Sunday, May 29, 2011

Off-Roaders on Track

Saturday morning another great ride devised by Andy Pearce for the 4th Saturday of the month via Ashtead common, Freeman School, Stain St, Bockets Farm, to Polseden Lacey and back via Marden Park, some great climbs, narrow descents a few punctures and a brilliant 3hrs plus of some of the best off-roads in Surrey. Home for me was via Little Switzerland and the track up to Country and Western top of box hill with a viscous final kick to the top.
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Saturday 28 May

Ready for the start on and off-roaders.

En-route off-road having fun

Polseden Lacey Coffe for three and some veg thrown in!
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Vintage Ten Wed 25 May

Well done David Croggon for his great effort on his 1950's vintage bike transported by vintage Rover and looked over by even more vintage sage Pete M.
Congratulations to John Beer not only for second fastest but =4th Hcp & 2nd fastest on VTT standard. Well done Ray good to see you getting back into form 1st on Standard by a mile.
I'm glad to see that Jake is also back on form again after her shock at being pipped by 3 seconds in the SCCU Ten last Sunday. Well done Simon for a storming and a cracking Hcp win! Also well done Lynda 6th on Hcp. Congratulations to Brian who has a hard job handicapping, if you take away fastest & two slowest on Hcp then they are all within a minute!
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Evening 10 #3 - result

WEDNESDAY 25th May 2011

No Name             Time     Vets   Hcp   Hcp/Time  Points  Awards 
20 Ben Pearce       23-50            Scr    23-50    7 / 2  1st Fastest
17 John Beer        24-31    +5:17  1-15    23-16    6 / 4  2nd Fastest
21 Bob Smith        25-34     PTT
14 Steve Hillier    25-49    +2:30  2-30    23-19    5 / 2
5  Phil Todd        26-50     PTT      
22 Brian Powney     26-50    +0:17  3-30    23-20    4 / 2
11 Alex Kew         27-12    -1:42  3-45    23-27    3 / 2
19 Simon Trehearn   27-14           5-15    21-59    2 / 7  1st Hcp (PB)
15 Jake Dodd        27-16    +1:50  4-15    23-01    4 / 5  3rd Hcp
8  Philip Burgin    27-23    +2:07  3-45    23-38    2 / 2
6  Mark/Maggie G    28-13    -0:31  Tandem           2 each
12 Mike Morley      28-35    +3:25  4-15    24-20    2 / 2
9  Ray Dare         29-03    +7:00  4-45    24-18    2 / 2
13 Graham Holder    29-14    +0:06  6-15    22-59    2 / 6  2nd Hcp
10 Lynda Gale       30-03           6-45    23-18    3 / 2
2  Rick Opie        30-31    -4:13  7-15    23-16    2 / 4  (PB)
1  David Croggon    30-37    -2:51  6-45    23-52    2 / 2
23 Amanda Pearce    32-47     PTT
3  Ken Williams      DNS (Apol)
4  Mark McNamara     DNS (Apol)
18 Nick Hostler      DNS (Apol)
7  Toni D’Italia     DNS

Thanks, as always, to Ron and Doreen for doing the teas, and Judy Margery for helping Frank with the numbers at the finish. A special thankyou to Mark and Maggie who were kind enough to provide cakes for the Phoenix contingent.

Frank Cubis
Club Event Sec

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Tour of the Hills

Last weekend Maggie had a business meeting in Edinburgh, and I was invited along as her Consort for the formal dinner. While this looked like pretty good fun, I thought I could get a bit more out of it by adding on a couple of days before, and a couple after, to do some of the better climbs in Simon Warren's 'Greatest Cycling Climbs' book.

So, on Thursday morning, I set off for Lincoln to ride up Michaelgate, the first of my climbs. It's a steep cobbled street that is used in the Lincoln Grand Prix, and the book advises that you turn off at the top rather than ride the obvious finish 'Steep Hill', which is also cobbled and even steeper. The feeble excuse given is that Steep Hill is pedestrianised, but once I got going I forgot all about this and the few pedestrians on Steep Hill were happy to stand aside; some even applauded my efforts. A couple of minutes later I was at the top in a fine medieval square.

