Friday, June 27, 2014

SCCU 50 - start

Southern Counties Cycling Union
50 Mile Club Event
Sunday 29th June 2014
Start Sheet

No  NAME             HCP      VetStd    START  
21  David Watt       9-00               06-21 
26  Mike Morley     28-00    2-53-50    06-26
28  Ray Dare        30-00    3-15-55    06-29
31  Jake Dodd       20-00    2-39-03    06-31
33  Grant Pyke      40-00    3-00-28    06-33
38  Simon Waller    18-00               06-39
46  Simon Trehearn   6-00    2-17-01    06-46
48  Brian Powney    22-00    2-28-45    06-48
62  Stuart Pearce    Scr                07-02

1st Hcp
1st Fastest


Many Thanks to Ken and Joe as the Phoenix helpers for this event


Eve 10 #5 - 2Up - result


Team                                         Time        Awards

Alex Kew             & Simon Trehearn    23-53  1st Phoenix Team
James Roberts        & Neil Burt         25-21  (PTT)
Mike Morley          & Tim Morley        25-26
Jake Dodd            & Joe Bertorelli    25-28
Geraldine Glowinski  & Andy Huddart      25-59 VC de Londres/Clarencourt CC
Deborah Hurst        & Russell Williams  27-39 -31sec Nearest to Average time
Rachel Watkins       & Philip Burgin     28-53 +43sec
Grant Pyke           & Patrick Ryan      30-16
Sam Pickup           & Jenni Chapman     30-42
Angie Launder        & Ken Williams      33-06  8th Phoenix Team
Steve Hillier         26-16
Robyn Yates           26-49  Addiscombe CC
Helene Grinsted       33-21
Mark McNamara         36-37
Stuart Pearce          DNS  (Apol)
Marcus Edwards         DNS  (Apol)

The average time for the 8 full Phoenix teams was 28min 10sec

All Phoenix riders will receive 2 Scratch points

Alex for placing the event warning signs round the course.
Ray & Stuart Downie for pushing off.
Andy P for marshalling the start
Ron for marshalling at Beare Green Rbt
Andy A for marshalling the turn and retrieving the event warning signs.
Judy as number steward at the finish
Ron for taking me back to the A3 after the event.

And congratulations to all for riding this two up promotion safely.
Frank Cubis

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The National 24 Hour TT; A view from the side of the road.

By the time I arrived at the night circuit HQ at 9pm, our riders had already been cycling for the best part of 8 hours. In the car on the way down my temperature gauge had read a steady 26 degrees which would undoubtedly be making it even more difficult for all the competitors. You could tell where the KPRC 'pits' were as we had by far the most stuff, mainly food, taking up the best part of two car parking bays and while our boys and girl would be slugging it out during the night I would take it upon myself to enter my own endurance event and see how much snack food I could eat in my 12 hour stint as a KPRC helper. Mini sausage rolls? Not a problem. Home made flap jacks? Easy. Simon Waller's rubbery poached eggs with bacon and ham? Even I had to draw the line somewhere.

I have to say that Brian had everything in hand and was our commander for the event. Everything had its place in a box. Lights, food, drink, clothes, more food, spares, more food, buckets of sponges, even more food. Buckets of sponges? If Brian was expecting us to clean his car while we were hanging around he was sorely mistaken. I never did find out what the sponges were for. I then proceeded to spend the next few hours putting things back in the wrong box and generally ruining Brian's finely honed system. Sorry Brian.

So a gentle enquiry about how our riders were doing. The group parted and there was Simon T slumped in a deck chair, silently trying to force more quiche into his body (the normal way; he wasn't doing anything rude) while he shivered uncontrollably. Ah, so it's going well then? Eight hours in the sun had obviously taken its toll. I had read somewhere once that cycling in those conditions wearing an aero helmet with minimal ventilation is akin to trying to headbutt a comet. I now see what they meant. He looked a bit like  raspberry ripple ice cream; bright pink and bright white all at the same time. My first duty as a helper was to be handed Simon's skinsuit that he had been wearing for the past 8 hours. I have seen more hygienic petri dishes in a dermatology lab. I found an old carrier bag for it to fester in and proceeded to put it into the wrong box. Sorry again Brian.

After this, Simon W came over, in jeans and a t-shirt. Simon is a very cool chap. He calls people 'dude' a lot and walks around in bare feet and has one of the most genuinely positive outlooks on life of anyone I have ever met, but even I could tell that this wasn't standard cycling kit for a 24 hour attempt and his usual happy demeanour was not quite all there.  After 9 months of solid training, his race had come to an end before it had barely begun (if you can call 8 hours on a bike 'barely beginning'). A swollen knee, that kept swelling, despite Simon attempting to 'cycle through it' and Jules' best attempts on the massage table, put paid to his chances and his disappointment was palpable. He then proceeded to offer everything he had to the other riders to help them through to the end; lights, food, clothing; you name it, Simon W had it. A top, top bloke. He says that's it for a 24 hour tt but lets hope that Brian can persuaded him otherwise in a year or two.

