Tuesday, March 31, 2015

More Photo's of the Velo

As Mark said a great time was had by all and for those that braved Gordon Ramsey's in the West End an even better day judging by the fact that Jake was a DNS in the medium gear at an unearthly hour after the change to BST..

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Medium Gear 10 - Result

SUNDAY 29th MARCH 2015

No NAME            Time    Hcp T   Scr/Hcp  Award
4  Paul Hayward    25-46 Epsom CC (Unrestricted)
5  Paul Thomas     26-01 Epsom CC (Unrestricted)
6  Simon Trehearn  29-46   28-16     7/4  1st PLace
2  Rick Opie       31-56   24-11     6/7  1st Hcp
1  Rachel Watkins  32-19   26-49     7/6  2nd Hcp
7  Mark Gladwyn    32-48   27-18     5/5
3  Mike Morley     36-51   30-36     4/3
   Tony Tugwell     DNS
   Ken Williams     DNS (Apol)
   Joe Bertorelli   DNS (Apol)
   Grant Pyke       DNS  
   Steve Hillier    DNS (Apol)
   Jake Dodd        DNS (Apol)
   Philip Burgin    DNS
   Gavin Hughes     DNS (Apol)
   Alex Kew         DNS (Apol)

Acknowledgements - Many thanks to:
Jake Dodd for placing and retrieving the event signs round the course.
Joe Bertorelli for pushing riders off.
Congratulations to Simon on winning the first club trophy of 2015

Frank Cubis

Kingston Phoenix at the London Velodrome

A couple of months ago Andy Pearce floated the idea of a Club event at the London Velodrome.  It turned out to be very popular, and yesterday afternoon 32 of us enjoyed a well run training session on the Olympic track.

We all used the standard-issue Condor Pista track bikes, which were excellent little machines in top condition.  82" gear, fixed, and no brakes of course, which all made sense once you got going.

We rode as two groups of sixteen, the division being on the basis of those who had done very little track riding,  and those who had done none at all.  We all had a very good time and I think that everyone learned something - which, when you consider how long some members have been riding, is quite surprising.

Many thanks to Andy for all of his hard work in organising the event - a great success!


Sunday, March 22, 2015

SCCU 10 & SCCU 25 Report

SCCU Sporting 10

It was a really busy time trialling weekend for the Phoenix with these two events separated by a little over 12 hours. The 10 yesterday afternoon was a very blustery affair and with the air temperature being on the colder side of what Spring weather should be, made it fairly uncomfortable at the start. We had 11 riders, which although slightly down on last year, was still a brilliant effort and we were by some margin, the best represented club on the start sheet.

It's a quite unusual course, with a quick-ish opening 3 mile loop, before joining the main circuit, however a few sharp left turns required riders to scrub off a considerable amount of speed at times. As the competitors come back past the HQ and then join the main circuit there's a very fast and bumpy descent with basically one long pothole running down the road and gravel absolutely everywhere. It felt a bit like going over a hump on a rollercoaster and I for one bottled it and held on for dear life on the bull horns rather than staying down on the extensions. This led to Stane Street and the long drag up to Ockley Green. Personally I didn't mind this too much but the left turn at the green and the following lumps and bumps along Ockley Road seemed to go on for far too long, with me at one point thinking my rear brake was jammed on (no, just a headwind, a hill and tired legs). However, the riders are rewarded with the fast gradual descent along the Horsham Road before the final left turn to the finish.

So not a particularly quick day, even for this course, but David Watt rode a very good time to take the scratch win. It looks like David is going to be the man to beat this year with some good early season form. I think he may have been doing that thing called 'training'. I was pleased to follow him home in second place and Simon Trehearn rounded out the top three.

Both Jake Dodd and Rachel Watkins were aboard their new TT bikes for the first time. Nothing like picking an easy, non-technical course to ride a tt bike on for the first time, eh ladies!? Both did brilliantly to finish second and third in the women's race overall.

Most impressive however was Grant Pyke's age category win in the 75-79 age group. Well done Grant.