Next was Rosedale Chimney, but I drove over the Humber Bridge on the way and stopped for a few minutes to ride the bike across - easy riding and grand open views over the estuary. Then on to Hutton-le-Hole, which was my base for the Rosedale Chimney.

Approaching this way you come to the top of the climb and ride down first, passing a couple of discouraging signs. The hill itself is very steep - the road sign shows 33%, or 1 in 3, though the GPS shows rather less, and this makes it difficult to climb. Not for the obvious reason, though that is part of it, but because it is so steep that any major effort on the pedals lifts the front wheel off the road, clearly a bad thing. Equally, failing to make a major effort on the pedals is not much good either ... so I was glad when the slope eased off a bit and the balancing act was over.

After a pleasant night in Durham I drove to St John's Chapel to ride up Chapel Fell, the highest paved road in England. The book says that you will be alone with the wind at the top, and so it was. Plenty of both, really.

Then on to Edinburgh, best bib and tucker and on parade, under the stern eye of Mrs G.

Leaving Edinburgh on Sunday the weather was pleasant enough, but it got rapidly worse as I drove North. I soon abandoned plans to ride up the Lecht, and concentrated on Bealach na Ba, arguably the greatest climb in Britain. Driving towards Lochcarron, my base, the weather was terrible, with a North-Easterly gale and heavy rain. However, the weather forecast was for the wind to swing round to the West, and there was a chance of a break in the worst of it as it did so. So I headed for Bealach na Ba and waited for the wind to change. It would be a shame to come all this way and have to abandon the ride.

Bealach na Ba is quite a serious climb. It starts at sea level and rises to 2050-odd feet. It's in two parts, the first being a series of ramps with a couple of sharp bends, the second is a series of hairpins. It's a bit like Whitedown with Box Hill on top, but bigger. The country is impressive - wild and remote with expansive views.

Well, the wind did change. It wasn't exactly calm, and the squalls were still pretty wild, but I thought I'd go for it. It's a good ride, but pretty hard in the conditions. I had to stop twice to brace myself against squalls, which is a real nuisance as starting again on a steep hill in a strong wind isn't easy. Better than being blown over, though. By the time I had got to the top the wind had made it to the West and was beginning to get up. Time to go down.

Next morning it was obvious that hill climbing was over for the next few days. The view across the loch was entirely obliterated by sheets of rain, driven by the gale. The forecast was for it to get stronger, and this turned out to be right - gusts over 100 mph were recorded later in the day.

So, with a full tank of diesel and 'SM5' on the GPS it was off on the road home, for supper at my own table and a chance to regale Maggie with traveller's tales.

But it was a very good little adventure, and I'll do another when I have the chance.


Evening 10 #3 - start

WEDNESDAY 25th May 2011

No Name             Hcp     VStd   Start Time
1  David Croggon    6-45    27-46  19-38-30
2  Rick Opie        7-15    26-18  19-39
3  Ken Williams     8-15    33-02  19-39-30
4  Mark McNamara    9-15    33-02  19-40
5  Phil Todd        PTT            19-40-30
6  Mark/Maggie G    Tandem  27-42  19-41
7  Tony D’Italia    7-15    32-15  19-41-30
8  Philip Burgin    3-45    29-30  19-42
9  Ray Dare         4-45    36-03  19-42-30
10 Lynda Gale       6-45           19-43
11 Alex Kew         3-45    25-30  19-43-30
12 Mike Morley      4-15    32-00  19-44
13 Graham Holder    6-15    29-20  19-44-30
14 Steve Hillier    2-30    28-12  19-45
15 Jake Dodd        4-15    29-06  19-45-30
16 Oliver Dorman    PTT            19-46
17 John Beer        1-15    29-48  19-46-30
18 Nick Hostler     4-15           19-47
19 Simon Trehearn   5-15           19-47-30
20 Ben Pearce       Scr            19-48
21 Bob Smith        PTT            19-48-30
22 Brian Powney     3-30    27-07  19-49

Don’t miss your allotted start time, there are at least 23 Kingston Wheelers starting immediately after us.

1st, 2nd & 3rd Handicap
1st & 2nd Fastest

Just a reminder. It is unlikely we will need to park there but.
The farmer has asked that we keep the farm access road that runs from the Inholms Lane car park down to the farm clear on future evenings. In order to achieve this, he has asked that we park off the metalled road and on the verge on the LEFT hand side as you look down toward the farm.