So we got Simon T wrapped up and after 30 minutes or so he was back out, wearing mainly other people's clothing, ready to start the night circuit. In an effort to be useful I had tried to put some of Simon's lights on for him and promptly got it completely wrong. So while Simon was having another shivering fit trying not to bring all his food up, he was also left with the task of sorting out the rear light I had put on his bike wrongly. Sorry Simon.

I know Simon very well and how determined he is, but as he ever so slightly wobbled up the hill to start his first 24 mile loop of the night circuit, I thought his chances of finishing would be 50/50 at best. Just goes to show how much I know.

So myself, Ian Davies and Brian settled in for the night at the HQ while Jake went round to the other side of the night circuit with , Dave Brentnall and Joe Bertorelli to support from there. Pretty soon after, both Mike and Paul rolled in. Paul was truly amazing. He'd been cycling for 9 hours but you would think he'd just popped down the shops for a pint of milk. Every time we saw him he put himself in one of Brian's garden chairs and proceeded to demolish about 500 calories of food, all the time chatting away without a care in the world. I saw Mike for the first time as well, around then, and while he was his usual talkative self, he was obviously starting to feel the effects of a long day in the saddle and his hip was already starting to let him know that it was there. It didn't stop him virtually bunny hopping the kerb in the car park in order to find Philip, who was Mike's main support for the day. After stopping for a rest and finding out where his food was, Mike was back out too, and with Ann Bath, our four remaining riders were now orbiting the night circuit.

Ah yes, the night circuit. Apparently, think Syrian roads, but worse. Quite a few of the riders were mentioning in fruity language the lack of road lighting and the pot holes (two of which were so bad they had cones in them to stop riders breaking their bikes and themselves). This would merely add to the challenge of the night phase, along with a pop up set of temporary traffic lights. Ian, Brian and myself settled into a routine of copious tea drinking, endurance chatting and extreme lavatory visiting, deftly timed like the Red Arrows to the gaps when we were not looking after the riders. The tactics of the different riders was interesting to observe. Simon would do two laps at a time without a break before coming in, Mike would do one lap while Paul would stop pretty much every half lap or so.

Around 1.30-2.00am Mike came in and seemed in a bit of trouble. Ian and I had to help him from his bike and get him inside the HQ. It was in there that miracles were being worked with tea, fragranced oils and kiniesio tape. The lovely Jules was working away on tired muscles and limbs (she even offered to rub me down but the effects of endurance sausage roll eating were yet to kick in, so I politely declined) and our riders had her massage table to get a couple of hours' kip. So Mike shuffled in and after a good sleep, some food and a massage he was back out again after a couple of hours. Mike has been very hard on himself about not finishing this but it was a truly heroic effort by him to get back on his bike at that point and keep going for another 7 hours or so.

While waiting for our riders to appear I was with Ian standing by the road at the entrance to the HQ car park. I should point out that to exit the car park the riders had to climb a short and quite steep rise, which seemed particularly cruel. One rider from another club came towards us and let out a real cry of pain, complaining of not being able to breathe. Yikes.  Ian and I got the rider off his bike and sat him down to try to regulate his breathing and we were within a whisker of phoning for an ambulance. After a while we got him into my fold up chair and his support crew arrived (in a dinner jacket; I kid you not!) and gradually he got better over an hour or so. It was genuinely scary at the time, but nowhere near as scary as it would have been to explain to Mrs Kew that someone had died in her favourite garden chair. Ian and I saw him again a few hours later, chatting to Brian and I think he took the wise decision to call it quits then, but I'm not entirely sure.

By about 3.30am I was starting to feel it a bit myself so got my head down along 3 plastic chairs for half an hour or so and around this time Ann came in. I had not seen her at all so far. With her camelback she was quite self sufficient, getting top ups from her support and turning the cranks at her own pace. She was still her bubbly self but stated that she needed a lie down, so Jules's massage table was pressed into service again. I think Ann had about 40 minutes' sleep, tops, before emerging re-vitalised, ready to push on through to the morning. She just seemed completely unflappable and not overawed by it at all. I know that she's done it before but even so, it was really inspiring to see.

Between approximately 5-7am all our riders arrived to have their bottles topped up, have a feed and get stripped off ready to head towards the finishing circuit. At one point, Simon and Paul were sat side by side, trying to work out how many laps they had done. It was like watching and listening to two drunks trying to understand how the Higgs Boson particle works; they just couldn't work it out because of sheer effort and tiredness. So we plied them with food and sent them on their way.

As Ian and I drove over to the finishing circuit we saw all our riders looking strong and we were confident they would all finish. An hour or so later we were set up to receive them and Paul arrived first. When I asked him how he was it was the first time that he showed any negative emotions and even then it was "I'm starting to feel it a little bit." Surely the understatement of the season so far. This was over 20 hours into the ride by now and the sun and heat was getting up again. 30 minutes later, Simon rolled in and was looking better. He had got stronger as the night had gone on as he had managed to keep his food down despite some truly monumental burps.  We applied liberal amounts of sun cream and it was now only another 3 hours' riding to finish. Just a normal Sunday training ride and they would be home.