SCCU Sporting 25

So it was back to do exactly the same course for the 25, except it was 3 big laps rather than just the one. I don't know about the other Phoenix riders but it seemed that every obstacle that could be put in the way of a relatively fast and trouble free ride was out this morning. Gravel, pot holes, tractors, horses, mud, headwinds, crosswinds, club riders 4 abreast and to cap it off, a flock of 100 or so sheep that had decided to make a bid for freedom on Ockley Green. That said, the winds were lighter and it was not quite as chilly as the day before, despite it being a considerably earlier start. I think that we now all know this course like the backs of our hand.

It was mixed fortunes for KPRC riders. Joe Bertorelli had to retire after the first lap owing to an injury and David Watt punctured at the beginning of the second lap, the gravel finally claiming a victim. I was able to benefit from David's misfortune (thanks David) to take the scratch win, with Simon Trehearn in second place and Simon Waller taking third. Again, Jake and Rachel took the Women's first and second place. Mike Morley kept up our age group victories for the weekend with a win in the 70-74 age group. Well done Mike.

Thanks should also go to Brian Powney for marshalling on Saturday and Frank for timekeeping as well as  Ron and Doreen Powney and Philip Burgin for supporting.

The next Rawson Shield event is the SCCU 25 on April 19th (closing date is the 7th April) so let's try to get another 13-15 riders out for that one. Hopefully we will be blessed with a faster day and some good times.

SCCU Sporting 10 + 25 mile TT weekend

Firstly I think we should all give Robin Johnson a massive thanks for organising this event again. Each year it gets better though the 3 x 10TT course was monotonous but at least dry and not too windy! It goes without saying that we must also thank all the marshals, tea ladies (men) etc and of course the most important officials on the day, the time keepers, including the resounding and ever present - our own Frank Cubis.

The Phoenix did very well this weekend, particularly the ladies being second and 3rd fastest on both days! Below is a picture of the winner Alice Lethbridge (1:8:57), Jake (1:19:18) and Rachel (1:20:39), in today's 25.

Below Robin Johnson winner of the VETS time 65 to 69 yrs shakes hands with yours truly winner of the 70 to 74 yrs age bracket. We both got a bottle of wine and right now I am sipping a lovely Roja Gran Reserva 2007 - excellent!
I must also mention that in yesterdays 10TT Grant won the age category 75 to 79 yr old so it was a good weekend for the KPRC and also good to see a new contender coming forward to win the H/C trophy this year!

Well done to all the KPRC riders some excellent times. Alex did a fantastic ride today to take first H/C.Poor Dave Watt puncture and DNF. Simon W you must be pleased with your weekend and Steve H, it seems you eclipsed Jake today so you must be pleased with that, I know I would be! As for me well I am pleased I survived this weekend though clearly a long way to go to get my fitness back. Yesterday I beat Geraldine ( I was heart broken - no not really she just breaks my heart being such a lovely person!). However today she got her own back and took 2 minutes out of me and I was not heart broken but so glad for her! 

Friday, March 20, 2015

A Thank you from SCCU for entering Sporting 21

I expect all who rode got one of these but it was nice of Colin Derek to send out pictures under cover of this email:

Dear Mike

Just a quick thank you for your entry to the above event.

Attached is an image of your gallant effort in quite disappointing weather conditions.



Thursday, March 19, 2015

Sporting 10 and 25 Start details and Handicaps

Apologies, my e-mail has been playing up. Please find here the handicaps for the weekend's racing.

That's 28 rides in the Rawson Trophy after 3 events, compared to 28 last year. :-) 

Sporting 10 21st March 2015
Time off
Steve Hillier
Rachel Watkins
Joe Bertorelli
Simon Waller
Alex Kew
Jake Dodd
David Watt
Mike Morley
Gavin Hughes
Simon Trehearn
Grant Pyke

Sporting 25 22nd March 2015

Time off
Simon Trehearn
Jake Dodd
Simon Waller
Mike Morley
Rachel Watkins
David Watt
Alex Kew
Steve Hillier
Joe Bertorelli


Monday, March 16, 2015


Well done KPRC. We got 2nd place team award (last picture) but unfortunately our fastest riders had gone so Steve H and me stood in. The fastest rider and also fastest on standard was the amazing Steve Dennis East Grinstead CC – well done Steve, not that you will read this but it is published for the who wide word to see it  if they wish!