ALSO. The next evening 10 is a 2up Team Time Trial, (2 riders ride together) could you decide who you would like to ride with to make up a team. If you are nervous riding with another or you wish to ride alone you may do so.

Frank Cubis
Mobile 07811 291 321

More Pics from the RR

Open RR winner: Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC

The Final Sprint

The Peleton

Photos by Dave Hayward
More photos of the event here @


Sunday, May 22, 2011

Pics from the Women's RR Champs

 Divisional Championship Winners:
2nd Lousie Mahe, Sutton CC; 1st Lydia Boylan, Look Mum No Hands; 3rd Emma Craddock, South Downs Bikes

Event Winners: 3rd Lousie Mahe, Sutton CC; 1st Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC; 2nd Lydia Boylan, Look Mum No Hands

 1st Karla Boddy, High Wycombe CC wearing the jersey donated by Corridori

Lining up for the start outside the HQ watched by the event organiser, Simon Mitchell

Pictures by Mike Morley


KPRC BBQ June 11th

All Phoenix members welcome and cycling friends. Usual thing , bring food , drink and a good time! 5pm onwards. Spread the word.

Thursday mountain bike rides

I went out on the first thursday MB ride this week. Organised by Andy Pearce and run succesfully last year. They start at Nonsuch Park cafe 6.30 and on to Banstead Station for 7pm then a 1and half hour ride to a different pub every week, Epsom this week. It was a great ride down and up every track over to Mogador, paths I have never been down! Over to Walton on Hill, over Epsom Downs race course and down into Epsom. Still daylight. Andy, Steve Gordon,Trevor,Rohan,Chrystal and I on ride,Rick just missed us. Great fun!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

BC SE Women's Open RR Championship

British Cycling South East Women's Open Road Race Championship
May 21, 2011
Promoted by Kingston Phoenix RC - Kirdford Circuit - 43 miles 

Pos    Name                  Club/Team             Cat    Time   
1      Karla Boddy           High Wycombe          3W     1:50:00   
2      Lydia Boylan          Look Mum No Hands     2W        
3      Lousie Mahe           Sutton CC             3W        
4      Emma Craddock         South Downs Bikes     2W        
5      Vikki Filsell         Pearson Cycles        3VW        
6      Delia Beddis          Dulwich Paragon CC    3W        
7      Kate Hewet            Mule Bar Girls        4W        
8      Dyanne Holland        Inverse  Racing       3W        
9      Rachel Przybylski     Charlotteville CC     2W        
10     Emily Bagnall         Kingston Wheelers     2W        
11     Catherine Hills       Wyndymilla            3VW        
12     Astrid Wingler        London Phoenix        2VW        
13     Helen McKay           Look Mum No Hands     2W        
15     Kate Scotter          VC Norwich            3W        
16     Lisa Gunn             Kingston Wheelers     4W        
17     Lucinda Insall-Jones  Private Member        4W        
18     Claire Leonard        Brighton Mitre        2W        
19     Tabitha Rendall       Team Larkfield Cycles 4W        
20     Pan Fan Fan           Look Mum No Hands     3W        
21     Collyn Ahart          London Dynamo         4W        
22     Charlotte Roberge     Dulwich Paragon CC    4W     @ 1 lap
23     Nikki Engelbach       Pearson Cycles        4W        
24     Geraldine Glowinski   VC de Londres         3VW        
25     Rebecca Booth         Southdown Velo        4W        
26     Lucy Francis          London Dynamo         4W        
dnf    Joanne Le Cocq        Inverse  Racing       3W        
dnf    Jo Munden             Team Cycle Kingdom    3W

Monday, May 16, 2011

Road Race

Road Race this weekend.

Is anyone bringing Cakes on Saturday?
Please let me know either posting here or e-mail me.