Well done to all our five riders. It takes a lot of courage to even attempt this event which obviously puts a great strain on the body and mind. The fact that they rode with such good humour and grace despite how difficult it got for them is a testament to the wonderful members we have in this club. I know Simon has  mentioned it already but it is worth saying again how great Brian was in getting the club involved with members riding and a good deal more out supporting, but I am sure that without Brian's organisation the riders' chances of success would have been greatly reduced.

So, who's in next year?

Eve 10 #5 2Up TTT - start


  Nos       NAME                                        START
 1 &  2 Sam Pickup          & Jenni Chapman     19-46
 3 &  4 Ken Williams        & Angie Launder     19-47
 5 &  6 Alex Kew            & Simon Trehearn    19-48
 7 &  8 Jake Dodd           & Joe Bertorelli    19-49
 9 & 10 Geraldine Glowinski & Andy Huddart      19-50 PTT
11 & 12 Deborah Hurst       & Russell Williams  19-51 
13 & 14 Rachel Watkins      & Philip Burgin     19-52
15 & 16 Grant Pyke          & Patrick Ryan      19-53
17 & 18 Marcus Edwards      & Stuart Pearce     19-54
19 & 20 Mike Morley         & Tim Morley        19-55
21      Mark McNamara                           19-55-30
22      Robyn Yates                             19-56
23      Helene Grinsted                         19-56-30
24      James Roberts                           19-57
25      Steve Hillier                           19-57-30

Awards (to Phoenix pairs):
1st Team
Last Team
Team nearest to average time of 9 Phoenix teams.

All riders in 2up or solo will receive 2 Scratch points

At the time of going to press Marcus and Stuart are a team but could ride slow.

Frank Cubis

Monday, June 23, 2014

A 24hr pic

Simon changes bikes after 6hrs prior to retirement with a swollen knee. I couldn't get a photo of Mike, every time he came near the car he stopped for something to eat!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

24 Hr Update

Just a quickie. As of 9 o' clock this morning, Simon T and Paul Day were still going strong and heading towards their last few hours on the finishing circuit. Simon had caught the sun a bit during yesterday but rallied during the night. Paul is just a human metronome; steadily pounding out the laps. He's slowed a little but going well.

Last I saw of Ann Bath and Mike Morley they were still going well. Mike had a tough time in the early hours but had a good sleep and feed and like the Phoenix he was wearing on his back, rose again to get back on the bike. Ann is just a machine. A short nap at about 4am and she was back out again. An amazing lady.

Unfortunately Simon Waller had to pull out after about 8 hours' riding, with a severely swollen knee. A real shame after all the hard work he's put in.

Will try to blog a proper post in the next few days, but here's hoping our remaining riders (and support crew) make it to the finish.

Brian and Paul discussing lights.

You'll have to guess who is under here.

Sleepy beddy byes.

The machine that is Ann Bath, heading out at 5am.
Paul Day; still relaxed and composed.

Yes, Simon really does feel that rough.

Simon T heading towards the finishing circuit.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

24hr - club start sheet

R.T.T.C. National Championship 24 Hour Time Trial 
Club Event 
Sat/Sun 21st-22nd June 2014 
No  NAME              HCP       VetStd   START  
18  Ann Bath         80mls      307.13   12-18
22  Simon Waller     55mls               12-22
24  Mike Morley      86mls      309.45   12-24
61  Simon Trehearn    Scr       393.75   13-01
63  Paul Day         40mls               13-03

Award: 1st Hcp


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Phoenix BBQ 5th July

All invited to Phoenix BBQ at Jakes house, Epsom, at 4pm onwards.

Bring meat or rolls or salad etc and drink. Be prepared to cook it as we not able to service the BBQ all afternoon. Pass this invite on to anyone not on computer. Familys welcome. Come and meet your clubmates in normal clothing and socialise. If anyone got spare charcoal bring it along. Anyone got spare paper plates?

Edit: I have removed Jake's full address as this post can be viewed by anyone, anywhere in the world. If you don't have/can't find an address list with it on, comment on this post and I'll email it to you.


24hr Start Sheet etc

From the East Sussex CA website:

Start Sheet and Event Handbook
The 2014 Start Sheet and Handbook are now available on the web site. You can download either booklet version of the START SHEET (prints on A4 double sided) or a plain version (prints 2 consecutive pages onto A4) 

The riders handbook which has 58 pages of information can be downloaded either as a booklet version (prints on A4 double sided) or a plain version (prints 2 consecutive pages onto A4) 

Esther and the event organisation wish riders all the best.