In order to celebrate our massive total points so far towards the Rawson Trophy we gathered for a picture. While assembling we were asked by the officials what song were we going to sing, so we spontaneously sang “We are the Kingston Phoenix happy girls and boys were here today to start our Rawson Trophy Campaign” Ok the words don’t gel but I had to think quick on my feet.

Bryn Tully permitted me to make an announcement to the gathered SCCU clubs that remained for the prize presentation, simply to point out that the Rawson Trophy does exist and all member clubs can compete and make a real competition, would they please do so as we do not want this to become simply another “attendance Trophy” i.e. you just turn up and ride (or even don’t ride but simply enter!). Interesting to note that Addiscombe only had one rider.

The comment was appreciated and applauded!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

SCCU Sporting 21 Result

Pos  Name            Time   ScrPts   Hcp    HcpTime  HcpPos  HcpPts
1   David Watt      1:05:32   7      2:00    1:03:32   #4      4
2   Alex Kew        1:07:11   6      4:00    1:03:11   #3      5
3   Simon Trehearn  1:07:56   5      Scr     1:07:56   #7      2
4   Joe Bertorelli  1:09:52   4      5:30    1:04:22   #5      3
5   Simon Waller    1:10:52   3      8:00    1:02:52   #2      6
6   Steve Hillier   1:14:28   2     12:00    1:02:28   #1      7
7   Rick Opie       1:21:20   2     14:30    1:06:50   #6      2
8   Mike Morley     1:28:35   2     12:00    1:16:35   #8      2

A cold morning and a nasty northerly wind made this event even harder than usual, especially in the second half of the lap as the riders had to plug back uphill towards the start-finish point. It took all my willpower to leave my car with the heated seats turned up to full and get out onto the bike. Simon T had got himself a little confused by not only having his number upside down, but also the wrong way round. There were quite a few DNS riders as a result but all the  8 hardy souls started for KPRC and all finished, with David Watt starting the season well with a clear victory in the scratch event. Well done David.  Steve Hillier was the penultimate rider off but that didn't stop him taking the top handicap points today.

We are looking forward to a (hopefully) warmer weekend next week.

Thanks to Jake and Ray for coming out to support.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Rules and EGM on 11 March 8pm

Hi All,
Please forgive me for blogging this it is not my intention to upset anyone in doing so but I have been trying to publish to members since Sunday. For some reason when I "reply to all" my BT server or something treats it as spam and will not send to more that say 20 people. My computer skills prevent me from circumnavigating this!

I asked Frank to distribute it for me but he has gone off to Suffolk for two days and felt that it was not appropriate to send out when he could not respond to any questions.

Unfortunately a private matter has cropped up and I may not make the meeting though I still intend to try and do so. It is for that reason that I wanted to make my views known!

With very best regards and the genuine interests of the club at heart.
Mike Morley

From: mike morley [mailto:mike.morley5@btinternet.com] 
Sent: 08 March 2015 08:51
To: 'Frank Cubis'
Subject: New Rules

Hi Frank,
I simply cannot get this to go when I try to end it to all members, including Lisa.
If you get this and you forward it to all.

Hi All MHM here!
Firstly thanks to all KPRC members who ride’ my CTC Hilly fifty and especially thanks to Jake for promoting it. Steve Winder Epsom cc was the first to finish the shortened course in 1hr 45mins –WOW. Second fastest was Russell Williams in 1hr 57min. Jake I believe did it in around 2hr 25min so that is brilliant.
In total I got 61 riders 3 more than last year and the weather was perfect. In all with donations of £25 we raised a total of £330 so far for St. Raphael.
I know it’s unorthodox as the event has finished but I will keep the final total open for a few days in case anyone who could not ride would like to make a donation. This can either be paid to me or direct to St. Raphael’s but please mark the donation as CTCSWLondon Hilly 50km. I will be offering the same facility on the CTC website.

Meanwhile I should be getting on and updating the CTC on the Hilly 50 and posting photo’s on the Blog which I have not yet had time to do. BUT Lisa’s comments compel me to say something.