Sandwiches will be for sale from when the hall opens. All funds go to the club.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sunday 15 May training ride

Four of us met this morning at 9am for our weekly dose of pain no gain and decided to do almost the same route to the one which worked out so well two weeks ago. The route comprises mostly lanes with few main roads and little traffic and the consensus was to do a non-stopper until we were almost back at Epsom before we tucked into our second breakfast of the day. As it happens we were not sure that Nick needed a second filling after the grazing he did the night before at a Eurovision drinking party. Knowing that the training ride was only a few hours later he managed to consume a good mixture of sausage rolls, baked cheese, cheese fondue, pork pies washed down with a selection of European drinks. It sounds like a normal night in for Nick but he does assure me that there were others with him. During the ride his 4th rendition of the Azerbaijan song (they won by the way) simply encouraged us to go faster and leave him at the rear with his favourite tune (ok I made that bit up!).

So back to the ride, on a cool and breezy morning we maintained a good pace, average of 17.5mph covering 49 miles, and eventually rested in Leatherhead at the Sunshine Cafe just across the road from the Weatherspoons (Nick was not tempted with the full English). There we were offered baguettes a foot long filled with bacon and you know why we wanted to stop closer to home! The cafe was on the sunny side of the street with tables and chairs outside, and reasonably priced.

Thanks Dave, Nick and Luke for a great ride.

ps I would have posted this on the forum but I really can't fathom out how to paste a picture without allocating it a url, which I assume means that I would have to save it on the web somewhere. If someone has found a solution could you please post it on the forum and ask Lisa to set it up so that it appears at the top of the listing with the other stickies.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Club Kit in stock

The club kit has now been added to and can be viewed on the link from the Blog

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Evening 10 #2 - result

WEDNESDAY 11th May 2011

No Name              Time    Vets   Hcp Hcp/Time Points  Awards 
25 Ben Pearce        23-45           Scr 23-45      7 / 2  1st Fastest
10 Mark Bixley       24-21    PTT
20 Tony Raynor       24-21    PTT
 5 John Beer         24-35   +5-13   2-00 22-35     6 / 2  2nd Fastest
26 Bob Smith         25-19    PTT
22 Steve Hillier     25-35   +2-37   3-45 21-50     5 / 5  3rd Pl/3rd Hcp
 6 Alex Kew          26-54           3-30 23-24     4 / 2
14 Philip Burgin     27-07   +2-13   5-45 21-22     3 / 7  1st Hcp
16 Phil Todd         27-12    PTT
17 Brian Powney      27-19   -0-12   4-00 23-19     2 / 2
21 Richard Addis     27-23           3-00 24-23     2 / 2
23 Nick Hostler      27-34           5-00 22-34     2 / 2
12 Jake Dodd         27-43   -0-23   4-15 23-28     4 / 2
18 Mike Morley       28-23   +3-37   6-00 22-23     2 / 2
13 Mark/Maggie G     28-26   +2-06   Tandem         2 Each
 7 Heather Mackay    28-29    PTT
 8 Simon Trehearn    28-58           6-00 22-58     2 / 2
 9 Graham Holder     29-15   +0-05   7-30 21-45     2 / 6  2nd Hcp
24 Aimee Billington  29-29    PTT
 3 Rick Opie         30-51           8-45 22-06     2 / 4
19 Toni D'Italia     30-59   +1-31   7-00 23-59     2 / 2
 2 Ann Bath          31-30   +0-45   8-30 23-00     3 / 2
 4 Ken Williams      31-51   +0-55   9-45 22-06     2 / 3

D.N.S. David Croggon & apologize from Joe Bertorelli, Joe Cromwell & Oliver Dorman.


The farmer has asked that we keep the farm access road that runs from the Inholms Lane car park down to the farm clear on future evenings. In order to achieve this, he has asked that we park off the metalled road and on the verge on the LEFT hand side as you look down toward the farm - we have been parking on the right-hand side.
If we do this, he seems to have no objection to us using it as an overflow parking area.


Frank Cubis
Club Event Sec

Monday, May 09, 2011

Open 10 - thanks from a rider

Thank you for all the hard work on Saturday.

Very much appreciated.