Pete Mitchell Memorial 10 - result

Pete Mitchell Memorial 10
14th June 2014

1  Rob Sharland        Kingston Wheelers CC            20:47  S
2  Steve Kane          Brighton Excelsior CC           21:00  S
3  Steve Irwin         Kingston Wheelers CC            21:29  V40/49
4  Tim Stevens         34 Nomads CC                    21:47  V50/59
5  Jamie Francis       London Dynamo                   22:13  J
6  Niall Digby                22:28  V40/49
7  Andy Lack           Kingston Wheelers CC            22:36  V40/49
8  Brian Molloy        Brighton Excelsior CC           22:50  V40/49
9  Yuriy Tymchenko     Sussex Nomads CC                22:59  V40/49
10 Gavin Francis       London Dynamo                   23:16  V40/49
11 Adam Bidwell        Kingston Wheelers CC            23:18  S
12 Matt Peel           Redhill CC                      23:19  S
13 Stephen Morgan      Tooting BC                      23:22  V40/49
14 Andrew Clavell      Kingston Wheelers CC            23:23  V40/49
15 James Griffin       Kingston Wheelers CC            23:29  S
16 Russell Williams    Kingston Phoenix RC             23:35  V40/49
17 Michael Porter      34 Nomads CC                    23:38  V40/49
18 Sam Dix             In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT  23:46  V40/49
19 Nigel Morgan        Tooting BC                      23:48  V40/49
20 Simon  Trehearn     Kingston Phoenix RC             23:50  V40/49
21 Andrew R Green      Addiscombe CC                   24:11  S
22 James Hewitt        Kingston Wheelers CC            24:20  S
23 Matthew Whitaker    Kingston Wheelers CC            24:23  V40/49
24 Matt Phipps Taylor  Kingston Wheelers CC            24:43  S
25 Alex Kew            Kingston Phoenix RC             24:45  V40/49
26 Geoff Smith         Eastbourne Rovers CC            25:09  V60/69
27 Kevin Bashford      East Grinstead CC               25:28  V50/59
28 Leigh Schvartz      Swindon RC                      26:01  S
29 Jackie Dodd         Kingston Phoenix RC             26:57  WV
30 Steve Hillier       Kingston Phoenix RC             27:01  V50/59
31 Michael Gibbons     South Eastern RC                27:41  V60/69
32 Mike Morley         Kingston Phoenix RC             28:17  V70+
33 Geraldine Glowinski VC De Londres                   29:16  WV
34 Phil Burgin         Kingston Phoenix RC             29:34  V60/69
35 Ray Dare            Kingston Phoenix RC             30:15  V70+
36 Selena Bartley      Sussex Nomads CC                31:11  WV
37 Angela Launder      Kingston Phoenix RC             33:43  WV
38 Grant Pyke (Trike)  Kingston Phoenix RC             33:46  V70+
   Phil Ember          Kingston Wheelers CC             DNF   V40/49
   Alex Robbins        Dulwich Paragon CC               DNS   S
   Deborah Hurst       Kingston Phoenix RC              DNS   WV
   Mark Brambleby      Northover Vets                   DNS   V40/49
   Derek Dowden        Charlotteville CC                DNS   V50/59
   Christian Rudolf    Dulwich Paragon CC               DNS   V40/49
   Hugh Pelling        Old Portlians CC                 DNS   V50/59
   Joseph Bertorelli   Kingston Phoenix RC              DNS   V50/59
   John Masters        Norwood Paragon CC               DNS   V50/59
   David Webb          Kingston Wheelers CC             DNS   V40/49
   David Le Petit      London Dynamo                    DNS   V40/49
   William Murphy      Dulwich Paragon CC               DNS   S

Friday, June 13, 2014

Eve 10 #4 - Championship - result

Wednesday June 11th 2014

No Name              Time   Hcp/T   Hcp    Plus    Std  Scr/Hcp  Awards
32 Phil Ember        21-58  Kingston Wheelers
31 Pat Wright        22-13  Kingston Wheelers
30 Marcus Edwards    22-39  22-39   Scr    +4-54  27:33  7 / 2  1st Pl
20 Russell Williams  23-13  21-43   1:30   +4-07  27:20  6 / 2  2nd Pl PB
25 Simon Trehearn    23-28  22-13   1:15   +2-02  25:30  5 / 2  3rd Pl
15 John Beer         24-50  22-20   2:30   +5-40  30:30  4 / 2
26 Andy Huddart      25-34  Clarencourt CC +3-32  29:06
 5 James Roberts     25-44  22-14   3:30                 3 / 2
10 Joe Bertorelli    25-45  22-30   3:15   +2-27  28:12  2 / 2
21 Simon Tottle      26-20  21-50   4:30   +1-26  27:46
27 Jake Dodd         26-28  22-13   4:15   +3-20  29:48  7 / 2  1st Woman
11 Steve Hillier     26-29  21-14   5:15   +2-23  28:52  2 / 4=
40 Mike Morley       26-41  21-26   5:15   +6-05  32:46  2 / 2   PB
23 Robyn Yates       26-57  Addiscombe CC
16 Simon Waller      27-00  22-00   5:00                 2 / 2
22 Rick Opie         27-28  21-43   5:45   -0-34  26:54  2 / 2  PB
12 Ray Dare          29-02  22-17   6:45   +7-52  36:54  2 / 2
18 Rachel Watkins    29-38  21-53   7:45   +0-24  30:02  6 / 2
28 Philip Burgin     29-42  20-57   5:15   +0-20         2 / 6  2nd Hcp
13 Lynda Gale        29-54  21-24   8:30                 5 / 2
19 Samantha Pickup   30-08  20-53   9:15   -2-35  27:33  4 / 7  1st Hcp PB
 6 Grant Pyke        30-14  22-14   8:00   +3-52  34:06  2 / 2
 7 Deborah Hurst     30-42  21-42   9:00   -1-08  29:34  3 / 2  PB
 1 Ann Bath          31-23  21-38   9:45   +1-39  33:02  2 / 2
24 Jenni Chapman     32-00  23-00   9:00   -4-01  27:59  2 / 2
 8 Patrick Ryan      32-07  22-07  10:00   -1-51  30:16  2 / 2
 3 Helene Grinsted   33-13  21-13  12:00   -1-13  32:00  2 / 5  3rd Hcp
 9 Amanda Pearce     33-14  21-14  12:00   -5-51         2 / 4=
 2 Ken Williams      33-26  22-26  11:00   +0-24  33:50  2 / 2
14 Angie Launder     33-41  23-11  10:30   -0-39  33:02  2 / 2
 4 Mark McNamara     36-55  23-55  13:00   -3-05  33:50  2 / 2
17 Gavin Hughes       DNS           5:45          26:54  0 / 0
29 Florence Hallett   DNS           7:45                 0 / 0
   Alex Kew           DNS           3:45          25:42  0 / 0

