Monday, February 26, 2007

TT on March 24th & 25th

Ann! and anybody else...

Interested in riding the SCCU 10 & 25 on March 24th and 25th. Let me know.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Phoenix Dinner 2007

Our Guest of Honour is Eileen Sheridan and below is the list of members and friends expected to be present on Saturday:

Eileen Sheridan
Ron Powney
Doreen Powney
Pete Michaux
Val Michaux
Ann Bath
Steve Gordon
Andrew Hewett
Jake Dodd
Gary Dodd
Florence Hallett
Chris Biggs
Richard Hallett
Dave Croggon
Mike DJ
Simon Mitchell
Jen Mitchell
Pete Dickens
Bridie Dickens
Steve Hillier
Jan Hillier
Paul Day
Frank Cubis
Sue Crabtree
Iain Margery
Carolyn Margery
Dave Margery
Judy Margery
Frank Powney
Evelyn Powney
Brian Powney
Diane Powney
Kathryn Powney
Loren Powney
Joanne Fricker
Mike Fricker
Chris Williams
Dalma Williams
Grant Pyke
Fran Pyke
Lisa Colombo
Pete Mitchell
Ken Day
Maggie Day
John Beer
Carolyn Beer
Ray Dare
Beryl Dare
Doug Reynolds
Bert Powney
Bill Bishop
Janet Bishop
Betty Johnson
Ray Drewett
Clive Oxx
Barry Johnstone
Barry Sharp
Barbara Sharp
Den Rosendale
Tony Bensberg
Ann Bensberg
Gladys Powney
Don Stockbridge
Shirley Stockbridge
Charlie Griffin
Jean Griffin
Steve Howe
Jan Howe
Jack Howe
Dave Matthews
Andy Avis
Jackie Morgan-Smith
Rachel Croggon
Joe Bertorelli

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Hilly 50k

154 riders! Gary did a "course record" of 1.46 with another rider (don't know his name, but he had Tom Boonen's bike)

Thanks to all the help, especially Brian Starey, Ed Sharp and Mike Morley....and anyone else who put in a hand.

Phil O'Connor was out, so keep a look out for his photos, if you can find them you're doing better than us.

And thanks for the sunshine, it made the hills feel alot easier.

See you next year

Hilly 50k

Off road to work near St Helier

Off roading in Prince's Coverts near Oxshott

Monday, February 19, 2007

Kingston Wheelers Sporting 14 - Result

A write-up and result have been published on the London Cycle Sport website

and there are some pictures here
and on Paul J Wright's website:


Chrystal was fastest (and third woman in the event) with 40:59
Rachel 43:23
Jake 47:19
Florence DNS


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This Saturdays ride from Horton Car Park

Just to let the regular Saturday riders know, this Saturday most of us will be riding the "Hilly 50K". That isn't to say that no-one will turn up at Horton Country Car Park...

On the other hand, if you fancy a couple(?) of hours of great views and an excellent training ride with a few hills, why not try the Hilly 50K......The start is 10.30am at Rykas Cafe at the bottom of Box Hill, there's a car park and a cafe at the finish too....

Any problems/questions 0208 394 2665 Simon & Jen

Monday, February 12, 2007

SCCU BAR counting events

A number of people have been asking when the SCCU counting 10's are this year, so:

Sat Mar 24th 14:00 G10/46 Sporting 10
Sat May 19th 06:00 G10/57 SCCU 10
Sat Jul 21st 06:30 G10/57 South Eastern RC 10

There are 4 SCCU BAR competitions plus the team awards.
Junior 10 and 25 mile
Ladies 10, 25 & 50 mile
Men 25, 50 & 100 mile
Veterans 25, 50 & 100 mile on Age Standard.

The rides must be done in SCCU counting events. These are the 7 SCCU events at standard distances through the year, and a couple of extra designated events.

Full list:
Sat Mar 24th 14:00 G10/46 SCCU Sporting 10
Sun Mar 25th 09:00 G25/48 SCCU Sporting 25
Sun Apr 22nd 07:00 G25/53 SCCU 25
Sat May 19th 06:00 G10/57 SCCU 10
Sun Jul 1st 06:00 G50/53 SCCU 50
Sat Jul 21st 06:30 G10/57 South Eastern RC 10
Sun Jul 29th 06:00 G100/59 SCCU 100
Sun Aug 12th 06:00 G50/53 Anerley 50
Sun Sep 9th 07:00 G25/53 SCCU 25

The results of these events are collated by (some poor mug in) the SCCU and and the championships are calculated. All you have to do to feature in the tables is to ride the minimum number of events from the list above.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

70th DVD Video

A video of the Hilly 12 2006, 60th & 70th Reunions 1996 & 2006 plus the complete slide show as shown at the 70th is now available to borrow or buy a copy from