1.       Firstly I have been uneasy at the way we seem to be rushing rule changes through and I said as much to Steve Hillier after he finished the Hilly 50 this afternoon. With my illness two weekends ago and the pre-occupation of organising the Hilly 50 I have not had time (or in some ways the inclination) to look in detail at the proposed rule changes.
2.       Off the cuff I do not understand what we are trying to do with the H/C points for open events. In principle I do not think it’s a good idea to give 7 H/C points if we only have one entry. Basically I think that the apportionment should be treated the same for H/C points as the scratch points.
3.       As for the question of penalising late payers, I am not in favour of this as we are not short of funds, though I do understand that it is frustrating to collect from a few laggards. I do fully accept that no member should start the racing season and enter events under the club name if he is not paid up. On the other hand if someone lets their membership laps and then re-applies to join say in April what is to stop him providing he has a proposer and seconder!
4.       I do not understand the ins and outs of what Lisa is saying but I have the feeling that we should give her the opportunity to say what she really thinks when things have calmed down a little. OK it may take a year but if she is right then we could be making a pigs ear of the rule changes. While my suggestion will be very frustrating to committee members who have waded through this so far, I now feel that this meeting is inappropriately called and too soon and we should postpone!
5.       On a final subject I became alarmed about  the degree of control being imposed on our club by certain individuals bordering on the severest of unnecessary censorship. I will address this subject directly to  only a few individuals but would like to see a rule introduced to stop this happening in the future!

I hope that this gets through to all members.

Best regards,
Mike M

Monday, March 09, 2015

East Surrey Hardriders 27 mile TT

Three of us entered for this one but unfortunately I was not able to start as I had to get child number one to a footie match, but I took a ride out to the start with Simon and saw him off. Joe was also riding and was trying a new nutritional regime of beer and curry to see if that would improve his TT performance. It seemed to have proved surprisingly effective.

Simon T  1.24.37

Joe B      1.19.21

Winner C McNamara 1.00.16

SCCU Sporting 21 Startsheet

15th March GS/334

No  Start time Name                           Handicap
12 9.12      Mike Morley 12.00
18 9.18      Rick Opie 14.30
22 9.22      David Watt 2.00
24 9.24      Simon Waller 8.00
26     9.26       Joe Bertorelli 5.30
37 9.37      Simon Trehearn                                 SCR
48 9.48      Alex Kew 4.00
59 9.59      Steve Hillier 12.00

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Club Dinner

I would like to thank Brian for I think The Best Club Dinner I have ever been too. Having a theme made it so much more fun and made it not so serious. Great to see our stars laughing at each other and relaxing before this years serious Racing starts. Esther was a great and funny guest speaker. The food was perfect as usual and service out of this world. The revamped Burford Bridge is still the best venue around. Crosstoasting was vibrant and funny. DJ played all my songs, and Franks. Picture board very well done by Simon Mitchell. Nice to see Den and Eileen down from Scotland. 90 people all talking to each other and catching up. Looking forward to next year Brian Very Well Done!

Sunday, March 01, 2015

Final on DD from Mad Hatter

Just a few remnants left, let the dancing begin!

A new angle "Angie & the Time Keeper!

Three of the best Swingers!

Like a "Tigress" she was really good on the floor! (What do you expect with a name like Morley!)


More Pictures KPRC Dinner Dance

I have lots of photo's but sadly my camera flash was not working. Thanks very much to Jude Keenan from Festival CC for taking lot's of photos while the prize presentation took place. Here are some of them!

Jake & Simon proudly parrading the Rawson Shield.

Club Champion thanking everyone that helped and supported all the riders in so many events. Unfortunately I do not have a good photo of Esther Carpenter Guest of Honor presenting the
prizes. I recall that Beryl to a good one of Ray & Esther, so I hope that Ray can blog that one!

The end is nigh, ladies resting after the party they really enjoyed themselves.
A few more pics to follow then that's me done, let the dancing commence!

Annual Dinner Dance Prize Presentation Tythe Barn Burford Bridge.

Congratulations to Brian, Ron Doreen and all the helpers for a splending DD last night and a return to the "Tythe Barn". Great food in an excellent buffet style and the Caribbean theme went down well. The girls with Parrots were amazing.

 A welcome on the mat I felt like a right Parrot.
Other guests arriving below

 Mad Hatter Morley was keen to get the cross toasting underway and present the Wooden Spoon to the most deserving recipient. As Simon Trehearn said on receiving all his trophy's as Club Champion, it was Brian who had the vision to go for the Rawson Shield and also to attack the National 24hr.