Championship Awards:
Ladies Hcp prize (Donated by Jake):      Sam Pickup
Men’s Championship Trophy:               Marcus Edwards   22-39
Ladies Championship Trophy:              Jake Dodd        26-28
Vets Championship Trophy O.A.S.:         Ray Dare         +7min 52sec
Hcp Championship Trophy:                 Sam Pickup       30-08

Brian Powney for handicapping the event
Mike Morley for placing the event warning signs round the course and supplying the teas
Ron Powney for marshalling the turn and retrieving the signs
Tony Bensberg for pushing off
Andy Avis for marshalling the start and taking times at the HQ
Mark & Margaret Gladwyn for marshalling at Beare Green
Judy Margery for sending times to the finish
Ron & Doreen Powney for taking me back to the A3 after the event.

Frank Cubis

Training for rock chicks and MAMILS

Whilst on the trip in Majorca I met Andy Avis's brother Mike who was wearing some unusual cycling kit

I had no idea what this kit meant so we had a chat and he told me that it is a cycling/running training site. They also sell training videos with some really upbeat and VERY LOUD  music. Well it is very loud when I put it on because this is awesome! Banging out a beat with some brilliant racing footage of all of the top names either in TTs or pounding the cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix, this video keeps you interested when on a turbo trainer.
So for those who dare try this link and turn up the volume!


Monday, June 09, 2014

24hr Team

So, we have 4 men entered in the 24hr - that's a team and a spare!

A team is of interest because we have a Team Record for the 24hr, set in 1954. I'm not entirely sure that the club has had a team entered in a 24hr between then and now, but I thought I'd look up the team record and see what it is...

So, the record itself is 1225.043 miles held by George Crouch, Ray Drewett and Len Steel.

I went looking to see if I could figure out the individual mileages that made up that total and found this:

The Milestone - October 1954

Sat June 27 and Sun June 28
For the first time in the history of the club we had a team in a 24hr event, namely the Catford. And what is more, they all finished. To these three heroes I say well done, you all rode darned well. We who watched, and tried to help as much as possible, will always remember the courage of Len Steel, who after half an hour spent flat on his back on the pavement in Guildford at 238 miles got up and rode on. And the dogged determination of Ray Drewett, who suffered some very unpleasant patches but kept on and finished, to make up our team. It is easy to be wise after the event, but George Crouch didn't surprise many people with his superb effort, his was the ride of a man to whom distance means nothing, he will get there alright ask Pete Tester.

Without his front tyre trouble Geo would have done round about 420 instead of his 413. Len's mileage was 404 and Ray's 408. By the short distance of 13 miles we missed the Team award.
On the same day our tandem specialists were battling against the redoubtable Higginsons in the Archer Tandem 50. The terrible pair were just a bit too good for R and F and won in 1-46-40. Ron and Frank not far behind, in fact second with 1-47-24. Geo P and Tony B backed up well to win first team with their 1-54-47.

Now, at this point I am not sure whether that information is encouraging or discouraging for our intrepid four this year. In theory that is 206.5 for the 12, 5:48:40 for the 100 or 1:27:10 for the 25 or 34:52 for each 10 miles. 400 miles is 200, 6hr, 1:30:00 and 36:00 respectively. If the faster of the 3 does more, then the others can theoretically do slightly less than Ray and Len did all those years ago. However, looking at the result of the previous 24hr in our district the 400 mark is quite a challenge. 60 years ago when the record was set, the riders did many more miles than we typically do today.
The club solo record is 430.293 set by Ossie Clare in 1959.