(Look Mum No Hands)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Evening 10 #2 - start

WEDNESDAY 11th May 2011

No Name              Hcp     Start Time 
1  David Croggon     7-00    19-36-30
2  Ann Bath          8-30    19-37
3  Rick Opie         8-45
4  Ken Williams      9-45    19-38
5  John Beer         2-00
6  Alex Kew          3-30    19-39
7  Heather Mackay    P.T.T.
8  Simon Trehearn    6-00    19-40
9  Graham Holder     7-30
10 Joe Cromwell      P.T.T.  19-41
11 Joe Bertorelli    3-15
12 Jake Dodd         4-15    19-42
13 Mark & Margaret   Tandem 
14 Philip Burgin     5-45    19-43
15 Oliver Dorman     P.T.T.
16 Phil Todd         P.T.T.  19-44
17 Brian Powney      4-00
18 Mike Morley       6-00    19-45
19 Toni D'Italia     7-00
20 Tony Raynor       P.T.T.  19-46
21 Richard Addis     3-00
22 Steve Hillier     3-45    19-47
23 Nick Hostler      5-00
24 Aimee Billington  P.T.T.  19-48
25 Ben Pearce        Scr
26 Bob Smith         P.T.T.  19-49


Don’t miss your allotted start time, there are at least 26 Kingston Wheelers starting immediately after us.
If you will not be riding email or text me to let me know that your slot is available.

1st 2nd & 3rd Handicap
1st 2nd & 3rd Fastest

Frank Cubis
Club Event Sec

Mobile: 07811 291 321


Norwood Paragon 25 - result

Course used: G25/45

Brian Powney 1:10:04
Jake Dodd 1:11:01
Philip Burgin 1:13:41

Not a full club event due to only three entrants. Club Events points to the above but no other awards apply.


Open 10

Everything went well with the open 10 thanks to all the helpers who knew what to do and did it! Our new cake lady Mel did us proud and was so organised she could cope with all the hungry riders and helpers. The weather held off and we had a dry but windy race, not a float day. I managed to get a ride in as there were no problems to sort out. Thank you to everyone and see you at the Ladies Divisional RR that we are running in 2 weeks time. If you have some cakes for that event can you let Andy Avis and Mel know, thank you

Result on CTT Website


Saturday, May 07, 2011

KPRC Open 10 TT

Results keenly inspected by promoting club riders.
The best service the most wonderful helpers doing their bit to make the end of the event so pleasurable not to say filling with the most amazing cakes. Thanks to all who provided them!
Organising team well at least three of them, well done and thanks to all the Marshall's, helpers and timekeepers for putting on a very well organised event.
P.S. Thanks also to our oldest Vet for not riding and allowing me to borrow his Tri-Bars (ex Mark) and demonstrate an apparent improvement of 2 mins on last weeks club ten and some almost 4mins better than VTT Standard but still slower than the wonder man Ray ! (who Dares wins)
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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Appeal. Big Warning Signs

Does anybody know the whereabouts of the large "Cycle Event" warning signs?
They seem to have gone missing. If you know or even better have them would you let me know please.

Monday, May 02, 2011

Isle of Wight Randonnée

Maggie and I did the Isle of Wight Randonnée again this year, and Graham and Gill Holder came with us to do it for the first time. We had a very good weekend, with a good sunny ride from Ventnor to Yarmouth on Saturday and the Randonnée on the Sunday - not so sunny, and windy, but dry. Maggie and I took the anticlockwise route, Graham and Gill did the clockwise route, which was more convenient for their hotel. The distance is obviously the same,and there's not much in it for difficulty on a windy day.

We did 70.84 miles for the Randonnée at a rolling average of 11.3 mph, with 5,558 feet of ascent - the Isle of Wight is hilly! But the event itself is well run and enjoyable - worth a shot, if you've time next year.


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Potholes fixed in 24 hours

A six-year road maintenance contract has been agreed in Surrey including a fresh target for repairing potholes across the county.

Surrey County Council said a deal had been agreed with contractor May Gurney.

As part of the agreement, May Gurney will repair 30,000 potholes each year within 24 hours of them being reported, the local authority said.

So let's see if they can meet their commitments by using the following link to report a pothole:

Sat ride

More off road than on this week including Chrystal. Fantastic route to Horley garden centre, avoided the very strong wind by staying amongst the trees. Jen joined us halfway through, so 3 girls out! Gary jumped a big log, taking both wheels of the ground and didnt crash! He did crash in the MB race today twice, and has blood to show for it.