
20  Mick Deen        Red     57-51
23  Stuart Pearce    KPx     58-24             58-24   7 / 3   Fastest
28  Warren Higgins   Red     58-30   PTT
26  Simon Tonge      Red   1-00-15
8   Richard Vaudin   Red   1-00-51
10  Tom Tuohy        Red   1-03-49
29  Barry Walker     Red   1-04-26
5   John Beer        KPx   1-04-51  +5:18      59-21   6 / 2
19  Bob Smith        KPx   1-04-52  +1:18      57-52   5 / 5
24  John McGlasham   Red   1-05-33
6   Alisdair Wylie   Red   1-06-39
15  Simon Mitchell   KPx   1-07-48  -0:14      58-18   4 / 4
11  Maddy Lee-Smith  KPx   1-08-33   PTT
18  David Eccles     Red   1-09-12
17  Brian Powney     KPx   1-09-31  -1:46    1-01-31   3 / 2
16  Peter Horsfield  Red   1-09-33
21  Philip Burgin    KPx   1-09-39  +0:02    1-00-39   2 / 2
14  Roger Griffiths  Red   1-11-15
7   Ray Dare         KPx   1-12-16  +11:17     56-16   2 / 6   2nd Hcp
13  Mike Morley      KPx   1-15-11  -2:16    1-00-11   2 / 2
9   Grant Pyke       KPx   1-16-24  -1:14      53-24   2 / 7   1st Hcp
1   Lynda Gale       KPx   1-17-51           1-00-21   3 / 2
4   Chris Brewer     Red   1-21-28
2   Richard Hoskin   Red   1-24-10
3   Mark McNamara    KPx     DNS
12  Colin Harris     Red     DNS     PTT
22  Joe Gentle       Red     DNS
25  Steve Gentle     Red     DNS
27  Paul Read        Red     DNF     PTT

Redmon CC            - 6hrs 12min 45sec
Kingston Phoenix RC  - 6hrs 35min 05sec

Very many thanks to Jen & John for marshalling the Crawley turns, and the Redmon for marshalling the south end.

Frank Cubis