Maybe 60 years on we will see the Team Record broken. Either way, to you all (and Ann) Good Luck - Ann has done this before and knows what to expect, the rest of you hang in there and aim to finish, everything else is gravy and you will look back with pride on a finish, and frustration on an NF.
But think of these men in whose footsteps you follow:

 Len Steel 404m

 Ray Drewett 408 miles (can't find a racing pick of him, sadly)

George Crouch 413 miles

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Evening 10 #4 - Championship 10 - start sheet

Wednesday June 11th 2014

No  Name              Hcp        VetStd     Start Time
1   Ann Bath          9-45       33-02        19-40-30
2   Ken Williams     11-00       33-50           41
3   Helene Grinsted  12-00       32-00           41-30
4   Mark McNamara    13-00       33-50           42
5   James Roberts     3-30                       42-30
6   Grant Pyke        8-00       34-06           43
7   Deborah Hurst     9-00       29-34           43-30
8   Patrick Ryan     10-00       30-16           44
9   Amanda Pearce    12-00                       44-30
10  Joe Bertorelli    3-15       28-12        19-45
11  Steve Hillier     5-15       28-52           45-30
12  Ray Dare          6-45       36-54           46
13  Lynda Gale        8-30                       46-30
14  Angie Launder    10-30       33-02           47
15  John Beer         2-30       30-30           47-30
16  Simon Waller      5-00                       48
17  Gavin Hughes      5-45       26-54           48-30
18  Rachel Watkins    7-45       30-02           49
19  Sam Pickup        9-15       27-33           49-30
20  Russell Williams  1-30       27-20        19-50
21  Simon Tottle      4-30       27-46           50-30
22  Rick Opie         5-45       26-54           51
23  Robyn Yates  Addiscombe CC                   51-30
24  Jenni Chapman     9-00       27-59           52
25  Simon Trehearn    1-15       25-30           52-30
26  Andy Huddart Clarencourt CC  29-06           53
27  Jake Dodd         4-15       29-48           53-30
28  Mike Morley       5-15       32-46           54
29  Florence Hallett  7-30                       54-30
30  Marcus Edwards    Scr        27-33        19-55
31  Alex Kew          3-45       25-42           55-30


Club Event awards:
1st, 2nd &amp 3rd Hcp
1st, 2nd &amp 3rd Fastest
Fastest Woman
Plus Woman’s 1st Hcp (donated by Jake Dodd)

Championship Awards: (donated by Frank Cubis)

Fastest Man
Fastest Woman
Fastest on Handicap
Fastest Vet (on age standard)

Might I suggest a rear light be fitted

Frank Cubis

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Ray & MHM VTTA 10

Ray & I  rode the Surrey/Sussex VTTA 10 TT on the A22 this morning. Ray was aiming to beat the 87year old national record of 28min. 36sec. His time 28.37! Never the less he was first on +standard. Ray will have another go in the KPRC Open 10 on Sat 14 June. We all wish him well! Today my time was 27.27 so not only am I known as "Mad Hatter" I must also be known as Mr. Consistency. My last 3 10's have been 27.30, 27.19 and now 27.27! Brian please note!  
Jake how did you do in the 50 TT this morning?                                                                                                                              1

Thursday, June 05, 2014

24hr - Andrew Wilkinson - Doing it My Way

Episode One - 13 mins

Episode Two - 11 mins

Episode Three - 12 mins

 Episode Four - 11 mins

Episode Five - 11 mins

Episode Six - 8 mins

Episode Seven - 13 mins

Episode Eight - 9 mins

Episode Nine - 10 mins


Pete Mitchell Memorial 10 - start sheet

Pete Mitchell Memorial 10 
14th June 2014
Start Sheet

Full start sheet in PDF format for download

Start List:

1  14:01 Russell Williams     Kingston Phoenix RC              V40–49
2  14:02 Andrew R Green       Addiscombe CC                    S
3  14:03 Alex Robbins         Dulwich Paragon CC               S
4  14:04 Deborah Hurst        Kingston Phoenix RC              WV
5  14:05 Mark Brambleby       Northover Vets                   V40–49
6  14:06 Andy Lack            Kingston Wheelers CC             V40–49
7  14:07 Stephen Morgan       Tooting BC                       V40–49
8  14:08 Leigh Schvartz       Swindon RC                       S
9  14:09 Mike Morley          Kingston Phoenix RC              V70+
10 14:10 Tim Stevens          34 Nomads CC                     V50-59
11 14:11 Derek Dowden         Charlotteville CC                V50-59
12 14:12 James Hewitt         Kingston Wheelers CC             S
13 14:13 Michael Gibbons      South Eastern RC                 V60-69
14 14:14 Angela Launder       Kingston Phoenix RC              WV
15 14:15 Yuriy Tymchenko      Sussex Nomads CC                 V40–49
16 14:16 Gavin Francis        London Dynamo                    V40–49
17 14:17 Christian Rudolf     De Laune CC                      V40–49
18 14:18 Ray Dare             Kingston Phoenix RC              V70+
19 14:19 Hugh Pelling         Old Portlians CC                 V50-59
20 14:20 Phil Ember           Kingston Wheelers CC             V40–49
21 14:21 Andrew Clavell       Kingston Wheelers CC             V40–49
22 14:22 Nigel Morgan         Tooting BC                       V40–49
23 14:23 Selena Bartley       Sussex Nomads CC                 W
24 14:24 Matt Phipps Taylor   Kingston Wheelers CC             S
25 14:25 Michael Porter       34 Nomads CC                     V40–49
26 14:26 Jamie Francis        London Dynamo                    Jn
27 14:27 Alexander Kew        Kingston Phoenix RC              V40–49
28 14:28 Kevin Bashford       East Grinstead CC                V50-59
29 14:29 Grant Pyke           Kingston Phoenix RC              V70+ (T)
30 14:30 Steve Kane           Brighton Excelsior CC            S
31 14:31 Sam Dix              In-Gear Quickvit Trainsharp RT   V40–49
32 14:32 James Griffin        Kingston Wheelers CC             S
33 14:33 Joseph Bertorelli    Kingston Phoenix RC              V50-59
34 14:34 Adam Bidwell         Kingston Wheelers CC             S
35 14:35 Brian Molloy         Brighton Excelsior CC            V40–49
36 14:36 John Masters         Norwood Paragon CC               V50-59
37 14:37 Philip Burgin        Kingston Phoenix RC              V60-69
38 14:38 David Webb           Kingston Wheelers CC             V40–49
39 14:39 Geraldine Glowinski  VC De Londres                    WV
40 14:40 Rob Sharland         Kingston Wheelers CC             S
41 14:41 Matt Peel            Redhill CC                       S
42 14:42 Jackie Dodd          Kingston Phoenix RC              WV
43 14:43 David Le Petit       London Dynamo                    V40–49
44 14:44 William Murphy       Dulwich Paragon CC               S
45 14:45 Niall Digby                 V40–49
46 14:46 Geoff Smith          Eastbourne Rovers CC             V60-69
47 14:47 Simon Trehearn       Kingston Phoenix RC              V40–49
48 14:48 Matthew Whitaker     Kingston Wheelers CC             V40–49
49 14:49 Steve Hillier        Kingston Phoenix RC              V50-59
50 14:50 Steve Irwin          Kingston Wheelers CC             V40–49


Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Club Website - reminder

Jake was asking why she couldn't see the updates to the points tables and I believe she is (hopefully now was) looking at the old website.

So here is a reminder that the address for the club website is:

If in doubt, click the "home" link on the left of the page below the picture, or go to it from the blog. Bookmarks on your computer will point to the old "aqvm78" site so you will need to delete that and re-save the new bookmark.

I haven't deleted what is left of the old site, yet, because I want to set up a correct redirect and I need to look up how to do it. (Maybe this week).


ESCA 24 hour - entrants - Updated

Entry for the 24hr has closed now and the website lists 4 entrants from the Phoenix, including one who got his entry in by the skin of his teeth.

Simon Trehearn
Simon Waller
Ann Bath
Mike Morley
Paul Day

Assuming the poor organiser doesn't find any early entrants behind the clock on the mantelpiece, it looks like a good entry of 68 riders.

Good Luck to all four of our riders and best wishes for a mild and dry night.

Edit: The list I looked at here is dated May 24th, and the front page indicates that Mike Morley's entry had also been received. Paul says he has also entered, but as yet I don't have confirmation that his entry was received in time... Hopefully it was - if he entered online, then yes he should be in.

Updated: Brian phoned the organiser, and yes, Paul is also entered.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Competition Tables

OK, I think I have updated everything, both as web pages and as Google spreadsheets for anyone who has trouble viewing either format. See the top left panel of the homepage for links to it all.

It is great to have some serious competition again at the top end of the scale - and winning the Interclub from the Redmon for the first time in maybe 20 years (need to comb through those records) is the icing on the cake.

David Watt is the first member to complete all the distances for any of the Championship Trophies, so he is has the 'bird in hand' with the Men's Championship. It's down to the others to take it away from him now.

I gather there is a 50 next week that some are riding - well Jake, at least - so (assuming she finishes) she should put in the initial bid for the Ladies Championship and be the first leader of the Vets Championship as well unless other Vet members are also riding!

Off out now, I haven't had time to double check all my workings, but assuming I have rider's times correct, then the google spreadsheets are the 'master' copy for any trophy that involves calculations.
If anyone spots any errors, let me know - also any questions about how it all works.


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Inter-Club 25 Vs Redmon CC

Brian's pre-event pep-talk. 
Ok, so we had not won this inter-club event in a while, quite a long while, and it was deemed time to get it back. Queue a stirring war cry, reminiscent of Braveheart, from our Club President to the racing members of the club. 'Freeeeedooooooooommmm!!!' Errr, no. 'Get entered into the Old Portlians 25 and be faster then the red men.' I was not aware of how this event works. For the uninitiated, quite simply, the times of the fastest six riders from the two clubs are added up and the best overall time wins. The sixth scoring member of the winning team is the one who picks up the trophy on behalf of the club. Simples.

So we had the nucleus of a pretty handy team. In particular, Marcus and Stuart would be our men at the pointy end of the field; two guys who would normally get under the hour pretty comfortably and set competitive times for Redmon to have to chase. Unsurprisingly, fate would have other ideas. Marcus had a One Direction Concert that he had to go to (I kid you not), while Stuart decided to give himself food poisoning in the week before the event. That would mean that it would be down to the rest of us to do this thing, but hopefully we would still be in with a shout. Simon Trehearn had set two pbs already in the week before, so he was on very good form, while Russell Williams and David Watt were also flying, with all of them able to worry the hour mark on a good day.

And it was a really good day! Not a breath of wind and warm; the day felt pretty fast. Thankfully, Stuart was able to turn up and while not firing on all cylinders by his standards, still recorded a 1:00:01 (or a 59:61, whichever way you want to look at it!  ;-).  Arguably, the performance of the day belonged to Simon Trehearn, recording his first sub 1 hour ride (59:22). He put it down to his new skinsuit but I think the months of hard training he has done is a greater reason for this improvement. I was hoping for a pb and was delighted to take a big chunk off, just ahead of David Watt, riding his first 25 and achieving a 1:01:05. John Beer (1:03:05) and Joe Bertorelli (1:04:43) rounded out the top six and a win over Redmon.

On top of this, Jake won the Ladies race with a course pb and Mike Morley set a fastest time for a long time. Commiserations to Russell Williams who went off course and surely would have probably been riding evens himself; and to Philip who also unfortunately dnf'ed.

Thanks to all the riders for the Phoenix who started and made this a great event for us and to Frank, Judy, Ron, Doreen and Lisa for coming down to support.

Interclub 25 - result

Inter Club 25 with the Redmon CC
Incorporated in the Old Portlians open 25
Sunday June 1st 2014

No Name            Club  Time     HcpT     Hcp     Std     Plus  Scr/Hcp   Awards
57 Alistair Lang   Red    57-03
44 Mick Deen       Red    58-46
66 Simon Trehearn  KP     59-22    55-22   4:00  1:06:00   +6:38  7 / 5  1st Pl
46 Stuart Pearce   KP   1-00-01  1-00-01   Scr                    6 / 2  2nd Pl
32 Alex Kew        KP   1-00-56    54-56   6:00  1:07:30   +6:34  5 / 6  2nd Hcp
61 David Watt      KP   1-01-05    57-05   4:00                   4 / 2
41 Simon Tonge     Red  1-02-24
47 John Beer       KP   1-03-05    56-05   7:00  1:18:20  +15:15  3 / 2
76 John Allen      Red  1-03-36
68 Alasdair Wylie  Red  1-04-19
43 Joe Bertorelli  KP   1-04-43    57-13   7:30  1:12:43   +8:00  2 / 2
33 John McGlashan  Red  1-05-26
73 Jake Dodd       KP   1-07-13    54-28  12:45  1:16:37   +9:24  3 / 7  1st Hcp
72 Peter Horsfield Red  1-08-21
58 Brian Powney    KP   1-09-12    55-42  13:30  1:11:39   +2:27  2 / 4
48 David Eccles    Red  1-11-36
24 Robert Gill     KP   1-14-38  1-08-38   6:00  1:07:00   -7:38  2 / 2  Inc 2-16 LS
27 Mike Morley     KP   1-12-05    57-20  14:45  1:23:44  +11:39  2 / 2
34 Grant Pyke      KP   1-18-53    55-53  23:00  1:26:56   +8:03  2 / 3
29 Mark McNamara   KP   1-35-12  1-04-42  30:30  1:26:17   -8:55  2 / 2
37 Philip Burgin   KP     DNF             21:30  1:17:11          1 / 0
56 Russ Williams   KP     DNF              4:00  1:10:35          1 / 0
49 Marcus Edwards  KP     DNS              1:30  1:11:07
18 Richard Hoskin  Red    DNS?

Redmon CC: 6hrs 11min 34sec
Phoenix:   6hrs  9min 12sec
Phoenix win by 2min 12sec

Just to put you in the picture:

2005   Redmon won by     30min 21sec
2006   Redmon won by     21min 25sec
2007   Redmon won by     18min 07sec
2008   Redmon won by     24min 59sec
2009   We only had 4 riders
2010   We only had 5 riders (getting better)
2011   Redmon won by     12min 32sec
2012   Redmon won by     22min 20sec
2013   Event Cancelled
2014   Phoenix won by      2min 12sec

In the Old Portlians 25:
Jake was fastest woman and £30 cheque.
Simon Trehearn went under the hour for the first time
Mike Morley did his best 25 since God was a boy
Alex did a personal best by 3min 45sec
David Watt rode his first ever 25 with 1-01-05
Joe’s best time for 6 years
Robert Gill, his first ever time trial.


We've always been a club that tries to support all riders at whatever level but it is nice to finally have some strength in depth at the top level of club competition again - and for that matter some competition for the major trophies - the fact that it is good enough to challenge the Redmon for the Interclub Trophy is just the icing on the cake.